Space Dandy Review/Thoughts

I guess I wanted to make another blog, I mean I do want to be more frequent with the writing and what not. Since I already talked about what I’ve been watching lately which is Jojo, I figured I would talk about past things I’ve seen. Maybe I’ll start doing more video game reviews but right now it’s all anime series. So going with that here’s me talking about a show that I really enjoyed but it’s been about a year. I was also thinking about shows that really impacted me in a weird way, and yes one punch man is one of those shows if you saw my background or whatever it’s called. But anyway this is not about the hero for fun, this is about a dandy guy….in space!


Of course my name on here is Dandy Daryl because I love this series so much so can’t really build up my opinion with a sense of mystery on my opinion on the show because of my name. Anyway, I don’t know why but this series impacted me in a weird way and I might get a little personal when talking about this show but it’s because this was one of those rare shows for me where I would actually watch Toonami every Saturday when it was still airing. The cool thing is this was a rare case where both the Japanese and English Dubs were coming out at the same time. Now I don’t really watch much TV and there are plenty of sites to watch series now especially anime. But yeah let’s talk about the show! So this show is kind of weird where I guess it’s episodic where there’s not much continuity and the whole time watching I would be theorizing how things were connecting. Every episode though was a different story, a new adventure that our main protagonist, Dandy, would go on as an alien hunter. The main plot is that he’s an alien hunter that would go around the universe searching for unregistered aliens to register them. In a sense he’s a bounty hunter but with aliens. It is made by the same guy who did Cowboy Bebop (also a great show!) and it really shows, although the mood is a little different where Space Dandy is more colorful, it really has similar feelings. Okay, now here’s the reason I really like this show, besides the fact that it is hilarious and the animation is pretty ridiculous (sometimes too ridiculous…) Before I get into that I have to say my favorite episode because of it’s ridiculousness and just how hilarious it was is “I can’t be the only one, Baby.” The episode had me laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe and I haven’t had that happen from a show in a while but just trust me that episode is amazing I won’t spoil anything about here but yeah. Okay, okay, sorry I keep putting off my actual thoughts about the show and why I love it but here we go, hopefully I can say why without spoiling anything. So the thing about Dandy is he’s not the best alien hunter out there and he’s even kind of a jerk at times where he seems to only care about the booty and boobies (name of the restaurant he always goes to…) Anyway, yeah, he’s perverted, a jerk, but is still a dandy guy….in space and he does prove that he’s actually a good guy. Sometimes the show has a moment of seriousness but then jumps back to what we’re used to reminding the audience what they’re watching. He cares about his friends although is mean to them from time to time and although he’s bad at alien hunting at times he still keeps doing it because it’s what he wants to do. Not to mention, there are just points where I just related to his character. No matter what happens, Dandy keeps trying to do what he likes to do going with the flow and even at one point shows that he can figure out certain things on his own. Don’t want to say what that is but yeah. He helps different people (or aliens) throughout his travels with his two companions Meow, a catlike alien, and QT, a robot. There’s more to their characters as well as the other reoccurring characters such as Scarlet, the person that works at the alien registry office that Dandy and others go to to register the aliens they find, and Honey who is the waitress at the restaurant they always go to. Honey is kind of funny because she proves she is a lot more than what she appears as the other characters do. Alright, I could go on but I’ll stop just this is one of my favorite anime series and I highly recommend it! It may appear weird which it is but each episode is different so who knows maybe if you don’t like one episode you’ll like the next episode. I don’t know but it’s an interesting one with many anime references and even some emotional moments. I also have to mention the music. It’s pretty good, it ranges from ukulele sounds to a more daft punk sounding beat and yeah it’s interesting. Anyway, yeah that’s my post for the day or right now, maybe I’ll post in 10 hours or so…We’ll see.

I just love Space Dandy, a lot of times when I feel depressed I actually tell myself that I’ll be a dandy guy in space one day and everything will be just….dandy. Thank you for reading all that if you did, I’m done for now so like I said maybe in 10 hours I’ll post again but that’s it for now. Bye for now!

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