Mob Psycho 100 First Impressions


So this isn’t much of a review more of just me talking about this anime: “Mob Psycho 100” because I just have to talk about it. If you’ve seen the trailers the first thing you’ll probably notice is how the people look because honestly most of them have Saitama face and I mean it’s the same creator (I think it’s studio one, sorry if I got that wrong) but anyway the show is a lot better than I thought it would be. From the first episode it felt like One Punch Man but with the main character being a psychic instead of a super hero. The main character Mob is similar to Saitama from One Punch Man in how he’s kind of emotionless and doesn’t really have reactions to crazy things. I shouldn’t compare this show to One Punch Man too much though since the more I watch of it the more completely different it is from One Punch Man. So anyway this show is entertaining but it didn’t really stand out to me until episode 3, that was the episode when I got excited for what is to happen in the future. A lot of stuff happens in the 3rd episode that was both funny and made Mob a more interesting relatable character. It almost completely explains what is going on with him as a character. The fourth episode (most recent) was also fantastic adding humor and it appears to be a reoccurring antagonist which that’s only an assumption.

To stop rambling and just sum up what I think in conclusion of this series so far. This show has an interesting art style and animation, it is super colorful and cartoony and just different looking. I love the opening and ending songs and I guess just in conclusion it’s a fun entertaining show and I’m looking forward to what happens later. The characters are all entertaining although the con artist dude is kind of annoying at some parts but for the most part he’s also a funny character. Besides Mob my favorite character is probably the one that shows up in the third episode no spoilers here haha. But yeah! I recommend this show, it’s on crunchyroll so yeah it’s awesome.


2 thoughts on “Mob Psycho 100 First Impressions

  1. I didn’t get past episode 1 but I’m really thinking that I might watch where it’s up to over the weekend just to make a final decision about whether I’m going to watch this show or not. Episode 1 didn’t really interest me at all but I’ve enjoyed reading a number of reviews about episodes after that so we’ll have to see.
    Thanks for sharing.

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