The World Ends With You Thoughts

So I figured I’d talk about a game today that had a pretty big impact on me. This was an old ds game that I was just in love with my freshman year of high school and I’ll get into it because I want to talk about it but right now 30 day anime challenge! Still going, every day, blogs, reviews and the like! Yeah!


Day 9 – Best Anime Villain

This is another one that was hard for me to figure out because I mean a lot of villains lately are kind of forgettable. There’s a lot of shows that have good main characters but the villains are kind of just eh. I mean what makes a good villain? Someone threatening, someone that challenges the main character. I mean I do want to make a blog about villains and just what makes a villain. There are villains that you just love to hate but when they’re bad for the sake of bad that’s when it’s kind of boring. When the villain has a reason for being who they are and just is interesting enough while challenging the protagonists. My original pick was actually Legato from Trigun, I thought he was an awesome villain but since I picked Vash as favorite Male character I’ll pick a different character for the villain. I would also consider Johan from Monster but I admitted that I didn’t finish that show that so I guess I haven’t seen enough to really say he is a good villain although he is pretty creepy from what I’ve seen and just interesting as a villain. Okay I thought a little about it, I might break the one anime rule later because the best anime villain or in this case the worst is


Griffith from Berserk

Okay so this guy is just a piece of shit. So looking at some villains which I could only think of three that I just loved to hated but they had some sort of reason to be who they are. This might be a little bit of a spoiler for Berserk, I’ll try to not give a lot away but Griffith at first is Guts’ comrade and friend kind of. Guts decides to leave the band of the hawk to get stronger because Griffith says he sees friends as equals and he doesn’t really see anyone as his equal so Guts leaves but Griffith tries to stop Guts, but it’s freakin Guts so Guts leaves and Griffith’s world comes crashing down after that with him just losing his mind and then getting tortured after doing some crappy things and ends up doing just really bad things after Guts saves him from the dungeon area where he was being tortured. I’ve seen people try to defend this guy and just no, I think he is the worst. I mean I guess you have to have the worst person be one of the main villains when the main protagonist is someone like Guts who is one of the most ridiculous protagonists I’ve ever seen (I mean that in a good way because wow.) Yeah though Griffith is just awful but in that kind of a world the antagonist has to be someone really bad with the kind of monsters that show up and so forth. It’s more of the stuff that he does that makes him bad instead of his presence since when he goes pretty evil he’s not there that often. I need to read more of the manga. This whole series is pretty great and just woah. If you haven’t read or seen Berserk, it is pretty gory but it’s good. Just yeah disturbing stuff in that series just a heads up if you check it out.

Anyway let’s talk about The World Ends With You, this game is awesome! But yeah let’s talk about it!


The World Ends With You Thoughts

I don’t know if this game is obscure, I mean maybe not since characters from it show up in Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance. This game is great though and it’s on my list of favorite video games ever. Also if you haven’t played this before, I’m going to say something that might make you not want to play it but trust me it works, and that’s the gameplay. So this game uses both screens in battles where there are two characters fighting at a time that you’re controlling. Neku, the main protagonist, is at the bottom where you control him with the touch screen and use different pins that use different abilities. You make and craft different pins for Neku to use different abilities such as one that lets Neku cut through enemies, while one lets him shoot lightning bolts. When I played through this game I actually had pages printed out with the different evolutions for pins because there were different ways to upgrade pins into stronger abilities. It’s cool although sometimes annoying. ANYWAY back to the gameplay! Neku is controlled with the touch screen while his partner, Shiki, or whoever else is at the top fighting with the D-Pad where you make different button patterns to get bonuses until unleashing an ultimate attack. It sounds weird having to use both screens during a fight but it works and creates some interesting gameplay. The characters are pretty great and here is why I was so drawn to it when playing it in high school. Neku is in the Reaper’s game and doesn’t know why, he has no recollection of how he got there. The Reaper’s game gives the players an objective and they have to do it in a certain time or get erased by the noise which are the monsters you fight, kind of like Heartless from Kingdom Hearts. I can’t really say more than that for the story because series of plot twists but Neku has to pair up with someone in order to continue through it at the beginning. All players have partners. Neku hates people though always shutting out people with his headphones. “I don’t get people, never have. Never will.” Neku says at the beginning and it was something that stuck with me because I mean I talked about some previous experiences where I just kept getting annoyed with people as years go on so I felt like Neku not wanting to deal with people anymore and just wanting everyone to shut up and Neku’s journey through the reaper’s game with how he is and his character changing over the course of the game was just so engaging. I don’t know it’s just a fun game that I really wish there would be a sequel like world but different people or something since Neku’s story does end. I wanted The Last of Us 2 to have different characters instead of Joel and Ellie but they went with same characters for that game and I’m not sure how I feel about that but oh well can’t be helped I guess. Anyway yeah The World Ends With You is an amazing action rpg type game with a weird but cool story and yeah it’s on my list of favorite games.

Anyway that’s it for today so thanks for reading all that if you did and goodbye for now, see ya tomorrow!

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