Daryl’s Top 10 Video Games of 2016

So I know it’s late being the 25th and I actually meant to post a top 10 list of whatever on new years but I guess it’s better late than never so yeah I’ll do a top 10 list of my favorite video games I played in 2016 but right now we have other important stuff like the 30 day anime challenge thing!

Okay! So still going strong with the whole posting everyday so here we are with another blog! And of course it is day 3 so here we go! Let’s get right into it!


Day 3 – Favorite Male Anime Character Ever

So this one is a hard one because there’s an obvious choice for me. Actually no, I can think of 3….Uhhhh… I’m gonna say Vash the Stampede from Trigun!


He’s goofy, outright ridiculous, and a complete badass with a tortured past. It was between him, Guts from Berserk, and Saitama from One Punch Man but one way or another Berserk and One Punch Man will appear on this list later. But yeah Vash from Trigun because for a while that was my favorite anime (mainly because I didn’t watch much in high school or before) I just found Vash the most interesting with how funny of a character he is because he’s really goofy which I see “favorite goofy anime character” on the list but Vash is different because he’s not always goofy. He has a tormented past and is pretty mysterious although he’s funny and always yelling “love and piece!” he has a dark side and it shows. Plus I always love how he doesn’t kill but he’s a sharpshooter. I’m trying so hard not to repeat myself with anime where I’ll give each anime I love one shot to be on the list. I’ll be honest I was gonna save Trigun for later because I thought best villain is from that but I’ll have another one to change it up.

Anyway I guess here’s my Top 10 Favorite games from 2016. Please note I have not played everything so this is what I’ve actually played. There is also no order to this, these are just my favorites I’m not ranking them.



I feel like I played too many games in 2016 but number 10 on the list is gonna be Owlboy

It’s an Indie game that actually surprised me, apparently it took 9 years to make and I mean it is beautiful with its pixel art and the characters and story was all just fantastic! I had a blast playing through this I really thought it was a crazy experience. I actually played through all of it and uploaded it to YouTube and it was just great!


A game I got pretty excited for came out and it did not disappoint.

It’s called Hyper Light Drifter, it was also a very pretty game with cool visuals and the world was just beautiful in how it looks, it was really interesting. The story is interesting only because it’s told in a different way where there is no text in this game, the character talk through images which I found interesting. The gameplay though was really smooth and fun with just drifting away from enemies and shooting and cutting through enemies which was really satisfying.



Yeah this one was always gonna be here, I mean I am making up the list as I go but this game is so much fun I still play it and I hate online games most of the time but this one is so fun, I play as a bunch of different characters but lately I started getting good with Zenyatta. Yeah Overwatch is awesome.


Pokemon Sun and Moon

I played through Moon but I gotta include Sun too haha but one of my favorite pokemon games now. It is kind of easy at first but it gets difficult and challenging later but the graphics are pretty plus I love Toucannon and Rowlet they are my favorites lol. But yeah this game was so much fun I loved a lot of the new pokemon.


Uncharted 4

This is how you know I’m not ranking this list because, this along with other games would be higher up but this was such a good game, I always loved the uncharted games. Although some people don’t like the cinematic feeling where it’s more of a movie than a game I welcome it with games like these because I thought it was extremely fun but the story was phenomenal to me at least and I thought it was a perfect ending to Nathan Drake’s story.


Stardew Valley

Yeah with how many hours I put into this game exploring the mines fighting monsters and just farming. It’s so addictive and just an overall fantastic game. I also love the updates coming out I mean there was one big one earlier but yeah I keep going back to this one.



I honestly forgot about this one, I cheated and looked up games that came out in 2016 but this one was good with the little choices in dialogue and just the conversation between the two characters was pretty interesting, sometimes creepy with how things were turning out. This game was awesome though kinda forgot about it because it was earlier in the year and I beat it in one night just staying up playing through the whole thing but it was worth it. Also graphics were pretty haha.


VA-11 Hall-A: Cyber Punk Bartender Action

This might be cheating because it came out in 2016 but I didn’t really play it til I think actually New Years Day. I’m still playing through it for my YouTube Channel but it is amazing. It’s a visual novel where you play as a bartender talking to and making drinks for different people learning things about characters and the world they live in. Also kinda love the main character as well as reoccuring characters it’s all great!


Okay so these last 2 ones are ones I played but haven’t beaten that I figured I should mention:

Final Fantasy XV

So I need to play more of this game because I did love what I was playing through but I hate the fishing! Anyway the gameplay is awesome more action oriented than rpg but the rpg elements are still there. I don’t play much FF but this one was pretty good from what I played of it, I’ll play more later just been busy.


Titan Fall 2

So I have to mention this one because I usually don’t like these kind of games like Call of Duty or whatever but I always liked mechs but this one actually had a good campaign. I played a good chunk and just noticed actual mechanics where they would throw new stuff at you instead of just shooting things. Like one part they give you a device to time travel but it was interesting because you would see an enemy time travel, then walk to a spot that would be behind them then time travel back to being behind them and taking them out. I didn’t expect that from this game granted I don’t play COD that often but this game was good with the single player at least, didn’t play online yet. I wouldn’t of bought this if it weren’t for black friday sales haha.

So yeah that was my top 10 list of games from 2016 and I’m pretty excited for the new games this year COUGH COUGH Zelda: Breath of the Wild COUGH COUGH but yeah should be a good year with video games. Thanks for reading all of that if you did, bye for now! See ya tomorrow!

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