Arrival Movie Review/Thoughts

So this is gonna be kind of a weird blog because I’ll actually be talking about a movie after talking about an anime. It’s just I watched the movie, Arrival, the other day and I need to talk about it which might be kind of difficult because I won’t be spoiling anything but everything about that movie that’s worth talking about is indeed a spoiler so I will try my best. Anyway let’s start with the 30 day anime challenge, gotta keep that going!


Day 14 – Anime That Never Gets Old No Matter How Many Times You’ve Rewatched it

So I have two I was thinking about here but there’s one I haven’t named at all yet which is a surprise because it’s one of the first anime series I actually watched. I mentioned Steins;Gate because I talked about the main character from there being my male crush for the anime crush which I might bring up Steins;Gate again but yeah. I think I might have mentioned the show I’m about to mention but yeah here you go the anime that never gets old to me:


Fullmetal Alchemist

This was one of the first anime series I watched all the way through. I liked Trigun, Naruto, and this when I was in Middle School. It’s funny because my brother didn’t really like anime but he loved this show and we would both watch it. Also it’s probably obvious I’m talking about the original series though I actually did watch brotherhood last year and that was a big step because I put off that series for so long but brotherhood was really good and that’s my point for having this here. I watched the original series 3 or 4 times all the way through and I kept putting off Brotherhood but when I started watching that one it was completely different where it was just cool having more FMA to watch after the original one ended. I mean nearly everyone who is familiar with anime knows about this series so I don’t feel like I need to explain it but I’ll talk about the plot a little. So and both series begin with this because the beginning is similar then they take different turns which I won’t get into why, I might save that for another blog. But the story takes place in a world where there is alchemy the act of exchanging something for something else of equal value. Edward and Alphonse Elric who are up and coming Alchemists are learning alchemy as kids, but then their mother dies so they try to bring her back with Alchemy and it results in Alphonse losing his body and Ed losing his arm and leg while attaching Al’s soul to a suit of armor. The premise is just so cool it still gives me chills thinking about because throughout this show there are just aspects with deep plot and ideas and I just love it. I was actually thinking of reading through the manga although I’ve seen brotherhood and heard they’re pretty close in being the same but still might be worth it just to say I read it haha.

Alright well now it’s time to talk about a movie I saw yesterday since the Oscars are getting close and it’s one of the films nominated so let’s talk about it.


Arrival is a movie that came out last year and has been nominated for best picture. It centers around characters played by Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner who get brought in to learn what these aliens are saying. This is a movie about aliens but more than that it’s about humans in a way. My only problem with this film is it was pretty slow at the beginning and as it goes it takes it’s time to build up. The last 30 minutes though I feel like I wasn’t breathing because it was so crazy, the plot twist in this film and the ideas in it. It was so cool! I kept thinking about it afterwards which it makes you ask a lot of questions but I thought that was great because the ideas were pretty interesting. It was interesting seeing a movie with aliens in it but the aliens were presented in a different way where there’s this mystery about why they’re there. Like I said though the plot twist at the end was crazy and made Amy Adams’ character interesting. When you know what’s starting to happen it’s just breath taking. I’m actually surprised I liked this movie as much as I did because the movie starts off slow and I mean really slow with a brief idea on who the character is that Amy Adams is playing. And man I keep thinking about this movie and certain scenes and just being like wait a minute! I might be giving the film too much credit but the acting was pretty good, the concepts and ideas were just amazing that I would definitely watch it with someone who hasn’t seen it to see a reaction. I just really liked the movie a lot and I’ll also say I don’t like some of the Oscar movies there’s a lot of times where I think they’re boring or just not something I would watch again. Last year there were some good ones, and I really liked this one where I would watch it again. Any best picture films you guys are wanting to win or liked the most at least?

Okay well that’s gonna do it for today. Thanks for reading all that if you did and once again I’ll be here tomorrow and goodbye for now!

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