Neon Genesis Evangellion Thoughts

So I mentioned I would post a review or so about Neon Genesis so here it is! My thoughts on the show. I kind of have mixed feelings but you’ll see when I get to it here. Today is day 10 of the 30 day challenge thing so let’s start with that. Also I’m gonna be weird and post this right now since technically it is the next day being midnight, I’m just gonna be busy later today so might as well post it this early.


Day 10 – Favorite Fighter Anime

So does this just mean any anime with fights or is it more specific than that? I mean I’m taking it as more action oriented anime than really fighter anime. I mean I was thinking Naruto would be a fighter anime where there’s one on one battles but again it’s more of action so that’s what I’m gonna go with. Basically I’m trying to say I have an answer and don’t know if it qualifies but yeah sure let’s go with it. My favorite “fighter” anime is gonna have to be…


Samurai Champloo 

This is one of my favorite series. I honestly wasn’t sure when I would be able to mention it but man I would find a chance sooner or later. I mean it’s a samurai show but it mixes hip hop elements with traditional samurai elements. I mean Mugen’s fight style is kind of a break dancing style spinning around. Which by the way Mugen is up there as one of the most badass characters, Jin is cool too but I love Mugen I thought he was awesome. The fight scenes are pretty great and it’s just a good show, it’s funny because I felt like this show was like cowboy bebop with samurai and sure enough it’s the same director. It shows with an emphasis on the music where Cowboy Bebop had a lot of jazz, this one has a lot of hip hop type music. The characters are great, the fighting is pretty top notch, and it is definitely one of my favorite fighter anime series.

Neon Genesis Evangellion Thoughts


Alright, so I can’t believe I’m finally talking about this show. This was one that’s always been there, no one told me to watch it until I met a friend who just would not stop bringing it up. He would tell me I need to watch it. So I got 4 episodes into it and stopped for 2 years. TWO YEARS! Ahem, anyway, yeah it took me until December 2016 to sit down and watch through the whole thing while putting off homework because shamefully I watched this thing during finals week (don’t worry I passed everything….well if you were worried I mean….) I seriously can’t believe I’m talking about this show or even that I didn’t talk about it earlier, you know when I finished watching the show a month ago. Alright so I’m going to try to keep it simple. I didn’t hate this show but I didn’t really love it. This is one of those cases for me where the hype kind of killed it. I do respect this series however. I mean the thing I kept thinking is it is impressive for something like this coming out in 1995. Also this show is from Studio Gainax, they were responsible for Gurren Lagann and FLCL which are two of my favorite anime series so in that since I felt like it was a duty to watch Neon Genesis. I felt bad because I stopped a couple times when watching this series just thinking “what’s the point of this?” Although the main protagonist, Shinji, makes sense with how he acts and it is understandable. I mean if someone just came up and said you have to pilot this mech and fight giant monsters you would probably freak out also. So I can’t say what I’ve heard a lot of people say about Shinji, him being a wuss. He does have some badass moments but I couldn’t get past how he would stop and be like “what is the point of anything?” I get that all these characters are messed up in the head. I mean Asuka is a pretty interesting character. Misato was probably my favorite character, she’s the one watching over Shinji who is also losing her mind as the show goes on. The characters overall were interesting but still I thought this show was boring up until episode 18. It took until episode 18 for me to be like “oh here’s the craziness!” I mean the friend that loves this show so much kept texting me at this point asking me if I got to a certain part which wasn’t until somewhere in the 20s. To me that kind of tells me something. The part where people love the show doesn’t show itself until much later on episode 18. What I heard about the show wasn’t there until then. I thought the show was slow but it does have cool moments sprinkled here and there. I would not say this show is a masterpiece like a lot of people say. I do think it’s enjoyable, it has those moments. Also note to take, I never watched the movies (at least yet) so all I’ve seen is this show. Plus the ending, I won’t ruin it, but it ends with a lot of questions being asked. I heard about this being one of those wtf kind of shows but it really is towards the end. This was just one of those few shows that I liked but it’s not a favorite, I mean I’m glad I saw it because I can say I finally saw that series that some people like to talk about as one of the classics. Which don’t get me wrong it has its moments. I just had issues with it. I thought it was slow but had cool moments, great characters and development, can’t complain about the music or even animation because again for that time it’s pretty impressive.

That’s what I thought about the show though, it’s okay. That’s all I really think about it anyway but I get why some people like it which power to them but not my cup of tea I suppose. Anyway that’s it for today February 1st and I’ll see you the next day, goodbye for now and all that thanks for reading if you did!

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