Saddest Anime Deaths (Spoilers)

So in procrastination and trying to write a paper that is due tomorrow, I figured I would write about something here real quick. Don’t worry I’ll get that paper done, I mean if you were worried. Anyway yeah I mentioned I probably won’t post tomorrow or Saturday or even Sunday but I’ll probably be back on Monday. I almost skipped today but figured I would make one last blog before that moment and I’m going to try and make it quick. So first off 30 day challenge as per usual.


Day 25 – Saddest Anime Death

Oh gosh I’ve been dreading this one.I try to avoid spoilers as much as possible but this is one where I have to spoil something but I will say SPOILER and where the spoiler is from when there is a spoiler so if you haven’t seen the series before just skip it until I say SPOILER OVER, unless you don’t care about spoilers then feel free to read it. The problem is I’m not going to list just one, oh no I’m going to list a few I won’t put pictures this time around because yeah spoiler stuff. Actually I might put a picture of the anime in general just to give you an idea of which anime to avoid the spoiler for so okay.

So First one I’m going to name is the one I said yesterday that I remembered which is kind of a weird obscure one I feel like. I don’t know why this one got to me in the way it did but yeah.

From Guilty Crown




Alright so the one death that probably got to me the most is from this series weirdly. I mean it’s one of those things where this character was bound to die. Also another reason I’m listing this one is because it’s from an anime I have not mentioned yet. So you might think I’m talking about Inori BUT this is actually about Hare. It was bound to happen because she was the healer type character that cares for the main guy and that’s usually someone who dies in order to give more depth to the main character. That’s usually how it goes right? I mean such a cliche got to me though. I think it’s because out of all the characters she was the one who actually believed in Shu and she dies saving him where then he just snaps and I really did not want her to die. However like I said this was not the saddest anime death but I’m saying it is because of it being one from a series I haven’t mentioned yet but alright.




Next one is from Gurren Lagann which I mentioned for most shocking moment which if you’ve seen the show you know. You freakin know what I’m about to mention but I have to mention it because in my opinion this was the saddest death.




So I mentioned this before but I wanted to bring up this death and why it got to me so much. I actually teared up over this because it was so out of nowhere to me. I also applaud this show for introducing a heroic character, making him likable and just a genuinely good guy…..then killing him….That’s right, you already knew if you’ve seen the show which I hope because this was the biggest gut punch and it is indeed the death of Kamina. My God I did not expect this one, I thought he was the main character although it is obvious it’s Simon who is the main character since it is in a way a coming of age story. By the way this show handles a death in the best way and why as much as it depressed me I loved how they handled it. So they go into this canyon to take over this giant carrier ship type mech and so they get in a big fight and Kamina gets double teamed while Simon is trying to take over the mech with his Gurren but Simon is having issues then it happens. Kamina gets stabbed right through his mech not expecting it himself. Once that happens Simon loses it because of the loss of his bro but then there’s a glimmer of hope, Kamina comes back to hit Simon telling him “believe in the you that believes in you” which might as well be my favorite quote. So Simon takes over the mech but then the episode flat out ends with Kamina dying saying goodbye and Simon crying and it makes me shake thinking about it. The thing though is yeah they handle the death really well because it takes Simon about 2 or 3 episodes to actually move on which I mean in a way they don’t ever move on. They just show Simon grieving and being in full despair mode over Kamina which I just thought was powerful because it was this character that was just Simon’s full support then he’s gone and Simon is left not believing in himself. Which he does pull through and they even mention that Kamina said that Simon pulled him through at moments where he was just speaking nonsense when he talks nonstop being the inspiration machine he is. Sorry I went on a tangent. I just loved this show and thought it was super powerful and that death just got to me man!




Like I said there are major spoilers so be sure to not read them if you haven’t seen the shows I list I’ll name one or two more sad deaths then end the blog.

Next one is from Fullmetal Alchemist




I swear this next one people are still crying about. I’m still crying about it. So this is Hughes who dies early on and I’m talking about the original Fullmetal Alchemist and I loved Brotherhood but it felt a little rushed in Brotherhood while his death was pretty big in the original. I mean he was a comic relief character who was super serious, he was always bragging about his wife and daughter which would annoy people but then he would be a badass with throwing knives. That was his downfall when Envy turns into looking like his wife and stopping him in his tracks and taking him out then and there. I remember thinking “I love this guy” before they straight up kill him then have one of the saddest funerals ever in anime and just gosh that one was a gut punch as well.




Alright one more then I should end the blog before midnight.

This last one is from Trigun




So this one also got to me and I’ll try to be brief about this one. I feel bad because I keep mentioning guys that died that made me sad instead of the female characters that died in anime and I mean there are ones that definitely got me like the first one mentioned but I don’t know these were from those series I really liked before I got into anime, well Gurren Lagann I watched later. Anyway sorry I’m rambling the last death I’ll mention is Wolfwood. I mentioned this is one of my favorite anime characters earlier and holy crap it’s another just punch to the stomach. It hurt. It’s bad because Wolfwood’s death in a way proved Vash’s morals wrong. Vash the Stampede mentions throughout the anime that it is not our right to take a human life so Vash never kills though he might wound someone pretty badly. Wolfwood starts to argue with Vash where he kills a kid that Vash was convinced he was going to talk out of pulling the trigger of the gun he was holding. So Wolfwood starts to doubt things. He has the attitude that in order to survive you must kill. So after this whole issue where Vash gets mad at him for killing someone Wolfwood is confronted by his former master who is sent to kill him. They fight and Wolfwood takes him down then with him in his sights he spares him but his master shoots him when his back his turned. Granted it was Legato who made him do it which is another reason Legato is one of my favorite villains to hate. So yeah Wolfwood tells Vash where to find knives then goes to a church where he starts to confess his sins and talk about his childhood where then the most depressing part is where he starts talking about not being ready to die and wanting to stay with Vash, Milly, and the rest of the characters. Wolfwood was a badass then dies when he tries to play by Vash’s rules. I honestly didn’t think Wolfwood died when I first saw it happen.




Alright so that’s it for this blog, sorry if you did read a spoiler you didn’t want to read but I did mark them so yeah sorry if something did get spoiled here. This was a weird blog where I just did nothing but spoilers. Thanks for reading and I’ll write later goodbye for now!


5 thoughts on “Saddest Anime Deaths (Spoilers)

  1. Hey up dude!!. Ah the 30 day challenge, completed it myself not too long ago. Interesting choices, even though I haven’t seen fma, trigun but dropped guilty crown like 4 epi in. Love the visuals & ost though. Good post, keep it up!! :D.

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    1. Sorry I’m late replying, I saw your comment but I’ve been away for a bit. I definitely recommend FMA and trigun I think they’re awesome and some of my favorites. The visuals and ost of Guilty Crown are awesome I can kinda understand dropping it though I mean I have a list of shows I’ve dropped haha. And thank you so much!!!

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  2. The Kamina death was a horrible thing 😦 when I he died i turned off my Netflix and didn’t watch the rest of the anime for about two weeks lol. It struck a nerve i was so hurt.

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    1. Yeah, it still gets to me when I think about it. I straight up looked online to check if he was actually dead because I thought “this can’t be real!” I still think that’s one of the saddest deaths of any show I’ve seen. That might be an over statement but I’m standing by it. Thanks for commenting by the way!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Anytime, and I agree it was a very sad death. I was shocked by it lol I also did the same thing. I started checking to see was his death real lol


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