Sword Art Online Review/Thoughts

I mentioned briefly in my last blog that there was an anime I didn’t talk about yet and it surprised me when I was writing yesterday’s blog because I didn’t realize I didn’t talk about that show yet. The show is Btooom! and I’ll talk about it later. I thought this was gonna be the blog where I talk about it but I kept typing here where it became more apparent what this blog should be about. Btooom! is an interesting show and I’ll try to get to that tomorrow but today I’m gonna talk about Sword Art Online and there’s a reason for it so you’ll see when you get to it in the blog why I suddenly included it as a review. So alright let’s continue with the 30 day anime challenge before we go any further in talking about Sword Art.


Day 20 – Anime Character That Gets on Your Nerves

We made it all the way to day 20 ladies and gentlemen! Day 20 of pure nonsense and anime talk and all that good stuff. Now here’s another day I was actually worried about. I don’t know what character annoys me or gets on my nerves I know that there is one but I have to think really hard on who that is. I mean I can think of some annoying side characters but they’re not on the show long enough to be considered. So yeah I’m gonna need a moment here……………….

I actually looked it up to see if I can get an idea. There was one that stuck out that I remember actually getting pissed off at the character I saw mentioned so I might say that’s the character but I’m gonna keep looking around here. Asuka from Evangellion was mentioned but my thing with her is that she ended up having a reason for the way she is and the more the show went the more she was developed where she never really got on my nerves though sometimes she did make me shake my head. She’s not my pick though. Someone also said Haruhi Suzumiya but I liked her so that’s a no for me. Okay I think I have an actual answer but it might piss off someone but it’s kind of what I’m thinking here because it’s kind of a cast of characters that just made me face palm. Oh by the way I was gonna break my rule again with listing a character from an anime I already listed and that character was Nina from Code Geass but I nearly hated all the characters from that show except the main few characters. Nina annoyed me because she kept just doing stupid things where like one part I remember bothering me is they get taken hostage on a train and she calls one of the people that’s taking them hostage, she calls them a 11 which pisses them off because that’s what the Japanese people are called after Japan was taken over. Basically instead of keeping quiet she called one the Japanese people a term that the Britania people call the Japanese that pisses them off. Then later she snaps and while all this crazy stuff is already happening Nina comes in with a bomb threatening to blow up everyone where it’s like we don’t have time for that! Other crap is happening we don’t need Nina to add to it! Ugh! Sorry she just kind of annoyed me because I felt like she was super stupid, well common sense wise, apparently she’s super smart as the show describes later.

Anyway sorry i got carried away talking about Nina she just really annoyed me….. There were a few other characters from Code Geass that annoyed me but alright let’s talk about the winner of this here 20th day. And it is……


Nearly Every Character from Sword Art Online

Okay that might be an over exaggeration, it’s mainly Kirito and Asuna that bother me from that show so sure we’ll just focus on them. Rather than list a character that got on my nerves I had a realization, why not list a show that got on my nerves. Also hear me out I’m going to try my best to just not talk all crap on this one but it really bothered me. So this series keeps getting mentioned around me when people are like “what’s a good anime?” and everyone responds with “Sword Art Online!” Well I’m here to tell you that it’s awful! I’m just kidding. Though I kind of hate this show I still will say it’s alright. I just hate that it’s always mentioned because I think I would have forgotten about this show a long time ago if it wasn’t so popular. So this is gonna be a mix of my answer to the question on why these characters got on my nerves as well as my thoughts on the series in general. So I remember when I first watched this show was around a time that I basically didn’t watch anime hardly at all besides the ones I always mention (FMA, Trigun, FLCL, Naruto Etc) but yeah I was not into anime at this point but I saw the first episode and was like okay this is interesting. The premise as you may already know is a virtual reality mmorpg game where everyone gets stuck in the game world and if they die in the game they die for real! BUM BUM BUUUUUM!

This is where I’ll talk about good things about the show. So at the beginning we’re introduced to Kirito who was a tester for the game before and so he knows a little more about the ins and outs of the game which makes a little more sense to his character when it is showed how freakishly over powered he is (which I’ll get to that). So the world of Sword Art I thought was interesting, the monsters and how certain things look. It’s cool and just the animation is pretty great and colorful. Then the aspect of people dying in the game actually dying is pretty cool because they show this grim vibe where there’s actually a threat. Although this concept is done a lot, it was actually cool and made me actually stressed out when I first watched it knowing that characters can just die and all the characters around Kirito die here and there where it actually surprised me and then people being scared which you would be in that situation but I thought it was done well….at the beginning.

