Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

So I figured I’d just continue talking about the things I’m interested in like I have been doing with anime and video games. But alright, so one of my favorite video game series is The Legend of Zelda so I’m really excited for the new one and just want to geek out over it a little. I’m coming up with blog ideas as I go but figured I need something to go with my 30 day anime challenge thing. Speaking of which here’s Day 5, I’m doing pretty good with posting every day haha.


Day 5 – Anime You’re Ashamed You Enjoyed

This one I was not looking forward to…I honestly don’t know which one I’m ashamed of because I have bragged about watching through some bad ones but I don’t really know one I enjoyed that I’m ashamed of I pretty much wear it with pride if I legitimately enjoyed it. Now I do have some shows I’ve seen that I enjoyed that I honestly cannot remember I just know they were weird. But okay one I should definitely mention that I did like but when I go back to watch it I wonder why I even liked it…That one is High School of the Dead


So this one I’ve told people I enjoyed it but when I rewatch it I don’t know why besides just how stupid it is and I thought it did have cool zombie moments I like zombie stories. However this one is just…I don’t even know. It’s an ecchi so of course it’s gonna be perverted but I mean why not have boobs and butts when struggling with a zombie apocalypse right? It’s so weird I remember it did have cool parts though and was funny even but I would not watch it again. Okay I guess it’s good I did put this here because there is one thing I’m ashamed of. I watched this one more than once. I think almost 3 times don’t ask me why. I liked the nerdy guy with the nail gun I thought he was funny but just yeah such a weird show. funny thing is I heard the people that made it also made attack on titan which is such a ridiculous change. And yeah I was waiting for a second series with this one for a while but forgot about it. Oh and I should say remember when I said I didn’t watch much anime in highschool? This was one of the ones I actually did watch so there you go.

Alright enough of high school of the dead, it’s just weird. So now I’ll just talk a little bit about Breath of the Wild probably not too much because there’s not much to say besides how awesome it looks!


So yeah I am so excited for this game I’ve been pretty excited for this since just the announcement of a new Zelda. Then there was just more announcements about how the game would be with huge open world and the focus on exploration. Although it’s kind of funny to me how games are going more open world with how they treat the gameplay although I guess because Zelda was always open world in a sense just smaller scale because I mean yeah this game is huge apparently. I mean yeah though a lot of games are going open world with larger scale area to explore like Final Fantasy XV, Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain, Witcher 3, and so forth although they’re cool games I just find it funny especially with Metal Gear because that wasn’t always open world well again to that scale. Breath of the Wild is supposed to be huge though, it kind of overwhelms me but I’m excited for just how open it is. Apparently if you want you can go straight to the final boss as the first thing you do. That’s just ridiculous but I love it. And the whole survival element with hunting and using different weapons where you can just pick up weapons as you go and carry them around since weapons actually break as well. I’ll be honest, with the talk about exploration and the game being so open I didn’t think there would be cutscenes but with the last trailer that was released there’s straight up cutscenes with full voice acting where I’m just like wow. I could just go on and on about how excited I am for this game but I’ll stop here and end with an issue I actually do have. And that issue is….drum roll please……….I don’t know if I should get it on wii u or Switch. I know I know quite the predicament but yeah I’m thinking about preordering and buying the Switch only if I can get Breath of the Wild for it because I don’t want to wait more than I have to which is also why I’m thinking just getting it for the wii u a system I already have. My other concern is that I want the switch but last time I got a console on launch I got screwed. They didn’t have the deluxe set for 349.99 or whatever it was instead I got the basic set of the wii u for 299.99 and it had less memory so I had to buy an external hard drive and it didn’t come with any games and so I ended up spending more money than I would have if I got the deluxe. Yeah….oh well that’s all I have to say, I think the switch will be better but I did love the wii u, I also would like playing Breath of the Wild on the go but jeez man haha.

So yeah that’s it for today so thanks for reading all that and I’ll see ya tomorrow goodbye for now!

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