Anime With The Best Animation

So this is gonna be a short one since again I don’t really have anything to talk about and the topic of this might be something worth rambling about for a bit anyway so we’ll just go with what’s on the 30 day anime challenge and let that lead this blog today so here we go!


Day 16 – Anime With The Best Animation

So again this is one where it is getting more specific with talking about anime series and this one is way too broad since there are different types of animation where I think it is also perspective. Don’t get me wrong though there are shows that have pretty bad animation but there are a lot with good animation and I mean really good where it’s hard to pick one because there’s a lot of variety with how things are animated. So I guess I’ll put my pick for this one then I’ll talk a little more about animation and all that good stuff.


Fooly Cooly (FLCL)

So I’ll just say I think the studio that made this and Gurren Lagann has some really good animation and style with how things are super colorful and cartoony but just ridiculously over the top action which is why I pick this one. It has weird moments where it shows just pictures from a manga going panel to panel but then there’s moments where there are crazy fights that take place with the robot spawning from the main character’s head. Yeah it’s kind of a weird one but one I enjoyed and I thought the animation of it stuck out but I’m gonna talk a little more about this because I think it’s definitely an important aspect of shows.

There are series where the animation isn’t everything and the story and writing shines through such as Welcome to the NHK and even Neon Genesis Evangellion that although the animation is not bad they have a direction that focuses on certain points because the budget may not have been there. I mean that for Neon Genesis. Welcome to the NHK is just a good series that doesn’t need over the top effects because of the subject matter and story. I know Berserk was another series (the old original series) that didn’t have that much of a budget so they couldn’t rely on animation to carry them through moments. Now for most of the shows I watch, yes they have pretty good animation.

Another show I should mention is Gintama. So I’m only 75 episodes into as I’ve previously mentioned but it is one where it is more about comedy and the few action scenes that have been there aren’t really animated just a picture of gin on the other side of someone then the person falling over after a blow from Gin where it wasn’t really the animation that drives it. The reason I bring this up though is later on episode 60 or around there, the first serious arc of the show is there and the animation is there with characters being fluid with how they move where it looks like actual fighting instead of having an old samurai scene play out. Instead of the two characters going past eachother and one falling over there’s actually a fight with two characters dodging and straight up trying to kill eachother. It’s an instance where animation adds a lot to the show where it is breath taking seeing the characters actually move and collide instead of the scenes with images that suggest the action is happening. I know animation is not just about fight scenes and could be an art direction but how movements are animated to look more smooth and fluid, fight scenes come to mind. One of my favorite fight scenes from an anime is from Naruto (the first series not shippuden) where it is Naruto and Sasuke fighting and it is just animated well where it looks like an actual fight between two friends instead of two characters using special powers, they’re actually fighting with their fists although the super powers are still there. The scene just appeared more genuine to me with it being an actual fight.

Like I said fights aren’t all animation has to offer but that’s what comes to mind when I think good animation. Death Parade had pretty good animation and that’s not even an actiony show. Alright before I end this blog I should bring up a few more shows because it’s what comes to mind and it’s works from studio one. So of course there’s one punch man where I expressed my enjoyment for that series but it is so well animated from the beginning where there is the scene from the first episode with Saitama fighting the subterraneans and it was one of the most enjoyable fight scenes I saw in a while with Saitama punching each one back flipping to dodge then getting hit by a bigger being then the world getting flattened and it’s just crazy to watch. Mob Psycho 100 another work from Studio One also does this but it builds up to it where it’s more of later when the animation really adds to the story. That show starts off with good colorful animation but then kicks up to a new level where I guess it’s more of a different direction with good story direction adding to the good animation instead of the other way around. Anyway my whole point was just there are so many shows animated well that adds to the series in different ways where animation isn’t everything but it adds to it. Also the fact there’s so many different series with different types of animation it’s hard to pick one so I had to pick a bunch of various ones. Also Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo have good animation as well as Ghost in the Shell (and that ones pretty old now)

Alright that’s it for today, thank you for reading my ramblings and all that but that’s all I got so goodbye for now see ya tomorrow! Thanks again!

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