Daryl’s Favorite Anime

Okay so still going with a blog everyday, this one’s a little different since instead of reviewing something I’ll just go with the 30 day anime challenge because looking ahead it is something to talk a while about so yeah let’s get into that!


Day 2- Favorite Anime You’ve Watched So Far

So feel free to leave a comment answering these as well, what’s your favorite anime so far? But alright time to talk about this. I have 5 or more that are absolute favorites I can think of from the top of my head. I will say what my favorite anime is though and that’s a show called Welcome to the NHK.


I honestly don’t like saying this is my favorite only for the fact I’ve seen it appear on some people’s top 5 anime lists which I mean that’s where I heard about the show was from a top 5 list. The thing is though it’s amazing! It’s like when I talked about Space Dandy impacting me in a weird way, this one for sure impacted me. I cried, laughed, and would just be silent from watching this show because nearly EVERYTHING was relateable. If you haven’t seen it I would HIGHLY recommend it although it’s not for everyone I’ve heard people not like it saying it was weird. I’ve actually heard that several times, someone saying “this show is weird I don’t understand it” and that’s other people I get not everyone is gonna like this show but I absolutely loved it. I loved this anime so much, I straight up read the light novel, the manga, just everything I could find about it which I loved everything but I love the anime the most maybe because that’s what I saw first. Alright, a reason I wanted to just dedicate a whole blog to this is just the amount of an impact this show had on me. So this is kind of a review kind of not, more of an experience with it I guess. So this is where it might be kind of hard for me to talk about some stuff but I’m gonna go for it. First off just saying what this show is about, it’s about a man named Sato who is a college dropout as well as a recluse never leaving his apartment until one day a girl named Misaki comes by and is determined to help him, I won’t say why but this show really tackles some hard topics and there is just a lot about depression, anxiety, and just mental illnesses in general with a lot of points where characters attempt suicide. There are questions as to what the point of life is and just it is a painful show to watch but so relateable. I’ve watched this show 3 times through (probably more) but I never do that. Maybe twice depending on what it is.I won’t say other favorite shows are because they’ll be brought up later from this list in different ways. Anyway, yeah I didn’t watch that much anime when I got around to this show….Besides Naruto, the only other anime series I watched were the original Fullmetal Alchemist, Trigun, flcl, and I think that was about it, oh and Soul Eater. I would watch those shows over and over and yeah that was really it. But then I found this show when in my first year at college because I just was bored and wanted to waste time watching something so it was between NHK and Steins;Gate that I watched Freshman year of college and I loved both of those. But yeah when I started watching Welcome to the NHK I wasn’t in the best of places, my last couple of years at highschool I started avoiding people and I just didn’t want to be around anyone and even started holding up in my room besides going to class and getting food. I had a roommate first semester but then afterwards I had my own room and just basically spent time doing nothing besides school. I won’t say anymore but anyway just yeah this show is super relateable and I felt like Sato (the main character) and yeah I’ll just end with this show is amazing and painful and ah! I related too much to this series and yeah that’s about it. See? There was too much to talk about so I couldn’t really do a separate review when talking about favorite anime. Sorry for rambling so much but thank you if you read all that, that’s really it and yeah it’s a good show. Goodbye for now!

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