Btooom! Thoughts/Review

Hopefully I’ll finally get right down to my thoughts on the anime Btooom! as last time was supposed to be a review for it but then I went on a tangent about Sword Art Online because funny thing, though I don’t like that series, it did kinda get me back into watching anime series. Well it was the first series I watched in a while since Soul Eater. Anyway let’s start off with the 30 day anime challenge. I think I already have an idea for my answer for this one but we’ll see.


Day 21 – Favorite Goofy Anime Character

So my answer here might be cheating but it is a definite choice. As soon as I saw Favorite Goofy Anime Character I knew who I would pick. This is the shortest introduction to one of these yet but yeah my favorite goofy anime character is….


Isaac and Miria from Baccano

So yeah it’s not one person which is why I think I might be cheating here but they are basically the same person. So this was actually my choice for best couple a while back but I thought they were too similar to be considered for that though I still have to mention them because I love them! Baccano is just one of those series where I love it but none of my friends really care for it. My friends love Durarara and I like that show too but I always loved Baccano more maybe because I watched it first or maybe because of it taking place in the 30s with mobsters and everything. This series was short but had a lot of great characters and Isaac and Miria were some of the best ones where I was always laughing when they were on screen. I mean they rob some mobsters at one point dressed like baseball players and hit them with baseball bats I thought that was kind of amazing. Plus even though they rob places they are kind of the most innocent people on the train since they’re just sorta there which is why I liked them more because they’re not mobsters they’re just there for comic relief and trying to make money. That’s all I’ll really say, I thought they were great and maybe I’ll talk about Baccano more later don’t know.



You know what’s kind of funny? Talking about a show about gamers being put into a game where they kill each other after ranting about a show about gamers trying to kill each other in a game. Btooom! is completely different from Sword Art though where this isn’t virtual reality which kind of drew me more into it so before I go further with describing the plot I have to say something about this show. IT IS DARK. I did not expect it to be as dark as it is but it includes things about rape where the main female protagonist almost gets raped and her backstory is pretty F***** up. That’s my warning for people watching it for the first time after reading this. So the plot. The plot sounds ridiculous but it gets pretty crazy fast. So these people get sent to an island where the main character doesn’t know how he got there but the rules on the island are the same as this video game called Btooom! where they have these chips implanted in their hands, as you can see in the picture above, that use sonar to locate enemies but it gets complicated where once you see them through sonar they’ll see you as well. Also the main protagonist is one of the top ranked players of Btooom! so he’s similar to Kirito in that way but I’ll stop comparing it to sword art because he is different in the way he has to use his brain to take out different people. Also yeah the game is they’re all armed with bombs only but there are different types of bombs so they’re just trying to blow each other up with these different bombs. It’s such a simple and ridiculous plot that it works. Characters armed with nothing but bombs trying to outsmart the others in order to get off the island. I didn’t really have much to say besides that this series is surprisingly good, there were some points where I’m like “why?” or “that’s stupid” but the show is still entertaining, I kinda didn’t like the ending though. So yeah summary, the show is good with few weird moments especially some points where it feels like they put in dark elements just to make it dark although it does add to their characters so I can’t complain too much. It’s just weird how there’s these dark topics in this show that’s basically bomberman mixed with Lost. Oh well it’s entertaining but yeah that’s all I have to really say. It’s weird and awesome and I’m done now so woo!

Okay well that’s it for today I wanted to make this one a little shorter than usual so thanks for reading all that if you did and I’ll write more tomorrow so bye for now!

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