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I am so sorry I missed a day, I didn’t feel like posting a blog then at around 11 I thought about making one real quick then I missed it and now it is midnight and unfortunately yeah I missed the day technically. I’m going to post a blog for today and yesterday though. I also didn’t have much to talk about, this is kind of rough posting a blog every day. I’m not used to talking this much. Also as a bonus I’ll answer 2 of the days from the 30 day challenge just so I don’t miss a point on the list. Before I begin, the subject of this blog or mini post after I talk about the 30 day challenge stuff, is old films. What I want to talk about specifically is more of something about an observation of a complete gap between generations one that’s been obvious but there are moments where I feel old and I’m still fairly young but the younger people….they make me feel older. A lot older. I’ll get to it in a bit and this will be a more personal blog so prepare for that. Well anyway 2 days from the 30 day challenge because I missed a day woo. I’ll be honest I suck at keeping up with this kind of stuff usually but I’ve been alright posting every day. Once the 30 days are up I might take a break but yeah let’s get to it!


Day 17 – Favorite Supporting Male Character

So once again we are scraping the bottom of the anime break to find specific characters and in this case supporting characters. For this part of the blog I’ll be using myanimelist just to make sure I’m not using a main character and stating them as supporting. So that’s my evidence when I say a character is supporting because myanimelist says so! I mean it relies on me going through my head thinking of various shows and all the characters in them to find supporting characters that I like. I mean some supporting characters are annoying but let’s focus on those good ones! Or at least one good one for this day then a good one for the next day and you know!


Stein from Soul Eater

So apparently Stein is considered a supporting character although he’s seen quite a bit but I guess he’s more of a teacher type character instead of a main character. He has his own arc type thing though with his sanity and I mean he’s a mad scientist he is basically Doctor Frankenstein and Frankenstein’s monster become one. He is crazy, badass, and just an entertaining character to watch. I was surprised he’s considered supporting since he’s there a lot but I guess it makes sense. He is my favorite part from this show! I thought he was really awesome and how his character develops was pretty sweet although the way his character was going at some points actually scared me because of how much I loved his character where I didn’t want to do something with his character, I’ll say no more. It was the same with Crona, I love Crona but I was so drawn to their character where at one point it freaked me out because I thought they were gonna make Crona into a terrible character. I don’t know how to explain it without spoiling stuff so I’ll leave it at that. Moments with Crona actually made me cry by the way because I related to their character with certain aspects. That might be a weird fact to throw out, I mean it was only aspects of the character that drew me in which maybe I’ll get into that later. I have to talk about my favorite Female Supporting Character now because missed a day and blah blah.

Day 18 – Favorite Supporting Female Anime Character 

So this one might surprise someone but thinking about certain female anime characters I like, most of them are the main characters when looking at myanimelist, I mean I could bend the rules because the ones they say are main characters are probably more supporting. I don’t really know but okay I’m going to hate saying what my pick is because I’ve heard people describe this character as their waifu or whatever (I still don’t understand the reasoning behind that word) and people just loving this character. This character is cool though and the best character from this anime in my opinion. So the reason this is gonna be weird is because she came from a show that came out just last year. So here you go maybe a weird choice


Rem from Re:Zero

So Rem is kind of a typical character being a quiet maid and she has a twin sister where they both do what they do cleaning around the house and what not. But Rem becomes A LOT more than just that silent maid. I won’t say what because maybe that would ruin the surprise. Her backstory is actually great and sad and then she is such a badass, its unbelievable the stuff she does because like I said she’s more than she seems. Also I should mention why she’s my pick, her character is interesting to me because no matter how crazy things get she’s there fighting helping out Subaru although sometimes Subaru doesn’t really seem to deserve her with all the shit she does. So I guess I base a lot of judgments on emotional responses to the character or anime where like I said before with a character like Crona from Soul Eater I actually cried because I related a little too much to the character at the time I watched it. Then Stein from Soul Eater with him going crazy where I’m just kinda drawn to that kind of character. Rem is the same way where I actually started to tear up at one point when she’s talking and it’s not her backstory although her backstory is great and a lot is learned about her with her being overshadowed and stuck with this sense of burden and regret. Again I’m trying to not go into specifics. I will say the part where I actually started to tear up with feels and all that. It’s when Subaru is starting to break (well that kinda happens a lot) and this might be kind of a spoiler if you don’t want a spoiler just scroll down past this so


