Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Thoughts So F

Hey everybody! I guess I keep slacking on the whole writing reviews or whatever else thing here. But! I’m a little bored so I figured I would talk about this really popular anime that I’ve been getting into (slowly but surely) and that is of course Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. I haven’t finished it yet or caught up I guess would be the better way to describe it. Right now I am currently watching Stardust Crusaders or the third season? I know it’s the second series but I’m still kind of confused by it… There’s phantom blood, battle tendency, then Stardust Crusaders so I’ll talk about those up to about episode 14 of Stardust Crusaders. Anyway I guess let’s just go right into it. By the way I want to post more but between college and other issues I’m finding it rather difficult to find time but I’ll try to post whenever I feel like talking about something. Alright let’s get into it!


So okay I actually finished the first season last weekend. I mean Phantom Blood and Battle Tendency, I consider that all first season but I don’t know. This took me two years by the way, I kept dropping the show and I don’t know why. I will say if you do watch this series (if you haven’t already seen it) don’t skip the first season because it does get better later but I think the first season is important to everything else. The show starts out with Phantom Blood and the art style with the changing colors is cool and an interestingly different thing to see. I found myself laughing when first watching this show because everything is super dramatic and of course there’s the poses that everyone does that just it’s funny. The show is so serious where I can’t help but think it’s meant to be funny with how serious and dramatic everything is. I don’t really know if this is a spoiler but each series follows a different Jojo in different time periods which I actually found that really interesting. I mean I love the idea of a story going through different periods of time. It starts out with Jonathan Jostar in the late 1800s taking place in England. I don’t know what it was but besides thinking the show was funny and interesting I was having trouble getting attached to anyone. I won’t get too much into the story but Jonathan kind of made me think of a more traditional hero with a sense of duty and training to get stronger. It does move kind of quick since a lot does happen in 9 episodes for this first arc but at the same time it’s slow compared to everything else that happens later on. This season alone took me so long to get through but when I got to Battle Tendency, I was a little more hooked on it although that took a while for me to get through.


So okay next up was Battle Tendency. Sorry I didn’t say much about Jonathan Jostar and Phantom Blood but the story in that arc was traditional good vs evil which I guess you could say all of Jojo is. However, the show gets more “Bizarre” as it goes since Phantom Blood brought in vampires and so the main character learns “Hamon” or harnessing this energy through breathing in order to fight them. To me it was kind of straight forward, I don’t know though. Anyway! Battle Tendency brings in Joseph Jostar who has a completely different character who unlike Jonathan will do whatever it takes to win even if it means “cheating” and is just a tricky person. The story was also a lot more strange with Joseph having to fight against the Pillar Men who I won’t talk about because they are some interesting beings. Joseph also is just a funny character with how he handles fights where he also uses hamon but will run away if he knows he cannot win. I found him a little more likable than Jonathan although Jonathan is honorable. Anyway this part of the show does have a lot of memorable moments, even with how Joseph is introduced is memorable but it still was a little difficult to get through for me. I took my time but eventually (last weekend) I did just marathon it until I was done and yeah it was entertaining but there was something about it where I couldn’t figure out why the show is so hyped up. I laughed, there were parts where I was like “woah” but it was just weird I mean it’s in the title but I just thought it was a funny entertaining show that I couldn’t figure out why people were obsessed with it. Enter in Stardust Crusaders…


So this is the point where I think the show is more known for I don’t really know. But holy crap it got so good, I didn’t expect it, I understand now. Why people love this show, everything, I completely understood after seeing the first 14 or so episodes of Stardust Crusaders. Although I did enjoy the previous 2 parts, it really cranks it up to a completely different level. I think my problem with the first 2 parts although entertaining, there was something that kind of bothered me. In Phantom Blood, there was one enemy or group that more or less was who Jonathan was fighting against and that was really it. Each episode was Jojo fighting that one enemy in a different way with some sort of minion but it was all against this enemy that was always there. Battle Tendency was a little bit of the same but more entertaining with Joseph fighting against one enemy which was the Pillar Men and they do all have different abilities. With that said I guess the show in general plays out with Jojo and some allies traveling to fight against some common enemy. Stardust Crusaders brings in interesting ideas with the stands. Holy crap the stands are so cool, one of my friends told me about the stands before I actually got to this point in the show but believe me it is so cool. I think that was my problem with the previous arcs is the idea of harnessing some sort of energy like hamon, is seen in a lot of anime with chakra in Naruto, or other anime where it’s kind of played out although hamon is used in an interesting way. The idea of the stand was more refreshing to me because it was a new idea. I do know that this story is older than other anime series with the manga being pretty old so maybe hamon was more of an original idea before but there are so many shows that have some sort of energy used to fight off monsters. Anyway, I’m sorry I keep rambling I guess I should actually explain what a stand is. Basically the characters are able to summon a stand that is like a super being that only them and other stand users can see and when the stand takes damage the user of that stand also takes damage. Each episode also presents a different stand with some new unique ability and I guess that’s where I find it better is there’s something different each episode. The show also feels more weird with certain moments which fits more with it. Okay well I guess that’s really it is I enjoyed the first two arcs but I absolutely love Stardust Crusaders so far where it actually surprised me. Although I had problems with Phantom Blood and Battle Tendency I would recommend watching them before Stardust Crusaders because it really does add to the experience knowing more about the world before the craziness that is Stardust Crusaders happens. I think the first two arcs do a good job establishing the animation style which is pretty unique and eases you into it. I’m only recommending watching the first season before going into Stardust Crusaders is because I saw someone online say to skip the first season and just yeah I would not recommend that but that’s me.

Alright sorry about all the repetition and rambling. The point is the show is good but it took me a while til I actually understood why it is so popular. It’s really good. I was thinking about making another post soon talking about Gintama because I got into that earlier and I love it. But yeah that’s about it I’m sorry this  is a really long post but just yeah I finally get why people love this show so much! Thank you for reading all this if you did! That’s all I have to say right now so yeah goodbye for now!

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