Power Rangers (2017) Review/Thoughts

I wasn’t thinking I was going to post anything today, but at the same time I was planning on skipping tomorrow so I figured I’d split the difference and talk about something right here right now. Happy Independence Day/ July 4th by the way, should probably mention that. I have kind of a mini update thing after I review the new power rangers movie so that’ll be there. I’m planning on keeping this short which I say that often then don’t do that but today. Today I will actually try to keep it short.



This film came out a while back in March I think and I was actually really looking forward to it but ended up skipping out on it when it was in theaters. I think I was just too lazy to go to the theater. Anyway I, as many others, used to watch the TV series like crazy as a kid and I mean mighty morphin, not the weird ninja force stuff. I mean it was always super cheesy I’m not going to abuse the newer Power Ranger stuff, I tried watching the original stuff recently and man it’s cheesy but of course nostalgia plays a huge roll. Now my brother rented this film from Redbox and we both watched it and funny enough he heard it was terrible while I heard nothing but good things about it. So did I actually like it in the end? Sadly not really. I didn’t hate it I thought it had a lot of things to like about it but there was one major problem I had with it. So let’s list off the positives.

POSITIVES: Elizabeth Banks plays Rita and man she does a really good job. For whatever reason she was my favorite part of it because she was creepy and menacing while still having the cheesiness Rita always had and it just worked, she was a good villain. The original Rita didn’t speak English and was pretty badly dubbed which Banks wasn’t that but she did a good job as that role. I mostly heard she was just alright as that role but it looked like she was having fun with it and that was my favorite part. The visuals were pretty cool looking at parts, the rangers themselves look awesome since they kept the original suit designs while making them look more alien like. It really works, and then the ship looked pretty cool. Bill Hader as Alpha 5 was pretty great and he was more sarcastic than the original Alpha. Of course Brian Cranston was awesome and all the rangers acted fairly alright. If I had to pick one of them that stood out, probably the blue ranger, I felt like he was the more interesting character out of them. The visuals were cool but they did look cheesy at points which leads me to the negatives.

NEGATIVES: Well the first negative which was a deal breaker for me. I’m not going to spoil anything, I’ll just say there isn’t much of actual ranger combat. It’s mostly buildup and training to be power rangers but it was nearly a full hour until they actually got powers and there were some entertaining scenes before then, but it was a 2 hour movie and 1 hour and 30 minutes had the rangers getting their powers. I swear they didn’t put on their suits until an hour and 30 minutes into it. The action was pretty cool in the end but again some of it looked kind of cheesy. When the movie opened up I couldn’t help but have flashbacks to this fanfilm that came out a while back which had a darker power rangers story. This was kind of like that but not as dark of course. There were a lot of Easter eggs that were great and actually made me smile although one part I thought was really out of place where I think they should have changed it slightly. I’m just going to leave it at that being really vague. Don’t get me wrong the various nods to the original show were awesome, just one of them was really out of place and I just kind of laughed and said “that was funny.” The cheesiness is a good thing but it’s conflicting since the darker looking power ranger costumes make the film look a little more gritty when the cheesy fun from the original show is still there. It was kind of weird. Some parts were pretty predictable but that’s kind of expected. I guess that’s really it with negatives.

The ending was pretty cool, where they set it up for a sequel which I really hope that happens honestly because maybe we’ll actually get more action. Like I said, I thought the movie overall was just alright where I might watch it again with a friend who hasn’t seen it but other than that I probably won’t watch it again.

Okay so mini update thing, I guess it’s going to be more of just me talking about random crap. The review is done so thanks for reading and goodbye for now I’ll still be here kind of rambling.

So okay I’ve been in a weird spot where I’ve kinda just been trying to find more stuff to write about. I have an anime I will review soon hopefully I finish it sooner rather than later. I won’t say what because I don’t want to ruin the surprise, it’s one I should have watched a long time ago and I’ll leave it at that. I’ve also been playing some video games with the hope of having more to talk about from those said games. I got Ever Oasis which so far is a cute little game, it’s a good time waster but it does have problems where it’s one of those games I probably should have waited on the price to drop. It’s fun though so I’m not complaining too much. Alright I changed my mind, I was going to go into a deep thing on feelings and what not and decided against it. I actually feel alright right now, but there was a weird thing that happened that I was thinking about. Not really worth talking about so I’ll just leave it at I’m playing some video games and watching some series in order to have more stuff to write about so look forward to it. This is kind of a weird ending to my post but oh well thanks for reading this small “update” thing and bye for now!

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