Dangan Ronpa 2: Goodbye Despair Thoughts

I should have made this blog a while ago because I mean I beat this game and I really wanted to talk about it, I was gonna save this for later but didn’t know what else to talk about right now. A blog every day is a little difficult right now but here we go! Day 4 of the anime challenge!


Day 4 – Favorite Female Anime Character Ever

Once again I can think of a few, honestly I changed my mind on who I was originally gonna pick but then I saw “Your Anime Crush” so I’ll keep it for that. Plus I’m also trying to choose a different anime each time. Anyway Yuki Nagato from the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is my answer although I was almost thinking Yuno from Future Diary but yeah I’m gonna go with Nagato.


She’s one of those characters that’s emotionless and is expressionless almost being doll like but the whole thing is she’s an alien ai of sorts but to me she was the most interesting character in the show. I liked all the characters but she was my favorite. She was the one that would fix everything causing a kind of over reliance on her when crazy things would happen but although emotionless she shows slightly that she is losing it where the movie, The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, builds on it more with her character and just adds to everything. It is one of my favorite anime movies because of it building up Nagato more and just yeah she’s my favorite.

But alright here’s just a few thoughts about the visual novel Dangan Ronpa 2, this game came out on steam a while ago and I played it last summer but it’s still on my mind because yeah this game had an impact on me. There were plenty weird memberable characters such as Nagito Komaeda, he was my favorite, kind of a crazy character but I loved him I thought he was awesome especially towards the end holy crap! Also Chiaki! I loved Chiaki she’s the gamer in the game and I just thought she was such a good character, there’s a lot of good characters and development although some of them did annoy me. Also in true Dangan Ronpa fashion there is a plot twist towards the end that really messed with me and I mean it was plot twist after plot twist and just woah…I won’t say anything but really after this game I had to go to work and I went through that day just questioning what was real. I love these games! I still need to finish the first one it’s just I’ve seen the first anime so I knew enough to play the sequel and I saw the third anime or second anime whatever just yeah it’s all good! That’s all I’ll say plot twist after plot twist and just the story is amazing the more I think about it. I always bother myself with it because I start wondering if I was in that situation what would I do. It just messes with me lol.

But yeah! That’s it, this one was shorter but I honestly didn’t have much to talk about. Thanks for reading if ya did and goodbye for now! See ya tomorrow!

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