Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice Movie Review

bvsquad2This review has no spoilers don’t worry it’s safe here.

Well it’s the year of comic book characters facing off against each other and I mean characters on the same side. You got Daredevil facing off against the Punisher (not really same sides but you get the idea), Captain America fighting Iron Man and of course what we’ve waited for for a while Batman vs Superman. I, like a lot of people, have been waiting for these two to fight on the big screen since I was a kid and I remember when they showed a batman vs superman logo in “I am Legend” on a banner in the background teasing the possibility and here we are! Was it worth the long wait though?

I’ve watched a few reviews and read a lot of reviews of the film before watching the movie to find out for myself, but I do agree with what people say where there are parts I love and parts that kind of bother me, but the good news is the good outweighs the bad at least in my opinion. There are certain parts I can see people’s problems with that didn’t bother me as much. So first of all with the praise a lot of people already said it in reviews but I have to say I loved Ben Affleck’s acting as Batman and I’m excited for more by him as that character because it was awesome! It was a very brutal Batman which one problem is that it looked like he killed people at times, but I’m looking past it since Batman has killed in movies before (Michael Keaton’s Batman killed several times). The fight scenes were just amazing though and Batman was just brutal like said before. With all that said though he rivals Michael Keaton as my favorite live action Batman, I can’t wait to see more of this version of Batman. Also he looked the most like Batman out of everyone who portrayed him. Henry Cavil is still good as Superman I liked him in Man of Steel and liked him even more here, he talked more and just appeared more like Superman. Gal Gadot was good as Wonder Woman although not in the movie a lot. By the way a lot of this was in the trailers which I do think spoiled some parts I wish weren’t spoiled like Wonder Woman showing up, we knew she was in the movie so they could have kept that appearance secret where it would have been more exciting (cough cough like Spider-Man in Captain America Civil War). She did good though. Also the actor I actually liked that I’ve heard complaints about was Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, he was definitely a different take on the character but I actually liked him in this movie, I was worried when seeing the trailers then reviewers saying how he looked in the trailers was exactly how he was in the movie, I actually disagree with that. He was definitely different and was cartoony but it was an interesting interpretation where I actually liked it, I thought he was a good villain.

Also one more good thing about actors Jeremy Irons as Alfred was awesome, it was minor but I really like him as Alfred and thought it was perfect. Music was good and action of course and the batman vs superman part were all perfect. Now the parts that bothered me I already said one but the other was how the movie is structured, this was probably the part that bothered me the most because it kept moving which isn’t a bad thing but I mean it was switching nonstop between characters that was hard to focus because all these different things were happening, but when the batman vs superman aspect hit everything seemed focused and it was good where it wasn’t constantly jumping between conflicts, it was just hard to follow at times. Yeah, that was my major problem with it and I actually wanted to skip on this movie because of the 2nd trailer then the final trailer dropped showing Batman being Batman where I just had to see it but I wasn’t disappointed. The movie had problems I’m not denying that, every movie has problems, but I was still entertained and this movie has a lot of stuff going on I just can’t wait for the extended cut on dvd and blu-ray I’ll definitely get that because they probably cut out stuff that would make it more awesome but who knows. It has problems but is entertaining and I actually really liked the movie. I was really nervous about this one though because how much was going on in just the trailers but the movie was still great, it is a long movie though and the first part of it is a lot of talking but a lot does happen. Anyway I’m done I enjoyed the movie and I’m looking forward to more DC movies.I’m so ready for Suicide Squad!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you have a fantastic day, bye for now.

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