Anime Series You Like That No One Else Does

This is the last day everybody! We’re finally here! Day 30 woooo! yeah!

Okay maybe I’m being too excited about it, I’m going to make a quick blog so hopefully it’s not another super post I mean I only have a few things to talk about so we’ll see how that goes, that always goes well trying to make a short quick post. So I had something I was going to say last time but didn’t which is basically just anime series that you like and other people don’t seem to like. I’ll get to that in a bit but yeah just a few things I want to talk about here after ending this 30 day anime challenge. This isn’t the rant I mentioned by the way that might be later because it’s kind of a rant about a lot of things not just one moment. Alright enough complaining from me time for the 30th day!


Day 30 – An Anime You Wish Never Ended And Continued On

Well this ones hilarious to me because I don’t like the longer series I mean I think after a while it just gets old when releasing 300 plus episodes but Gintama I watched a little and so far into that one it’s going well where I’m not bored of it. That’s the thing though, the shorter series I really like I’m glad they ended where if they continued I feel like it would get old after a while. I mean one I can name (if I can’t think of another one here) is

Soul Eater

I thought the ending was alright but I heard about a lot of the manga being completely different where there was still a lot they could have done. I also remember thinking the show wasn’t finished when I watched it all the way through but….it was. So that made me sad and I wish that one continued although there was Soul Eater Not that I couldn’t get too into. You know what’s weird? There are more shows where I think they should end them instead of continuing them like Code Geass is getting a season 3! Like What?? That’s weird the ending was pretty good but they had to bring it back apparently. I know one that I want a second season to that I doubt will get a second season but who knows and that is

Blood Blockade Battlefront


This is one of those shows I watched where I feel like I enjoyed it a lot more than I should have and hell I loved the English Dub for it. Mainly because the voice actor of Alphonse from the original FMA voices the main guy and I thought the story was decent although there are plenty of questions to ask. I mean I really thought they could do so much more with it like having a different story each season. Nothing did get resolved except for one of the stories while the other plot points were left hanging. I don’t know I just really enjoyed this one and wish it continued so that’s a genuine answer to this day.

Well that’s it for the 30 day anime challenge I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! Okay I didn’t enjoy some of it…. There were certain ones where I could just think of a bunch of different shows for one of the days. Alright it’s over now so I guess maybe I’ll do a 30 day movie challenge because I do love movies so I can do that just it will make me think.

So I didn’t really know what to call this blog but I wanted to talk about anime series that people don’t like that you may enjoy. I mean I have some that I like that some people haven’t even heard of (only a few I feel like I mostly like the mainstream stuff or whatever). Why I bring this up is because when friends were over here for the weekend we started to watch anime and looking for something to watch and one of the friends who is super picky with shows and critical about series. He just goes “Oh that one is awful!” when scrolling by Angel Beats and I mentioned earlier that I actually really enjoy that show and thought it was pretty sad and emotional. The thing was though that it wasn’t just him, everyone in the room agreed with him that the show was terrible. Then it happened again when going by Future Diary and that one I’ve already heard negative things about but I loved that one I thought it was entertaining. Sure Future Diary has plot holes but I thought the action was cool and of course there’s Yuno that everyone loves and I thought it was an entertaining show. I watched it in one night and the ending was alright though depressing to me. It just got me thinking…And this is where I might make more posts similar to this one and it’s about somethings you enjoy that other people don’t like. I mean I have a bunch of movies I loved that people hate. I don’t know there are times where I can’t really see why someone hates something. Other times I can see why someone hates something. I haven’t seen it as much with games but anime and movies I see people say something is terrible and no one likes it. So yeah anyone else have this? Any anime series you like that other people just don’t like?

3 thoughts on “Anime Series You Like That No One Else Does

  1. Congrats on finishing the challenge :D, yeah even I had a blast doing it. It seems like your friends aren’t in to rom-drama then. If they aren’t in to angel beats or future diary, I haven’t seen either one so I really can’t comment on them.
    I know a blogger that is an SAO fan (and likes anime that most dislike), even though I ain’t. And I get along with him just fine. So you’re not alone there.

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    1. Thank you! haha it was fun though difficult sometimes to think of certain things for the challenge. Well the weird thing is my friend absolutely LOVES Clannad and a few other ones similar so it was kinda weird he didn’t like Angel Beats but oh well everyone’s different. Future Diary I can understand a little more just because that one a lot of people either love or hate so not as much a surprise there. I’m glad I’m not alone there then haha it just caught me off guard when everyone in the room didn’t like the anime but whatever it happens. Thanks again! šŸ˜€

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