Re: ZERO Thoughts

So I probably should have been posting more but haven’t really thought of anything so just I watched a few anime series recently so I figured I would talk about one of them. So I was actually avoiding “Re: ZERO” for a while to be honest, I didn’t know anything about it but just kept getting told to “just watch it.” I guess it’s kind of a hype thing sometimes where if there is someone just telling me over and over to watch something I won’t watch it. Well I was on Crunchyroll one night and decided to give the first episode a shot and I mean the first episode is basically split in two parts so when watching it I’m just thinking the whole time how generic the show is because just to give a small summary of the beginning without spoiling the later parts because holy crap it gets crazy so I won’t be really spoiling anything. If you haven’t seen the show yet and want to go into the show blindly like I did (which was a pretty crazy experience not knowing anything) then don’t read further. But if you have seen the show or want to know a general idea of what it’s about then feel free to read on. I definitely recommend just diving in head first though.


So anyway I’ll just say the anime starts off with the main character Subaru going to a fantasy world so it already sounds really generic. I just couldn’t get that out of my head how generic it was at first because it’s a typical shut in going into a fantasy world, ends up meeting a girl who is a love interest. I feel like there’s too many shows with someone going to a different world but then something happens in this show. It takes a really REALLY dark turn and it never lets up. So here is the catch of this series: Subaru can travel back in time when killed. So he restarts by dying and he dies a lot and nearly every time it’s emotional and actually made me feel for these characters. I mean this show gets really emotional and there were times where it actually made me sick to my stomach with certain events that unfold. I also was relating to the characters a lot throughout and just feel that the show really nailed the emotional aspects with this idea of the restart by death. I guess I won’t really say anything else so I don’t give anything away. I just was surprised because there’s not a lot of shows that make me just binge it after one episode I mean this series took until the second part of the first episode. One thing I will say is that episode 15 is where the show gets really crazy. The series is already crazy up until that point but episode 15 really takes the cake with insanity. Anyway I guess that’s all I really have to say. This show is one of my favorites of the year already along with Mob Psycho 100. I guess I’m just going to make a blog every now and then talking about a series I enjoy and just go from there. I don’t know I’m still trying to figure out what I’m doing haha. Thanks for reading all that though! Bye for now!

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