30 Day Anime Challenge Super Post

Alright everyone! I’m back sorry I was gone for a little while and I honestly don’t know how many days I need to cover of the 30 day anime challenge but I’ll try to get through it. First of all this is going to be a super post because I missed so many days and pretty much cheated with not really doing the 30 day challenge everyday and I apologize but I was pretty busy. So I had friends come over that was cool to see them but also kind of tiring I thought about actually ranting about something but I’ll save that for later just a lot of thoughts in my head. There are moments I gotta say where I’m just such a negative person and there’s hatred and I don’t know. I mean I’ll get better hopefully but just I don’t know certain things were getting to me over the weekend. Sleep most likely has something to do with it along with everything else. Anyway I won’t get too much into it. Like I said there are things I want to rant about but I’ll save it for later because this is going to be a big post.

So alright 30 day anime challenge. My problem right now is I noticed my post on Thursday that I put up at 11:58 (well my time) and it’s registered as a Friday post but I’m just going to post days from Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and today Monday. So we got four days to cover WooooWeeee! So yeah that’s going to be the rest of the days except for one and that works! Since I’ll still have one day to talk about tomorrow. Again sorry if this is cheating because not every day but can’t do anything about it so here it goes.


Day 26 – Best Anime Fight

So I’m going to address a few here. One that I’ve seen and it would definitely be on this list if I actually got to this point in the anime but I only saw the clip never actually got to it and that was a fight fight from Gintama, there are so many cool fights from that anime I’ve seen through clips which one day I’ll get there. So my favorite fight was going to be from Berserk and I mean from the movies I know people are kind of whatever about the movies but I thought they were pretty cool and it was just the 100 army fight where Guts straight up takes on 100 men and wins and I just thought it was pretty sweet and that was the moment that established Guts as a badass and I know there were times before because he is just a tank but yeah. I can’t remember if I actually mentioned Cowboy Bebop before so I think I’m going to mention that here. I’m just gonna say from now on I’m done with the rule of only one anime mention per day because I only have a few days left and I’m just gonna mention the ones that pop in my skull…head..you get it.


Cowboy Bebop – The Mad Pierrot

So I actually want to mention 2 fights from Cowboy Bebop that are my favorite fights. One is from the movie and the other is from the series which is The Mad Pierrot episode and yeah the fight from the ending is awesome as well as the shootout at the church at another point but this is the point that made me fall in love with this show. So I want to make clear that I love Cowboy Bebop! With that said I didn’t the first time I watched it. With anime especially I was more used to series with a continuing story and path to walk some kind of journey but Cowboy Bebop was different which I love now but I didn’t really get it before. It’s episodic where there’s something different every episode except for certain ones that are story oriented. Of course with me saying I didn’t really like it before I still had favorite episodes. Toys from the Attic is one of my favorite episodes I thought it was ridiculous, funny, and just entertaining. Also I didn’t watch this show til later in my anime watching career. Okay enough of that, why did I choose this fight?? Well it’s because it was actually terrifying and my heart was pounding when I first saw it and it comes out of nowhere. An episode starting off with this crazy laughing man bouncing around murdering a group of people then seeing Spike and they just start fighting but it’s pretty intense just because Spike is getting hit and is missing shots and he gets injured pretty badly. Then he has to find The Mad Pierrot again after escaping because there is talks of him never leaving a man who has seen him alive so spike fights and kills him and it is genuinely creepy and the fight is entertaining. This was just one of my favorite episodes. Anyway that’s my pick and because I have more to talk about I’m only going to mention the fight from the movie and that’s just the last fight in the movie Spike vs Vincent. That’s really it, that’s one of the coolest fights I’ve seen right there. Okay let’s continue sorry I kinda rambled a whole lot there.

Day 27 – Most Badass Scene From Any Anime Character

Well crap I already said Guts being a badass but I won’t pick that for most badass scene from an anime character though the 100 man fight could be there. I think I actually mentioned at one point that Mugen from Samurai Champloo has the most badass scene in my book with this one specific scene of him just limping towards these 2 characters and taking out the person that charges him then just walking away and it was just the best screw you I’ve seen. I won’t go into specifics to avoid spoilers with that but alright I have to mention a series that I have not talked about that came out last year that I absolutely loved and that is


Mob Psycho 100 – Mob exploding (multiple times)

So I’ve talked about this show before I don’t think it was a review because episodes were still coming out at the time but Mob’s character just kept getting better as the show goes on. So at this point I’m going to mention some key plot points so if you just want to go into this show blind and not know anything about it just skip this next point but this is the most badass moment from any anime character.