That was basically the positive point to me that sold the show for me. Then I kept face palming as the show goes on. The series slows down for a romance type story between Kirito and Asuna but there’s not really anything there. I was okay with it when I watched it before but then looking back on it they just hook up for no real reason. They straight up have a honey moon in the middle of the first season if I remember correctly. This is where the show bothers me. There’s the obvious thing which I don’t want to mention because it is kind of a spoiler but let me say the show after episode 12 has a huge change in pace where something happens though I did like the ending of episode 12 (though I wish it came later….) because I thought it was something chilling to see which again I won’t say what it is. Anyway yeah here’s why these characters get on my nerves which might be kind of obvious but I’ll just say it. Asuna starts off as a complete badass with a sword then she becomes a damsel in distress which I ask why? She shows up and fights a giant monster alongside Kirito where for the first time around was pretty cool. Then there’s Kirito which like I said is insanely overpowered. There is literally a part where a group of people are attacking him and no one can land a single blow on him because he’s so high level. This show just drived me crazy. So I like overpowered characters if they’re done alright but Kirito is over powered for the sake of being over powered where he goes off and levels up on his own which that’s not how MMOs work but whatever I also thought he was boring. Which that wasn’t until later that I noticed how boring he is. I mean they establish him as this insanely strong character then what’s the point of rooting for him if we know he’s gonna win. I’m gonna bring up Saitama from One Punch Man (because now I just always need an excuse to bring up One Punch Man). Saitama is the definition of an overpowered character but there’s depth to his character in a way where he is bored of everything because he takes out people in one punch, there’s no thrill of the fight for him. Plus people hate him, they think he’s cheating or they blame him for something else so there’s a lot of reasons to still be cheering him on hoping that one day he will find someone he can actually face off toe to toe at. Saitama is interesting also the show has a sense of humor. Then there’s Kirito that people cheer on and he just always kicks someone’s ass. Though I do remember at the beginning people hating him because he was a game tester so they see him as a cheater but again stuff like that gets dropped. Basically this is more about Kirito getting on my nerves more than Asuna. I’m mentioning Asuna because her character gets nerfed to basically showcase how great Kirito is. And they still keep doing this with other characters. I was thinking about posting a review for Sword Art Online II but I never finished that one. You know what was actually surprisingly good about that show? The Second Series I mean. It was Sinon, the badass sniper that gets introduced in this game that’s not sword art but Gun Gale Online which that’s the thing. That series should not have been called sword art or even have Kirito in it. But what do they do? They bring in Kirito although they had a good protagonist with a purpose, Sinon. I’m just gonna talk about the premise of Sword Art Online 2 a little bit just to let you know how it actually started off good where I thought things would be better.

(Might be some spoilers so if you don’t want that I’ll put a thing when I don’t spoil anything else.)

So Sword Art Online 2 starts off with Sinon which as previously mentioned is a badass sniper. Her motivations and reasons for playing the game is that she straight up killed a man when she was a little girl. She was with her mom in a bank and a guy tries to rob the place and points the gun at her mom which she bites the guy, gets the gun then shoots him. Ever since then she has anxiety where every time she sees a gun she freaks out because it reminds her of the past. So why is she playing a game called gun gale then? Because it’s her way of trying to get better at the sight of guns controlling that fear. She surrounds herself with guns in a game and yeah she gets good at the game. So kind of an interesting premise right? At least I think so but then here comes Kirito who helps her and protects her and it’s just like it was not needed! Kirito literally gets brought in for no reason to investigate this guy who is killing people in real life through the game. Which they do connect it to Sword Art that I thought was actually cool showing Kirito having ptsd from Sword Art but they bring in Kirito to investigate this guy who is killing people. Why not tell a character who is already good at the game and ranked like Sinon and make her the main protagonist? Everything was there! And they ruined it!

No More Spoilers

So in a summary the character that gets on my nerves is Kirito. I probably should have just said Kirito but the whole series just bothered me that I had to mention it. I’m done now, sorry I talked a lot here. If you like the show good on you, I’m glad you like it but I just really got annoyed with it.

So alright before I end this blog I want to just say thank you to those who read my blog! I also wanted to bring up something just so people know.

Basically I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by HealthyNappyNerdyMommy. I wanted to say thanks and bring this up because I will make a post about it nominating other people for it, it just might be a while so I wanted to bring that up and that I will post a thing regarding it later and nominate some people it just will be a while. That’s all I wanted to say there.

Thanks for reading all that and I’ll post again tomorrow so see you then bye for now!

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