Introducing Dandy Daryl

Hey there, I’m Daryl and I say I’m a pretty dandy guy in space (well not in space but you get the idea). I will make movie, TV show, and video game reviews. I will probably just say random things that are on my mind, think of it as a stand up comedy routine but you know on the internets.

Alright so if you didn’t get the reference in the first sentence, it’s from the anime “Space Dandy” hence the name. So with that said I love anime and cartoons so I will probably review anime and cartoons or at least talk about them. I will try to update daily with random thoughts or whatever else. Most likely I’ll post reviews on older video games, movies, and TV shows just to start off. I might post some of my story ideas if people want to hear them, but most likely it will be thoughts on movies and all that good stuff. Anyway, I’m going to keep this post short. Thanks for reading and hope this goes well, bye for now!

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