Day 11 Favorite Mech Anime

So I’m only going to do the anime challenge, I’m not really feeling up to making the blog longer so I’ll just answer the next day which is favorite mech anime. So yeah that’s all I’m doing for this blog. Here ya go:


Day 11 – Favorite Mech Anime

Okay I’m honestly not ready for this one. I don’t watch much mech anime and the one that is my favorite I’m actually saving for a later spot on the list which that one is Gurren Lagann, that one is one of my favorite anime series. Okay so another one that I don’t see how I would fit it onto this list without mentioning it here but that is…


Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

So I don’t really consider this a mech anime but it is one since I mean there are mechs, all the fights in the show include mechs but this one is very different from other mech shows. I’m not much of a fan of the genre and I mean one thing is I have to say is most of them follow the same formula. For example I watched one with some friends, we just watched the first episode but I’ve seen that beginning so many times. There’s high schoolers, they see a mech and go “oh cool I want to pilot one” then somehow circumstances lead to them piloting one in some kind of war. It’s often the same kind of set up for that kind of show. I am biased because I’ve only seen a few (of the generic ones I mean) but okay just listing the four or so mech anime series that I love. Previously mentioned Gurren Lagann, I thought Guilty Crown was pretty great but similar to Code Geass in a way, Code Geass, then as much as I kind of raged about it, I though Evangellion was a good mech anime. The thing is they all throw in something different. Evangellion had middle schoolers that didn’t want to be there fight against angels. They were giant monsters but the fact they were Angels made that series interesting. I don’t know what the first mech anime was because it seems like Evangellion redefined the genre with new ideas. Anyway enough about that we’re talking about Code Geass! So I should also say I think mechs themselves are cool, I just think a lot of the time the stories that follow them are generic. Anyway anyway anyway! Code Geass goes a different route where it is more complex than a mech anime where the main character Lelouch is this mastermind that treats the war like a chess game and the way he maneuvers the battle field is fun to watch. Plus he has his geass or ability to make whoever looks at his eye to do whatever he wants them to do. It gets more complicated with the limitations on his abilities but his plans for winning and leading his rebellion against Britania the nation that took over Japan in this world. It’s just an interesting show and the mech fights are cool too so that’s why it’s here. Although the second season is a little weird. I loved the first season and thought it was a lot stronger. This was also one of the few shows where I really liked the English Dub, besides Vash the Stampede, this was my favorite role Johnny Yong Bosch played! I thought, though you can tell it’s him, he has a different sounding voice where he sounds insane when he wants to. That’s the other cool thing, seeing Lelouch just lose his shit as it progresses. So yeah that’s my favorite mech anime, again I’m biased because I don’t watch that genre that much.

Well that’s it, just thoughts on mech anime in general and what not. Anyway thanks for reading if ya did, goodbye for now. See ya tomorrow, I’ll hopefully have another idea for a blog instead of 30 day challenge just today is a busy day for me. So yeah see ya later! Thanks again for reading!

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