91 Days Thoughts

I wanted to share some thoughts on the anime 91 Days like I did with Re:Zero. I mean since not all of the episodes are out that’s all I really can do. I won’t have any spoilers in here, I might do a spoiler review later and just talk about certain events that take place.


Okay, so I wasn’t originally going to watch this because I heard people compare it to Joker Game and although Joker Game seemed interesting (I only watched one episode) I didn’t really want to watch something similar to it. I think the only similarity is that they both take place in the past that you don’t see a lot of in anime. This series takes place around the 30s when prohibition took place and it is a revenge story but it’s a lot more than just a story about vengeance. So far I think the show is really interesting with a lot of just intense moments and a lot of tension is brought up throughout. The characters are pretty interesting as well from crazy joker like characters in the mob to people just trying to make money off of bootlegging. It is a simple concept though with a character out for vengeance after the murder of his family but it is an interesting story with difficult decisions that the main character must make to ensure his revenge. There are not a lot of anime series that take place in this time period which is why I think it stands out even with a typical revenge story. The only other series I can think of that takes place in this time period is Baccano and that show had a lot of ridiculous fantasy elements (which I loved by the way). 91 Days is very serious though with one or two ridiculous characters that don’t seem to belong there but the show is entertaining and has a really good opening song. The opening song is by the same person who did the song Unravel for Tokyo Ghoul. I don’t know it’s just a really good opening. I feel like I couldn’t stop talking about the show without mentioning the opening because it just adds to everything for me. Anyway, I guess that’s all I have to really say right now, I might talk about certain moments of the series in a spoiler filled blog. Right now though I’ll just say thanks for reading and bye for now!

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