Kimi No Na Wa Review and 1 Year Anniversary!

Well I don’t post much on here, keep telling myself that I should. Anyway it’s apparently my one year anniversary on here as Dandy Daryl doing anime reviews, TV, and Movie Reviews as well. Well not as much as I should I guess but decided to check the site and was told that 1 year anniversary so that’s a thing, here’s a review of something I saw recently:

So yeah here’s my thoughts on “Kimi No Na Wa” or “Your Name” in English.


It’s good. It’s a good one. That’s it, review over….

Just kidding, but it is good, a lot better than I expected. I ended up seeing this movie as I’m waiting to watch the anime movie adaptation of Koe No Katachi (A Silent Voice), I needed something emotional to fill the gap. I guess the hype for this movie had me worried because people kept saying how great it is, but the hype didn’t really kill this film for me like it has done a lot in the past. However, I didn’t know anything about the movie so I guess the hype wasn’t bad enough to spoil anything. With that said, I’m going to be pretty vague when talking about this movie because it is definitely an experience. It’s directed by Makoto Shinkai, the same guy who directed 5 Centimeters Per Second apparently. I have to say though Your Name was a lot more interesting and entertaining to me than 5 Centimeters even though that film was beautifully animated as Your Name is. Both art style and animation in this film are just well done and everything just looks beautiful. The story in Your Name drew me in as well which like said before, being as vague as possible the story is a romance with a science fiction twist on it (as some people have described it before me). That’s the best way to describe it without giving everything away. When first watching this movie, I was confused as what was happening but I think that was the point so giving a simple summary would spoil that. So yeah romance between two individuals with sci-fi elements. I have to say though, there were some plot twists that actually surprised me where I thought I would know everything that happens because looking back on it, a lot of the plot twists were staring me in the face. It was well done though with how events turned out, although I did end up asking a lot of questions at the end where certain things were unanswered. It’s not perfect but what movie is? Okay enough rambling, the point is I thought the movie was well made, I enjoyed it although some plot holes are there. The film was super emotional and a really enjoyable journey that I would definitely watch again!

Yeah that’s basically it, I figured I should talk about it. I’m now waiting for another emotional movie to watch and die a little more inside. I don’t know why I enjoy these emotional shows and movies so much but I always have to go and watch them then just regret everything. Well thanks for reading all this if you did, I’m happy to talk a little about another movie! I can’t believe I’ve been on here for a year though, I’ll try to post more but we’ll see, I have college classes starting up again. One more semester! But I’ll be pretty busy. Anyway that’s just me rambling on and on about stuff. Again thanks for reading, I hope you have a fantastic day or night, whenever you’re reading! Bye for now!

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