So Subaru starts to break down after dying and repeating over and over where he’s just losing his sanity where he decided to take Rem and run, saying they should just get away and settle down. Rem smiles and starts to cheer on Subaru saying how no matter what happens she will be there to cheer him on. At this point she confesses to him which he basically turns her down which I was sitting there yelling at him calling him an idiot which I don’t usually do that because I don’t like calling people stupid (I really don’t) but it got to me because she confesses to him and still believes in him after all his freaking out. The reason I started to cry at this part though is because Subaru started saying things I’ve said before or thought and Rem was just like nope I love you, you’re great, stop saying those things. Where it kind of got to me. Like Subaru mentions how he never got close to people and was a shut in. He talks about how Rem couldn’t say nice things to him because she doesn’t know him as good as he knows himself which is the part where she actually yells at him saying he only knows himself and can’t see himself the way she sees him. It probably sounds really silly but just her backstory and again the crazy stuff she pulls off through the show just made her an instant favorite. Although they didn’t do her character justice in the end but whatever, she was great.



Well sorry about all that Rem talk, I just really liked her character. Sorry if I actually did spoil something I tried to limit it until talking about spoilers in the above talking.

Okay so to end this blog I’m just gonna make a small comment on something that happened tonight. Also I’m going to try and keep it short so I can go to sleep I’m kind of tired. So for one of my classes this semester we have been watching old films and such. There’s usually a screening of said film that we are studying in class. Tonight the film was High Noon and the professor was showing it at an actual movie theater with an old school projector like it was the real deal film type stuff and you could hear the clicking and crackling from the film itself and it was awesome! I enjoyed the movie as well, I really like western films so I thought it was pretty cool to watch. There are some bad cheesy western films but I thought this one was really good. I always just liked the classic shootouts and the wait for a time where the bad guys show up and there’s only one guy to fight them off. I don’t know I’m a sucker for that kind of stuff. Anyway we get out of the theater and a friend and I are talking about how pretty great it was and there’s some younger people walking in front of us and they immediately laugh and say to each other “That was so bad!!! I’m so glad it’s over, I could not understand anything that was happening” I mean I’m glad they were quiet throughout the film but it really pointed out an age gap to me although I know that not everyone is gonna like old films like that but to me it’s always cool seeing how they made movies like that back then. Then there’s people just going off on how bad it was or how they didn’t understand it but I thought the film was so straightforward. I get I’m not everyone, everyone’s different but it made me feel just different. I grew up with Westerns like the old John Wayne movies and even some Clint Eastwood and I always thought they were cool, I always thought six shooters were cool. I always liked those standoffs where people would stop and be waiting around til someone draws first and just the tension or super cheesiness with the one liner that gets uttered before someone shoots. Anyway that was basically it, just I’ve been watching older films and I think it’s interesting how new film was back then that you could just do something so simple and it would be great. It didn’t need a lot of special effects or plot twists it would just be simple. To be fair nearly everything has been done now where you need all the other stuff. I guess just hearing someone say the movie was bad surprised me, if someone said they didn’t know what to think of it okay. However these people were just like “it sucked” and I was just standing there thinking wow yeah I grew up with old films where I like this kind of stuff so maybe it’s about how people are raised. Though I mean I’ve always liked seeing where certain concepts come from or watching the original of something.

Alright well that’s it I just wanted to talk a little about the people younger than me that hated on an old movie making me feel old for enjoying it. I shouldn’t think too much of it, everyone’s different and not everyone’s gonna enjoy whatever movie, show, video game, or etc. Okay though I’m done. I’m gonna go to sleep, again sorry I missed a day but thanks for reading all this if you do. Goodbye for now, see you later!

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