Rwby Season 4 Review/ Update 1

So hey guys it’s been a little while. I figured I’d take a break after doing the 30 day anime challenge, I thought about doing another 30 day challenge but I’ll save it for maybe next week I don’t really know. I wanted to make a post just sort of updating what I plan on […]

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Saddest Anime Deaths (Spoilers)

So in procrastination and trying to write a paper that is due tomorrow, I figured I would write about something here real quick. Don’t worry I’ll get that paper done, I mean if you were worried. Anyway yeah I mentioned I probably won’t post tomorrow or Saturday or even Sunday but I’ll probably be back […]

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Best Anime Weapons

So I thought about skipping today and just doing 2 days tomorrow but figured I should write something even if it’s short so I’ll just write about the next day and use that to talk about other things around the topic the day decides. So 30 day anime challenge! Here we go! Day 22 – […]

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