Anime Series That I Never Finished Watching

So once again with trying to find a topic to write about for this blog doing a daily blog thing. I figured because Day 6 is “Anime you want to watch but haven’t yet” I’m going to talk about the many series I’ve seen the first or so episode of and haven’t finished. I won’t include the ones I actually made a dent in or am still watching like Jojo or Gintama but this is going to be those shows where I got about 3 episodes into and then just stopped. So alright here’s day 6 of the 30 day anime challenge woo!


Day 6- Anime You Want to See but Haven’t Yet

Alright, this one is kinda tough because I have seen most of what I wanted to see. I mean it’s not til someone asks me if I’ve seen something then I’m like “I should really watch that one.” The other thing is I’ve started a lot of series that I just never got around to in which I don’t really want to include one of those because I at least started them so they’re not really anime I haven’t seen yet. Okay I think I have one, I had to stop and think about it. I was thinking Ghost and the Shell Stand Alone Complex because I haven’t finished that one yet although I saw the movie. Anyway that’s not may answer. My answer is gonna be….are you ready for this?…. The Fate Series:


So whether it’s Fate/Stay Night or Fate/Zero, I have not seen any of these shows but I’ve been meaning to make time to watch them but I have not seen any episodes, I think I might have seen a clip or two but yeah I don’t have much to say about this because I haven’t seen anything about this show I know it’s about a war over the holy grail or something and I have friends that tell me I need to watch it. It looks interesting enough where I really want to see it but never get around to it. So yeah that’s it for Day 6 but okay this brings me to the topic of this blog so yay!

So this blog as you saw before is dedicated to all those shows that I started but never finished and just dropped. Maybe because I’m not interested in it or I got bored after a while or just dropped it for no reason and will go back to it eventually. I feel like everyone has at least one show that they just dropped after a few episodes either after disliking it or just lack of time. Well whatever the case is, those shows are everywhere. I’ll say if you want, feel free to leave a comment saying what series anime or other show that you just dropped. I’d be interested in reading it. Anyway here we go! I have my bookmarks opened to list off all shows that I just never finished. I always mark the episode I last watched so I know where I’m at in the show but yeah this list is pretty big. I will say there are shows on the list that I did eventually finish that I won’t mention on here because I did finish them. Neon Genesis Evangellion is one I finally watched that one in December, I can’t remember if I made a blog about it, I’ll have to do that tomorrow if I haven’t talked about it already. I have a lot of things to say about it. Anyway I’m getting side tracked, I’m ready to feel ashamed about all the shows I haven’t finished now:

Psycho Pass

This one is the first one and I kind of lied, I have a lot of shows I actually finished or got farther in. SO I think the list is gonna be about 4 so it’s not as much as I thought. Like I said I finished a lot of them in December or a little before. So Psycho Pass I was actually really interested in, I loved the ideas behind it and I don’t know why I stopped, I know some shows the website I found to stream them sucked and I’ll get to that in a bit but I don’t really have an excuse with this one because I think it’s on Netflix and Crunchy Roll or just one of those. Anyway I don’t remember too much so I’ll try to sum it up best to my ability or at least what I saw. Basically the plot is that there are criminals that get put into this business of tracking down other criminals and killing them in this future world but if I remember correctly I heard that it’s something where there are people in the program that were never criminals but there was a psych test that tells who is more likely to be a criminal eventually or something like that. I probably butchered it but I remember it being pretty interesting and the animation was pretty cool. I only got to episode 4 I think I finished episode 3 I have Episode 3 bookmarked so I’m assuming yeah.


I hate including this but I have to because there are two shows I’m gonna include here. So there’s Nichijou then there’s Danshi Koukousei No Nichijou (Daily lives of High School Boys) which were both really funny shows. I laughed pretty hard at Nichijou, I remember getting kind of bored of Daily Lives of High School Boys though I stopped at 6 episodes there but yeah I got bored so that’s the reason for that one. I loved Azumanga Daioh which is the reason I watched Nichijou I found them kind of similar but yeah that’s all I really have to say. I’m always seeing funny clips from Nichijou and eventually I might finish it but yeah I’m pretty bad with finishing shows.

Terror in Resonance

The more I read down this list just the more sad I get. This series is by the same guy who did Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo and the opening to this show gave me chills, I thought it was pretty good. It does have a slow start but I really need to sit down and watch it and yeah this was the one where I kept having issues with the video streaming where it would crash and I would be left crying and not sure what to do…..Not really I would just say screw it and never watch the show again…I think it’s on Crunchyroll now so I have no excuse to sit down and finish it. I saw 4 episodes of this one.

Oh gosh, I completely forgot about this next one, I had to look up what it was when I found it on my list. Past Daryl is just messing with me now but yeah here’s one I only watched the first episode:

Hourou Musuko (Wandering Son)

I remember watching this because I found it interesting, there’s not many shows with a trans character. This show follows a trans girl and that’s honestly all I remember. I feel so bad saying that because there’s nothing wrong with this show, hell it was pretty emotional from what I remember (I like those tear jerkers I swear) The animation was pretty good too, I have no complaints about it I just don’t really remember much about it. Sorry. Okay I lied. I feel really bad now but I’ve watched 3 episodes of this show I looked again at the list and yeah I have episode 3 book marked. I don’t remember that though, I remember some things that happen in the show but I can only remember the first episode. That’s so weird. Alright well sorry about that I don’t have an excuse for that one then. I was blaming the fact I only saw one episode for me not remembering much of the premise but I saw more. Anyway I’m gonna move on, I’m so sorry.

Well that was actually a weird trip for me realizing I watched 3 episodes of a show and hardly remembering much of it but here’s another show I don’t really remember that I only watched 2 episodes of and that I’m sure of!

Now and Then, Here and There

This was an older one but yeah I remember starting this one and people saying that it gets better as it goes or something but yeah I just sorta watched 2 episodes then stopped. This one was about a kid who finds a girl from another world and they go back to that said world. Once again that’s all I remember. At least I kind of remember the premise at least, I’m gonna beat myself up about that last one. But yeah that’s all I’m really gonna say about that one it seemed pretty good but yeah I just sorta stopped.

Well I think after all I am going to keep this going for tomorrow’s blog, I still have more shows I never finished on my list so it is more than 4 but I also remembered some outside of my list. This is really trippy to do I swear. I never thought I would look at a show that I watched a while back and just be like “I don’t remember anything about this besides some details” jeez that’s weird. This was kind of a weird blog to do but it made me remember a lot of things such as things I don’t remember and it’s so strange. So yeah that’s it goodbye for now see ya tomorrow!

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