Stardew Valley Game Thoughts so Far (and some other stuff)

So before I go into this “review” if you wanna call it that, I wanted to say a few things. If you get bored of this and want to skip to the review you can scroll past all this to “REVIEW” at the start of the next paragraph. First off I wanted to talk about something and couldn’t think of what then remembered I’ve been wasting my hours on this game and figured maybe I should talk about that. I mean I thought about doing a movie review or another series review but the thing is I always try to give movies a chance even if they’re terrible where I’ll praise a movie but not really say what I didn’t like about it, most of the time I just find my reasons to like a movie. I was able to talk a while about Daredevil season 2, I was praising it but I really didn’t see anything wrong with the show besides some parts being a little slow and certain parts being a little too dramatic but then something cool would happen where I would forget the bad. Anyway my point is I have trouble finding stuff to talk about with a movie other than “it was good I liked it” or “it was okay” or even “it was good but I’ll never watch it again” yes I’ve said that last one a few times. The only movie I actually hated where I couldn’t find anything redeemable about it (I avoid movies that are actually known for being bad unless I’m bored and curious and immediately regret it) anyway the movie I hate so much is The Last Airbender directed by M Night Shyamalan, I actually went to see that piece of garbage movie at the theater with my brother and we were both very angry since we were both fans of the series but the movie was just bad. Friends warned me but I wanted to see it thinking “it can’t be that bad” and yeah it was I was so wrong. Anyway I just wanted to say I’m going to try to post more often whether it’s some kind of review or me just ranting about something I want to actually blog about stuff. Anyway I’ve gone on long enough on to the “review” or my thoughts on this game.

REVIEW: Stardew valley is good. There we can all go home now. Just kidding, it is a good game though it’s very addictive and my only concern at this point is it is kind of a slow game, hard to get into. I mean to just say what the game even is, it is a life simulator type game like Animal Crossing or more precisely Harvest Moon because you get a farm and what you do with it is up to you, you can get animals but first have to make the buildings such as a coop or a barn which you make out of materials you find around. The walking movement is kind of slow which is what I was talking about with it’s hard to get into because I feel like days go by slower in this game than they did in Harvest Moon for the Super Nintendo. Also you get to make your own character with various options on customization, I thought it was a cool feature that was never in Harvest Moon or other life simulator games similar to it. Oh that’s another problem I have so far just to critique the game a little the controls are weird in a way, they work don’t get me wrong but I would go to water a plant and end up watering something else or would just use a tool when I don’t plan to. A lot of it is my fault I admit because I won’t look at where I am when I’m watering something for example but I just have trouble with it. Anyway besides those few complaints of the controls and the game being sorta slow, it is an addictive game that is fun to play I recommend it, it is kind of pricey though just 15 dollars but I think it’s worth more than that because there’s so much to do, even quests often popping up and there’s even combat I failed to mention where you fight monsters and all that goodness. I just have kind of a problem recommending the game since I know people that will find it slow, and boring, I’m always in a situation of trying to explain Animal Crossing to someone who has never played and I always get the same response “that sounds boring” but it is so fun to play and relax on a bad day, I guess that’s why I like these sorta games. You also can get married which I’m working on in my playthrough haha. If you want a game to kill time, this is definitely a good game for that but I would say look at a trailer and see for yourself if you like it, just saying. Anyway if you read all that, thank you so much I hope you have an amazing day, even if you didn’t read all of it I still hope you have an amazing day. Also just to advertise a little, I have a YouTube channel where I play video games (I know there’s a lot of those) but I actually am currently playing this game I just got started with the channel so if you want to watch here’s a link:

Thanks again for reading, have a great day!

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