A Silent Voice (Koe No Katachi) Manga Review

So this is really late when it is being posted I mean it’s almost 3am where I’m at as well as it was a week ago when I read through this series but I have the urge to talk about it. I reviewed it in a video that I posted elsewhere but now I just want to talk about it more because it’s on my mind again for whatever reason. So I guess I’ll just get into it, this is a really good manga and I mean really good, but okay this is Koe No Katachi or A Silent Voice in English.


So there is a movie that came out in September based on this manga and I basically read the manga because I couldn’t find the movie to watch but oh god I’m so glad I read it. I could not stop reading it when I began it, I started and ended it in the same night, it’s about 64 Chapters or around there and I was honestly getting a vibe that it would be made into a short anime series but it’s become a movie which I hope is really amazing as this read was.

So first off the story:

The story starts off in an elementary school class I think it’s around 6th grade but it begins with Nishimiya, Shouko introducing herself to the class with a notebook saying that’s how she will communicate with them through the notebook because as it turns out Shouko is deaf. At first it’s not that bad in class where the other kids are helping her but are still talking bad about her behind her back until it eventually escalates where the other main protagonist of this story: Ishida, Shouya starts to bully Shouko messing with her and then going too far with taking her hearing aids and throwing them out the window. It goes even further when he ends up fighting with her and she gets transferred so then the class turns on Shouya where he is isolated and just has no friends. It goes on for a while with him becoming a bully victim where it’s like a what goes around comes around but he is constantly bullied. Shouya then about 5 years later finds Shouko to apologize to her in sign language since he learned it over those years just to say sorry and also give her back her notebook she used to communicate with the class. They quickly become friends as Shouya tries to make up what he did years ago. That basically sums it up but what makes it so good is that the characters are pretty complex, each character has more to them where Shouya for example is constantly burdened with what he did in the past and if it would be okay for him to be happy and for him getting along with Shouko. Shouko also is interesting like they all are and a lot of the characters are also very relateable and I’ll stop there so I don’t spoil anything.

Next is the Characters:

Since I’m talking about a whole manga series I figured I would make this a lot longer than previous reviews and I’ll talk a little about the characters again I won’t spoil anything just want to talk about a few important characters. Shouko’s family is actually pretty interesting in themselves because you have Shouko’s sister, their mother, and their grandma who all live together. The sister, Ishida, is always taking pictures and appearing to always get in trouble but then there is the reasons of her being the way she is. She also cares a lot about her sister. The mother is interesting as well. They all have kind of a dualistic nature where they appear one way but end up another way which was really cool to see. Ueno appears to be one way the whole series but there’s reason for it where she seems to never have really changed since Elementary School but then she proves to care about Shouya although in kind of a negative way she causes a lot of trouble but the thing that’s interesting is how there’s Shouya who is trying to change from who he was in Elementary school while Ueno accepts who she was and is as well as trying to make things right although still doing wrong. I’m trying so hard not to spoil something, sorry if I do I just needed to talk about this series because it was so good. There’s quite a cast of characters here that are all different and interesting and that’s about it really. There’s Nagatsuka who becomes friends with Shouya. I guess I’ll stop there so I don’t spoil anything. There’s only one big thing I can think of that’s a spoiler that I’m avoiding saying. I guess that’s the gist of the story and characters.

In Conclusion

Just to wrap things up, again sorry if I spoiled anything I’m trying so hard not to. Anyway, this is a really good read that I couldn’t put down for a second I just kept reading until it was over. My only complaint is the ending isn’t really that satisfying and made me feel a little empty but I think a lot of manga and anime just sorta end pretty badly. This one though getting to the end point was just happy, sad, and overall super emotional and I just thought everything was done well, characters were written well especially the main two characters, I wouldn’t describe it as a romantic comedy since there was more to it than just a romance but I don’t know how to limit it to a certain genre. It’s just a super nice manga full of emotion and I just loved it and recommend it for anyone waiting for the movie or even just anyone who like very emotional anime/manga. That’s about it though I just wanted to type something up and I’m sorry it ended up so late but here ya go! Thanks for reading if you did, that’s it for now goodbye for now! Thanks again for reading!

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