Gintama Review/Thoughts so Far

Hey everyone! So I figured I’d make a post, it’s not necessarily 10 hours after my post like I thought but I guess it’s still sooner than usual for me posting something here. Anyway yeah I’ll just stick with anime thoughts right now, maybe I’ll change it up later. Also no promises but just to keep me posting and have something to talk about before the actual review I figured I’d do one of those 30 day anime challenge things, I’ll do one with video games later after the 30 days are up. Hopefully I can keep posting for 30 days straight but so far good but anywho here’s the days:


Some of these I may not be able to answer but I will try!

Day 1 – Very First Anime I Watched

This one’s kinda tricky because I watched some stuff before but didn’t actually recognize it as an anime hell I didn’t even know what an anime was when I saw it as a kid. But okay I’m going to say it’s My Neighbor Totoro, I had that on VHS and used to watch it a lot, if we’re talking series it’s most likely Pokemon or Digimon. Naruto was the first series I got really into though that I fell in love with I mean. I do like Pokemon (The games more now but that’s kind of a given).

Alright, yeah, I’m going to try to keep going with that so anyway here’s what I promised with the title of the video lol. These are my thoughts so far on the anime, Gintama.


This might be a shorter review, well shorter than I’ve been going with other series. It’s mainly because I’m only on episode 75 out of 300+ episodes that’s still going (didn’t know that when I started the show). Which that brings me to my first point with this show, it’s long, and I’m someone who hates shows that just keep going, I stopped watching Naruto after a while, I could never get into One Piece and Bleach. So yeah I have an issue with shows usually in the over 50 episode range. But! This one is an exception! It might be because of the humor or the fact I absolutely love every character in the show. It’s funny because every time I would hear about the show it would always be “After 3 episodes, keep going, don’t stop watching it” because of the 3 episode rule on telling if an anime is good or not. I can kind of agree with that just because this show builds up characters where each episode there is a different story following the three characters at odd jobs that of course do odd jobs for money leading to different crazy adventures. Gin is the main character with silver naturally wavy hair and then Shinpachi and Kagura are the others that are nearly the same characters hanging out with each other just with their different quirks. Whenever they make jokes for example they’re usually on the same page playing along. I can’t mention enough the sense of humor in this show is pretty amazing, it’s mostly a comedy but when things go down they really go down. I can only think of one or two instances where that happened though. There was one episode towards the beginning then an arc around episode 59 or so that got super serious and even emotional. It was just a rare instance where I couldn’t stop watching when I started which is rare for me with these 300 episode shows that are ongoing. But the characters are just so good and interesting, there are times where the comedy is a bit much so I’ll back off for a bit then come back because I mean it’s ridiculous which is part of the reason I love it. I mean the story itself is ridiculous, aliens invading Japan, taking over then placing a sword ban where the samurai way of life starts to die out except for the few such as Gin and others. That’s another reason I kept going back is Gin’s past is often kept in mystery where there are glimpses into what happened in his past, since he was in a war. Also Gin although an asshole at times (okay a lot of times) he says so many inspirational things throughout the show. Anyway that’s all I really have to say. I don’t want to spoil anything just watch it if you want and have the time haha. It’s my favorite longer series so far though!

But yeah I shall keep on making posts with the 30 day anime challenge thing and just find something to talk about. Thank you for reading all that if did, Bye for now!

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