Death Parade Review

I won’t spoil anything when I write about this because I feel that even knowing a little bit about this show might ruin it because it is an interesting surprise. So there will be no spoilers at all.

This show I was actually introduced to by a friend and I already knew a little bit about it but still enjoyed it a lot. It’s an anime that I don’t know how to describe it as psychological, it’s not horror but has aspects to it that are. It definitely makes you think while being a super emotional shows. I am a huge fan of shows that can actually get me to care about the characters and yell when something happens to one of them. The characters are really good especially the two main characters, they’re very unique and I really felt for them and wanted them to achieve their goals or what not. There were a few parts I can complain about where it kind of slows down to show other characters but I only really cared about the two main characters and a lot of minor characters that show up throughout. There were just a few main characters I did not like and maybe that was the point but I kept watching the show for the two main characters. The story is very interesting, I don’t think I’ve seen anything like it before and even if there is this show handles human emotions really well and I definitely recommend it but watch it for yourself if you want it’s up to you if you like it or not but my opinion is I liked it so yeah I hope you enjoy it if you see it. Also the opening is a good song but the vibe and atmosphere I guess that’s in the opening threw me off like it is so much different from the actual show. Anyway that was kind of hard for me to review without talking about main plot points but it really is a fun show to experience for yourself. I just wanted to make a quick small blog about it, thankyou for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day!

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