The Flash Season 1 Review

So I watched both seasons of this show recently and finished the season 2 finale a week ago and I wanted to talk a little about it. Before I talk about season 2 at all however I wanted to review or at least talk about my opinions on Season 1. There won’t be spoilers here so don’t worry, and if I do have spoilers there will be an obvious warning but right now it’s safe I’ll tell you when it’s not. Anyway onward with The Flash season 1 review!

If you watch any CW shows, specifically The Arrow you know there’s been DC comic shows rising, and a big one at the moment is The Flash and probably my favorite out of the CW shows. I do like The Arrow but I’ll go into more detail with that and why I like The Flash 10 times more. I was a little worried when going into this show because I honestly feel like they get too dramatic or the acting is not very good. Although there is some unneeded drama at first but the acting is pretty spot on especially Tom Cavanagh (Harrison Wells) and Grant Gustin (The Flash/ Barry Allen). All the acting is pretty well done but those are the actors that stuck out to me when watching the show but the others do fantastic jobs as well. The powers were actually cool too and not as cheesy as I thought it would be although there were certain episodes that were more of filler where I wanted more of the main plot that happens throughout the story. The filler does keep more suspense though with wondering what’s going to happen next and all that. The Flash’s super speed actually wasn’t as cheesy as I thought it would look and adds to the fun of the show. I had a lot of fun watching the show where at first I didn’t think I would be able to watch more than 3 episodes but it kept me coming back because I actually cared about the characters. DC comics is doing pretty well with the TV series on CW where I kinda wish they would focus more on TV than make movies but they have to compete with Marvel somehow. I do like the DC movies also though but I think Marvel is doing a better job expanding their cinematic universe like DC is doing good expanding their TV universe which I just hope gets bigger and doesn’t just stop with Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. Well I’m done rambling on and on, the short answer for what I thought of this show is I loved it and I will continue watching it, I just can’t wait for the third season since I recently finished the second season. I’ll talk about the second season in another blog, I just sorta wanted to write so here it is, thanks for reading all this if you did, have a fantastic day!


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