One Punch Man Thoughts

So I was having some issues naming this one because the title might give away my answer to day 13 of the 30 day anime challenge but here we are. So this one is funny since I relate to a lot of characters so deciding which character I am most similar to is a little hard. Plus it’ll usually be a small aspect of the character so finding the one I actually see as the most similar is a little difficult. I already have my answer though but I kind of have multiple answers.


Day 13 – Anime Character You Are Most Similar To

Like I said I am going to say multiple answers for this one because yeah. The character I feel like I was ridiculously similar to was Sato from Welcome to the NHK because of the depression and anxiety present in the character and getting ridiculous ideas for the reason why things are the way they are. Sato actually said a lot of things throughout the show that were actually thoughts that I have had so there’s that aspect of his character. I just thought the characters in that show were super relatable. But okay are you ready? If you mix Sato with another character you probably have me exactly well that’s an over exaggeration. I doubt anyone knows of a character exactly like them but yeah here we go


Saitama from One Punch Man

Let me explain. I am not as strong as Saitama, I doubt anyone is. BUT his personality and how he acts. Basically I love super heroes but I’ve never related to any of them except maybe Spider-Man. Saitama is literally my favorite super hero now and it’s not because of him taking out enemies with one punch I actually thought I would hate the show because of that. Okay so I should probably explain why I’m saying I’m similar to him. So the way he is bored with life and then when he finally finds what he’s looking for and is starting to actually seem happy in the thrill of a fight, it turns out to be a dream. It’s like because he got what he wanted he’s just disappointed in everything, there’s no next thing after that. I mean at the beginning he’s unemployed and going from job interview to interview I’ve been there then just the fact he gives up everything to be a super hero because he did not have anything else. I don’t know I just really relate to being disappointed with life and the way things turned out and then even when I do get what I want I’m still sad or disappointed. It’s sad to think about even after achieving ultimate power or whatever goal then there is still nothing. Also I should mention Saitama’s anger outbursts because I have anger issues I still struggle with and although Saitama is emotionless with a lot of things he still flips on people which that’s the other thing. When Saitama does something great people still get mad at him or think he’s cheating and no one is ever actually proud of him for what he does besides the few people. Saitama also has a backstory that I would have if I was a super hero just “I’m just a hero for fun.” I just loved One Punch Man I related to the character so much and there were little moments like certain characters looking like someone I knew from when I worked at a fast food restaurant.

One Punch Man Review793-1-1447636016

So I already said a lot about this so it might be fairly short but I guess I’ll talk more about the show itself instead of just Saitama who yeah I just personally related to and felt similar to in a sense. So yeah this show is great. I also wanted to finally mention the way I found this show. Also I can’t believe I’m just now reviewing this show, this is one of my all time favorites and it just came out last year or 2015? something like that but when I first watched this show I watched it with two of my friends. This is where it’s kind of funny. So we were watching Seraph of the End and after we finished whatever episode was out we decided to watch another show so we just picked one we saw on the sidebar that was listing various anime series. One of my friends points out “One Punch Man” and I’m just like I don’t know that sounds kind of weird and my other friend actually says “that sounds stupid let’s watch this!” and we ended up watching High School Star Musical or something just because that sounded stupid as well and it was weird but after that I go “okay I am actually really curious about One Punch Man though” so we watch it and I’m sitting there with the biggest dumb smile on my face laughing and going “this is the best thing ever.” So we watch the first episode and then I went home and repeated watching that episode then I decided to read the manga. I almost NEVER read the manga, there’s been a few rare cases, Welcome to the NHK was one of those instances. I just really wanted to know what happens in the next episode and I read through the manga and I got caught up. Well for the time, I think there is a lot more out now but the more I read the more I just related to Saitama’s character. He gets yelled at by a guy that looks like a manager I had at work who yelled at me a lot so it was uncanny haha. Anyway I should probably say what this show is about though it is self explanatory. So Saitama is a hero for fun that got so strong he could take enemies out in one punch where he is the definition of an over powered character. Because of this, he is bored of everything and having all that power sure is boring. Then there are other characters such as Genos who becomes Saitama’s partner in a sense, and he is a super serious cyborg type character that I thought was the way the show would have a traditional anime protagonist right next to Saitama, an nontraditional character. And yeah they become super heroes because there is this super hero organization that has different super heroes based around rank. I won’t say too much about this show because it is just enjoyable and I don’t want to ruin anything. Also the animation is amazing and the artwork in the manga is pretty detailed and awesome. I also love the opening of the anime.

So that’s basically it for this review I just wanted to point out a show that I love. It’s funny because I feel like a lot of people have that one show that is just important to them where they obsess over or are just so engrossed in it. It’s like one of my friends loves Jojo’s bizarre adventures in that way as well as another friend loving Toriko where it’s just the show that kind of explains who they are as people. And yeah mine is One Punch Man. Anyone have any show like that? That they obsess over and it’s just important to who they are in a way? I don’t know if that makes sense but yeah there’s the questions.

Well okay thank you for reading all that if you did. I’ll post another thing tomorrow and goodbye for now!

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