Alright so this series was just a fun show at the beginning about a con artist and a middle schooler that people call Mob and he has psychic powers. The thing about this show is that it counts up to 100 and that’s the point where Mob explodes and just loses it. The point where he can no longer control his powers at 100 then it resets and he goes back to just being a psychic. So Episode 3 is about the first time you see him blow up when kidnapped by a cult and there was a moment in episode 1 at the very beginning just showing what he’s like when he explodes where there’s like no more human aspect left in him when he becomes this powerful being for a moment. So yeah he’s powerful so then why does that make him badass or what is the badass moment from him if he’s just always powerful and unstoppable? I mean it’s almost like Saitama from One Punch Man and you know they are made by the same creators. So the most badass moment is from Episode 5 for me which later there’s another one where he fights to protect his brother but kind of loses that battle but before that he kicks the crap out of a guy who appeared to be pretty powerful. So okay Episode 5 is my most badass moment and it’s mostly because you find out more about Mob’s character which is why I have the spoiler warning there. Mob gets in a fight with another psychic but one who is completely different from Mob. This psychic is using his powers to gain power over people and he hurts people while Mob does not want to hurt anyone and he never uses his powers on another person. Well the psychic just keeps hitting Mob and trying to get him to fight back where Mob just continues taking the hits until the psychic starts choking him and you see why Mob is the way he is. The reason why he joined the fitness club (I thought it was weird before) but it’s because he’s trying to change, trying to become capable of things without the use of his powers. The main reason is because when he was younger he lost control and hurt his brother along with other people who originally were the ones hurting his brother. So yeah Mob does lose it here and blow up on the psychic then cry at the realization he has still yet to change and it actually made me tear up but that’s why it’s the most badass moment because he was refusing to fight for so long and just the self restraint and not fighting against someone who deserves to get hit in the face. It was like it was more incredible to see someone not fight against someone because of a kind of promise. But alright we gotta move along too much of a rant/ rambling here.




Day 28 – Favorite Quote From Any Anime

So this one is a little tricky mainly because I feel like I need to look up the exact quote. I will say that there are a lot of quotes out there that just got to me I mean mostly inspirational ones, ones I try to actually live by, quotes about changing for the better not changing who you are as a person but getting better with established flaws and what not you know? I’m pretty bad with plenty of things but I keep trying to continue my life with the hope I’ll one day take out enemies with one punch….okay maybe that’s too much but seriously I do hope to one day live life without caring or worrying about the past which is why I was thinking a quote from Gintama but I’m going to be weird here. This is actually a quote from a movie that is my favorite anime movie ever, well one of them and the quote is

Okay I actually had to find the movie and watch through it to find this exact quote so here:

“I’ve liked this bookmark since I was little. It has helped me many times. If you’re ever uncertain of yourself or have feelings like before. Remember this charm.” – The Boy and the Beast

So as I said this is my favorite anime movie and it only came out 2015 I think but it was sooo good! The quote was from Kaede who is the girl who starts helping Kyuta study and what not but the whole theme of darkness inside people was pretty deep to me. The whole aspect of people losing themselves to this darkness inside locked away but then there’s the bookmark that Kaede gives Kyuta just saying remember that point before and basically going back before the darkness takes over. Even when things get terrible there’s still hope. I don’t know the problem with finding a favorite quote is that it’s usually the entire thing and story that gets to me and what it resembles instead of a quote. I mean I almost picked the obvious Gurren Lagann quote because most inspirational quote is inspirational haha but yeah wanted to pick a less obvious one so here you go!

Day 29 – Anime You Wish was Real

Oh gosh I don’t even know, a lot of anime I can think of it’s a good thing they’re not real haha just because some of the weird junk out there and I mean just because how sad some anime series get, my life is already sad I don’t need that! I don’t know haha but alright let’s see…. I mean there are the slice of life anime that basically it’s real life already. I mean this one is funny to me because I think of people saying Dragon Ball because they would love to fly around and be a saiyan but if you go to that world no promises you will be a saiyan you could just be a random background character who knows. I mean I took a depressing route on that but that’s how I’m addressing this, if I got randomly brought to a world I’m not going to be a main character, technically we’re all the main characters of our own stories so there’s that. Okay I’m again going to name two just because one I would love to be in the world but would probably suck at it. So first of all my pick on this one is something that would probably be awful but whatever



So I really have to explain this one because this show is a comedy about a typical neet going to another world but it’s somewhere you probably wouldn’t want to go. I mean he brings the goddess with him as his one thing to take with him to this world and though she is a good healer she is mostly useless then the other characters are all ridiculous. A mage who can/ wants to only use one move that after use leaves her paralyzed then there’s a knight who can’t hit anything but is a tank a masochistic one at that. It’s literally a party of people you probably wouldn’t want in your party. So if this world includes all the ridiculous negative aspects of a fantasy world then why would I want that to be real? Well simple if when I die I get presented with the choice of going to this world or going to heaven I would probably actually choose this I mean it’s a crazy world but is straight up a world that works like an mmo where you can just learn new skills. Of course it is the typical guy goes to other world but in this one it’s so ridiculous and the main characters get around with how set back they are with their abilities. Basically I’m just saying that when I die and I get sent to an mmo world I would be alright with that though it would still be terrible with half the stuff Kazuma has to deal with.Okay so quick mention of another anime and of course it’s another “people go to a fantasy world” type anime and that is


No Game No Life

I never finished this one which is why it is not my pick for this day I just wanted to mention the concept and why that would be something kind of cool to be real. That is the idea of a world where everything is solved with games, again I only got like 3 episodes into it so I don’t know about any weird aspects or things that would be the reason why I wouldn’t want to go. Just the idea of a world where everything is done with games I mean I suck at certain games but I could probably get through that decently I mean I’m alright at games. If it was video games I could definitely do alright. Yeah that’s about it.

Oh man that was a lot to say there, I was going to make another post thing here but it went too long I mean it was a super post like I said but this took a while to type so okay I will save what I had as the topic of this post for the next post so okay. Thanks for reading all that! We’re almost finished! Woo! Goodbye for now! And again sorry for being late with all this! It’s good to be back so hey! I don’t know what I’ll do after the 30 day anime challenge maybe take a break then start doing that again but alright thanks for reading see ya!


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