Rogue One Review

Hey everybody, it’s been a while since I actually posted something on here but I felt like writing a review or something, and the last thing I saw was Rogue One: A Star Wars Story so I guess let’s talk about it. There won’t be spoilers.


So I have been out of it for a little bit with reviews and posting anything in general so I don’t know if I’ll keep up with it but I might as well post thoughts on this film. So anyway, the movie is really good actually, I went into it blind not knowing anything really about it, I saw the first trailer and that was it I refused to watch any other trailers because I kinda wanted to know what it was like seeing a movie without seeing any footage of it. I mean I would see it regardless of trailers just because it is Star Wars. I heard the trailers didn’t spoil anything for the film but I still wanted to know as little as I could about the movie. I knew people that were hyped up for this movie and left disappointed but maybe because I wasn’t hyped at all I enjoyed it more? I don’t really know but it was a very enjoyable entertaining film. It started out kind of slow setting up the story and character motives and so forth but oh my god the characters, the characters were really well written. K-2SO voiced by Alan Tudyk was a very funny character that had me laughing each time he said something, I was thinking he would be a C3PO type character but he was a lot more sarcastic and just good comic relief. Donnie Yen as Chirrut Imwe was also a good interesting character that used the force in an interesting way. Of course Jyn Erso played by Felicity Jones was a good protagonist with Cassian Andor played by Diego Luna and they both were good protagonists. I guess I don’t have much to say other than the movie is good in telling a story taking place before A New Hope. The villain was good too by the way. Once the movie starts moving though I just have to say it did get pretty intense and I was impressed how crazy the film started getting and how the plot moved forward. It was a lot more intense with certain scenes than I thought it would be. That’s all I really have to say, I’m going to go watch it again tomorrow and maybe I’ll enjoy it more although I already enjoyed it a lot. There were some people saying the movie was unneccesary and didn’t need to be made which maybe that’s true but it does wrap up some plot holes from the original trilogy and just overall provide a fun movie. That’s all I really have to say, sorry I didn’t go too in depth with it but thanks for reading this if you did! Hope you enjoy the movie as well or just have a good day in general or both! Anyway thanks for reading maybe I’ll write something else later but thanks anyway and bye for now.

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