Favorite Attack and Most Shocking Moment in Anime

Okay so I missed a day like I said that I might and I will be gone for the weekend, not posting anything until maybe Monday or Tuesday but I will try to post something tomorrow then maybe Friday (most likely not) I have friends coming over that I haven’t seen in a while so I’ll be hanging out with them for the weekend. Anyway I’m gonna try to keep this short again just talking about the 30 day anime challenge and nothing else maybe. We’ll see how it goes once again.


Day 23 – Favorite Attack Someone Used In An Anime

So again it’s getting real specific here. This one is going to be kind of a weird one but I’m gonna mention an anime I don’t watch anymore but the show was something that got me into anime so I’m just gonna say it right here, I think I mentioned this show was the reason I started watching anime and that is:


So yeah I used to be obsessed with this series in middle school and mainly because I love ninjas I thought this show was pretty sweet. It’s kind of super cheesy now and I mean it has all the things that people make fun of anime for. Such as calling out your move before using it which always bugged me. So if that’s something that bugs me why do I mention Naruto as an anime having my favorite attack used? Simple. There were moments when characters actually have to outsmart their enemy in order to succeed instead of resorting to just power. Though Naruto does kick people’s asses because of the nine tail fox. So what is my favorite attack used then? Well it’s gonna go to this fight that still gets to me when I think about it and that was Lee vs Gaara, I’m naming a fight instead of a specific attack but it’s mainly because of what Lee does during this fight that was crazy and could be the most shocking moment (well it’s not I have something else for that.) Basically when fighting Gaara, someone who manipulates sand and can just surround someone with sand then crush them. Also someone who even when unaware of an attack his sand will protect him so he is pretty powerful. Well Lee comes in, someone who uses just his fists and feet instead of any super jutsu moves that other people uses. Which this is why it’s my favorite attack. Someone who doesn’t use powerful moves but instead is just super freaking fast and actually lands hits on Gaara before his sand has time to react. Just the point when Lee pulls off his ankle weights and drops them showing how heavy the weights were on him even though he was moving fast despite the weights. I’m geeking out on it now because that was a moment that was just pure awesome to me when I saw that as a middle schooler. I mean it’s surprising how much of that series is still engraved in my mind, I mean of course people make fun of it because it’s one of the big anime series but it’s one that will be close to my heart especially because of moments like Lee kicking the crap out of Gaara moving so freakin fast and doing the hidden lotus and yeah just awesome stuff!

Day 24 – Moment that Shocked you the most in any anime

So I said I would put two here since I missed a day so here you go. Now I’m conflicted with this one because the moment that shocked me the most from an anime was in fact a death scene that I don’t know if I should include that as saddest anime death because it qualified as that too. I mean I can think of some shocking moments such as something from Code Geass, actually there is a death I can put later in place of the one I’m about to mention but alright. So yeah the moment that shocked me the most is


From Gurren Lagann

I really don’t want to spoil the surprise for anyone who hasn’t seen this show, I mean I already kind of ruined the fact that it is a death that is such a gut punch. I had trouble processing it when it happened and I actually searched up if it was real or if didn’t actually happen but a dream because it was out of no where. This was the most shocking death I have ever witnessed by the way from any anime which is why it rides that line of being the saddest death though it was more surprising than sad. Although reactions to the death were insanely sad that I love how it was portrayed where it affected everyone. I won’t say anymore I just wanted to tell you how surprising this moment was and if you’ve seen the show you know exactly what I’m talking about.

So yeah that’s about it for today, my other choice was from Steins;Gate which I might mention later but anyway that’s it, thanks for reading and bye for now!

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