Anime I Never Finished Part 3

I think this may be the final part in the series of me listing off anime shows I never finished and hell I’ll bring up shows I never watched the second season of which is just gonna make the series A LOT bigger but yeah sure I got nothing else to really talk about so let’s go for it. Actually yeah I’ll focus on second seasons for this one then yeah later back to the regular ones I never finished. Alright go time go go go!

Anyway first thing is first! 30 Day Anime Challenge:


Day 15 – Favorite Animal Sidekick, Pet or Summoning From Any Anime

So it’s just getting more difficult to think of things to list for this list. And I mean it’s getting to the point where the questions are more specific. My mind was blank when I read this question or day 15 where I was kind of like I don’t even know a favorite animal sidekick or one I can think of. I mean I can tell you the ones that came to mind when reading this. There was Meow from Space Dandy which I like him but he’s more of a person/alien than an animal though he has cat moments. Then there’s Ein from Cowboy Bebop which I came so close to putting here because I couldn’t think of anything else. Then it hit me. Thinking back to all the anime series I’ve seen thinking about an animal sidekick that’s not a pokemon (cuz that would be cheating to me at least) I thought of one from a series I’ve been watching for a bit that I really like so without much of a competition for this title my favorite animal sidekick is:


Sadaharu from Gintama

Now I’ve mentioned this before but I just saw the first 75 or so episodes of Gintama and I love it! I think all the characters are pretty great and hysterical and Sadaharu is pretty funny just with how he shows up at their apartment and so they’re just kinda stuck with him because Kagura loves the dog. And yeah it’s a demon dog thing because it looks like this cute giant puppy but it will just bite whatever then there’s an episode later where it turns more monstrous and just yeah…Sadaharu is a funny animal pet thing. Plus Gin riding Sadaharu into battle is pretty great in itself. Well any of them riding the giant dog is funny. Anyway yeah mainly picked Sadaharu because he’s weird and goofy and interesting and I didn’t really have much of a choice. Alright time to talk about series I never finished.

Alright so I guess like I said before we’ll just focus on second seasons here then later come back to regular ones I never finished.


Arakawa Under the Bridge Season 2

So funny thing is I should have mentioned the two main characters as my favorite couple because they kind of made me think of “if I was in a relationship that’s what it would look like!” Just because how weird, silly, and awkward it is with them just being like this is what a relationship should be and doing completely weird things like the main guy trying to carry her like a princess but holding her in a way that everytime he moves he kicks her in the side. I should probably make a blog talking about this show because I loved it and thought it was hysterical, if you are ever in a bad mood this is definitely a funny happy show to cheer you up maybe. I dunno it was for me. Anyway the point of this isn’t talking about how great it is but the fact I didn’t finish the second season. I went straight through the first season in a night and watched the first 2 episodes of the second season and it was kind of weird to me that I stopped. Or weird for what I was watching I guess.


Black Lagoon The Second Barrage

So I stopped watching this series finishing the first season or first 12 episodes I think. I know I stopped after someone said not liking the show which I shouldn’t stop because of that, I really should finish it I enjoyed it when I watched it before it’s just nonsense action although some of the characters are a little too much on the edge or whatever I don’t even know. I like Revy but yeah I don’t know there were times where characters were just too much. I mean it is an action anime and I mean a pretty over the top one at that. Well anyway yeah I liked the first season thought it was a fun action anime but never started the second season so maybe I should do that soon haha.


Darker Than Black Season 2

Here’s an example of a show where I straight up didn’t watch the second season because I kept hearing from people saying it’s not worth it that they change characters too much and that it’s just not good. There’s this one as well as Love Chunibyo & Other Delusions where I didn’t watch the second season because I just heard it wasn’t good. The thing about Chunibyo though is that I loved how season 1 ended where I didn’t want to watch the second season and ruin that ending because I thought the ending was good. Darker than Black was a little different where the ending was decent but they could do more with it and then there was a second season that I just heard did weird things with the characters. That reminds me I could have said the cat from this show as favorite animal sidekick…oh well. Yeah I loved this series though and when hearing that the second season went kind of a weird direction I didn’t want to ruin the ideas I had about characters and yeah. I guess it is the same as the other series but still first season was good enough I didn’t need a second season anyway.


Durarara!! x2

Here’s the last one on this list and again I loved the first season a lot where I thought they were done with the show though again I thought they could do a lot more and they did/are. This one is actually good I watched the first 12 episodes or so and then the show went on a break for a while and when it came back I didn’t feel like going back to it. I mean I’m not sure I should have this on the list because I plan on finishing this one but that’s probably gonna be a while so maybe it is good I mention this here.

Anyway that’s it. Sorry I didn’t have much of an idea of what to write about and this was the best I could come up with today so I’ll try to be more creative tomorrow. So until then goodbye and thanks for reading all that if you did! Goodbye for now!

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