Some Sad Anime Series

So I figured I would make a blog because I just got done writing a paper and it was rough, I had to turn it in by midnight two 20 page papers but I got it done! Or at least turned in what I have. So since my brain is already gone and the next day of the 30 day anime challenge is here because midnight so why not. I figured I’d destroy my emotions to bits by remembering some of those super sad anime series. Also because the next day on the list is in fact saddest anime scene. So going along with that I thought I would make a post about the sad shows that killed me inside but I enjoyed the hell out of. And no Clannad will not be on the list of sad anime series, I’ll say why below. Anyway here we go with Day 12!


Day 12 – Saddest Anime Scene

Okay this one I think I can answer better than the favorite mech anime because I’m a weird person that loves watching sad anime and having my soul just smashed to pieces. I don’t know though because there are a lot of sad scenes in anime which that’s what I like about anime it’s good with emotions. I won’t say anime is the best medium because I mean people obsess over it, but I do think there are a lot of anime shows that do good jobs at presenting interesting stories. Stories that I think are more interesting than a lot of stuff hollywood puts out you know? Well anyway that’s my mini tangent for the day. Not really tangent but you get the point. Back to the question at hand, so I think my answer is gonna have to be:


The Ending Scene from Anohana

This is probably one of my favorite sad anime series, and it actually got to me. I mean I don’t cry I just feel completely dead inside after watching the show. Seriously though this one got to me. I won’t go into specifics but this show is about a group of childhood friends dealing with something tragic that made them all split up so they come together and there’s just nonstop feels. It’s a short one that is centered around one sad moment instead of being a bunch of dramatic sad things. I feel like it’s simple in what it’s about but is also complicated with the emotions that come with it. I enjoyed this series and just it’s so emotional. A really good 12 episode series to let you go on a feels trip, make sure you have that permission slip filled out before. Well anyway yeah this one was just a surprise when I saw it but I recommend it and won’t say anymore about it.

So let’s talk about some sad anime series. I honestly don’t know I love these so much I mean I think they’re enjoyable but just all of the feels which is funny because people tell me they hate a show because it made them cry but to me that makes the show good. I think it’s about making you actually feel for the characters which relies on good writing and that reminds me! I won’t have Clannad on this list because everyone talks about that one and it is good but at a certain point I felt like it started to try to be sad. Things happening just with the intention of being sad though it does work to push the plot forward but it breaks your heart so many times where you stop and ask “okay when is something worse gonna happen?” Anyway I like Clannad but that show and the series, Kanon, were both just sad for being sad? I mean Kanon is the same thing nearly and I’ll be honest I laughed at that one throughout… Clannad at least did make me feel dead inside. So alright let’s get to actually talking about some good emotional shows. I didn’t know what to call this since it’s not a top 10 list just me naming some good shows.  Also these will probably be all the ones people talk a lot about because I mean most of the time I find shows from conversations or ironic enough top 10 lists.


Your Lie in April

Okay so people probably already know about this one but I wanted to mention it because it almost made it on the list of saddest scenes. It’s the scene at the end, you know what I’m talking about if you’ve seen it before. Holy crap though…This one took me a little while to watch because it is pretty, stressful? I don’t know there’s a lot of anxiety in it and just getting on stage and it makes me all nervous and geez. It’s about a guy who was a piano prodigy, always playing as a kid winning contests and then one day he freaks out on stage and never goes back til high school (of course!) and he has all these anxiety issues that have been with him since that day. I would explain why he freaks out but it’s better if you see it. Then this violinist comes by and gets him to play more on stage and just yeah good series, check it out! I gotta tell you though it gets to a point where I thought it was getting kind of boring with nothing really happening and just the ending part is where all the feels just come back.



I watched this one right after I watched Clannad After Story, I know smart idea right? So the reason this one is here instead of Clannad is I liked the story here and thought the emotional scenes were handled really well. This one got to me more than I thought it would. Hell I was wondering for the longest time why people cry to it, then the last episode hits and oh my god. Plus there were emotional moments before and once again I’m not gonna mention plot really because might be spoilers. The main premise is these characters wake up with no real memory of who they are or why they’re there but there’s a lot of action and just different mentions. And when this show reveals itself it’s really good. Yeah can’t talk much about this one, don’t want to ruin the surprise or whatever.


Death Parade

I think I actually reviewed this one here so I guess I shouldn’t say too much about it but it is good. This one has some moments man. Decim is a really good character and just the stories in this series are pretty good. I’m repeating myself but this one’s great, and yeah it gets really emotional towards the end. Well kind of from the get go but still yeah awesome series here!

Well that’s all I got right now. I’ll mention one more, and that’s Guilty Crown, though it is a good action mech anime I thought it was pretty heart breaking with certain scenes and just that one was pretty emotional. But yeah here’s another blog at around midnight. I thought I would wait til 10 tomorrow or on Friday but yeah here ya go. I’m kind of stressed from the paper I just turned in so I wanted to write something to get my mind off of it. That makes sense right? Well I’m still thinking about it so I guess it didn’t work. It’ll be alright hopefully. Thanks for reading if you did and yeah I’ll be back on Saturday with day 13 so bye for now, see ya then!

3 thoughts on “Some Sad Anime Series

  1. Nice list. I must confess that I didn’t sob hard while watching these titles, but I did get teary-eyed. Hotarubi no Mori e anime film was a real tear-jerker for me. Sobbed for days. Good list. Keep on watching anime. Cheers!

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