Best Anime Weapons

So I thought about skipping today and just doing 2 days tomorrow but figured I should write something even if it’s short so I’ll just write about the next day and use that to talk about other things around the topic the day decides. So 30 day anime challenge! Here we go!


Day 22 – Favorite Weapon, Gear, or Armor Used in an Anime

So I was honestly having some trouble with this one but I have a choice for my favorite weapon used in an anime and that is…


Scissor Blade from Kill la Kill

So I thought this was one of the more ridiculous weapons used in an anime especially because it cuts through buildings and unfolds to be even bigger. It’s just ridiculous. This topic from the 30 day anime challenge is something I can’t really talk about as much as some things from my other blogs. So I figured I would include some other weapons whether it’s a sword, or something else. These are just some weapons I thought were cool.


RWBY – Ruby’s Scythe

Though not my favorite show, the action and weapons are pretty awesome and although they keep introducing cool weapons. Shotgun Nunchucks are a personal favorite. I still think the scythe is the coolest weapon, a scythe that flips into a sniper rifle. This was my original choice for favorite weapon but I wanted to mention Kill La Kill in the list. Also a lot of the weapons I was thinking of for this choice were from anime I already mentioned and I’m trying to limit that but I’ll name a couple more weapons and end this post so yeah next one.


The Dragon slayer from Berserk

So I’ve kind of hinted at the fact that Berserk is a favorite though after reading the manga I prefer that over everything else. Guts is one of my favorite protagonists though, I think he’s interesting and just a cool character that takes on monsters and other big beasts with a bigass sword that’s more of just a raw piece of iron. The dragon slayer is an awesome weapon though it is just a big sword it still gets the job done chopping down demons and other evil creatures.


The Cross from Trigun

I don’t know if this thing has a name besides it just being a big metal cross. Wolfwood is also one of my favorite anime characters that I wanted to say was my favorite Male supporting character but I already said Vash was my favorite anime character so I didn’t really want to include Wolfwood but Wolfwood is awesome and his weapon is pretty amazing. As you can see the bottom of it opens up to be a heavy machine gun like a chain gun type thing. When they first introduce it, the sides of it flip open to just give Wolfwood a bunch of handguns, then there’s the top that opens up to be an RPG it’s such a ridiculous weapon and I love it.

So I already mentioned 4 weapons but I wanted to keep this short. So thanks for reading if you did and goodbye tomorrow, I might take a break tomorrow but I’ll still try to post soon so either tomorrow or the next day I’ll be here. So bye for now!

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