Rwby Season 4 Review/ Update 1

So hey guys it’s been a little while. I figured I’d take a break after doing the 30 day anime challenge, I thought about doing another 30 day challenge but I’ll save it for maybe next week I don’t really know. I wanted to make a post just sort of updating what I plan on doing/writing about. I mean not much will change so I guess it’s not much of an update I don’t know so I’ll just start with talking about what I’m meaning to talk about haha.

So this might turn into a rant type thing I’ve been kinda pissed and mad at everyone lately. I guess if you’re here to read my thoughts on RWBY and the newest season (4) I’ll mark it so you can skip my rantings if you don’t want to hear it. Just so people have the option haha.


First of all I was thinking about making more posts here and there that don’t revolve around a challenge I’ll just have to brainstorm, I’m thinking 3 days a week so not as crazy as 30 day challenge thing which I couldn’t even keep up with. So of course I’ve been doing a lot of anime reviews mainly because don’t have anywhere else I can talk about these series I either hate or love very much so just yeah still gonna do anime reviews. I want to do more movie reviews like some older movies I should have seen but never saw. I mean there are a lot of movies I haven’t seen though I have seen a lot. Also that’s the other thing is I’m thinking about making more posts on older series and movies that I have not talked about yet so instead of just reviewing new movies like I’ve been kinda doing. So like I’ve said not much of an update, more of stuff I originally planned to do. I just plan to talk more about the video games, movies, and anime series that I love a lot so hopefully I will get around to talking and geeking out over stuff I love. Here is an actual update though! I want to start putting out short stories or parts of longer stories since I have stories I want to write I was thinking of putting them here so just a heads up if I actually get around to writing some fictional junk. One last thing is rants. I’m about to do a sort of mini rant or just being mad about something. I’m thinking about doing more of these but again I will mark it so people who don’t want to read it don’t read it. I guess that includes childhood stories and just sources of my madness. I don’t know but yeah that’s about it so I’m just sorta gonna rant about something that’s been bugging me.


So not gonna mention names in case someone finds me somehow but basically I’ve been annoyed with people lately. It’s one of those things where I don’t know where it comes from but I feel like I can’t express emotions. If I’m sad I can’t show it because it’s gonna make people uncomfortable. I don’t get why I’m like this but it’s like when someone starts to talk about depression or anxiety I actually get mad because I have those but I’m ignored a lot and I see people talk to these depressed people complimenting them or whatever. Also I know I should talk to someone or get help I get that I probably should because there are issues. Which this brings me to my friends I like hanging out with these people but I get annoyed and here’s why. So one of them has actually brought up being depressed quite a bit where we talk about it for a while. I have mentioned that I’m also depressed and then at one point somehow it got brought up where I just say “yes I’m depressed and having issues right now” and the friend just goes “welcome to my world!” And it actually made me angry. I’ve mentioned it before I’ve had these negative thoughts since I was in middle school I stopped being friends with this one guy because he told me to my face that I wouldn’t understand but the previously mentioned friend understands when talking about depression. I’ve tried to kill myself several times and I’ve cut myself where I can’t believe told me I wouldn’t understand then when I got mad about it someone actually defended the guy basically saying “yeah you wouldn’t get it” I don’t know. People wear it like a badge of honor that they are depressed. I don’t like talking about it because I feel like I’m pushing my problems on someone else so I have trouble talking about it. Yeah I’ve said I’m depressed before but people ignore it and I just feel crappy for even mentioning anything. I mean I do laugh about it in front of people where it’s more of a defense mechanism where if you make it into a joke it’s not as bad as it might be so doesn’t hurt as much. Gosh I’m going on a tangent about something that I wasn’t going to talk about. I was gonna rant about something else which I’ll bring up in a moment. I mean I’ll laugh and smile then close the door and I don’t tell anyone that something is wrong because there are times where I don’t know what it is. I feel like I unreasonably get mad about something so I keep it in. I used to explode as a kid and would just get upset where I’m a little better at not blowing up. I’ve still exploded on my brother recently where I feel really bad about it. It’s like I always had anger issues but I try not to say anything because I don’t want to make anyone sad I don’t even know. So original reason for posting this rant in the first place is that I have another friend that is always talking about how great of a person they are where they always have to tell someone their accomplishments. Hell I live with this person where I overhear them time to time mention something that happened between me, other roommates, and him about how he “dealt” with a situation. Basically we weren’t cleaning the kitchen before and he got mad about it because he doesn’t have time to clean which none of us really do. So he came up with the idea of us having chores we do every weekend where we have a different chore every weekend to keep the place clean. Everyone agreed with it where I basically didn’t but couldn’t say anything because everyone else was alright about it. I was mad because he’s the only one who uses the kitchen, no one else but him. The dishes are all his the messes all his. The trash is understandable because that’s all of us, same with the floor but the dishes and food on the stove all his. I overheard him talking to someone about how he said to us “if someone misses their chore I’ll stop cleaning, and that did the trick everyone does their chores” almost like we were having issues in the apartment but we weren’t it was all him. Sometimes something would be me but like trash on the floor for example, I’ve seen him throw trash and it misses the trash can and he leaves it! I called him out on it once and he kinda just laughed about it. He is a cool guy but he never thinks he is in the wrong sometimes yeah it’s someone else but just it’s f**king annoying. Sorry I’m coming close to yelling at someone. Again though he will talk about his problems a lot or accomplishments and it annoys me because I feel like I can’t talk about my problems? I don’t know I hate a lot of things right now.

Sorry for rambling and ranting so much and straight up putting my problems on the internet. I’ve just been stressed out and angry, I’m almost done with college which I’m getting the hell out of here afterwards. There’s too much pride and issues here I honestly want to die and not deal with this anymore. Sorry I’m done now I’ll stop so here’s the RWBY review I’ve just been really mad I wanted to rant a little even if it was just one post. If someone I know reads this I don’t care I’ve been just pissed. Pretend I never said anything I guess.




RWBY Season 4 Thoughts

So enough ranting and complaining about my problems I’ve just been in my head too much and that’s dangerous. So okay I feel like I need to talk about the seasons before season 4 of RWBY so people know where I stand with this series. I don’t hate it but I have friends that LOVE it and I don’t care about it as much as they do although I LOVED the ending of season 3 and thought there were just good plot moments that actually surprised me. The voice acting is getting better but sometimes the humor is a little cringey to me, also some of my friends quoting the show makes me cringe. That’s my main problems is a few friends building this show up way too much and I get it it’s rooster teeth which I love Rooster Teeth I think Red Vs Blue is pretty great and I even like achievement hunter. So that said RWBY was a little weird to me but the music, and action scenes are beautiful and awesome. All the weapons are pretty cool to see which I think the show succeeds in. The story however when I watched the first season it just made me think of Soul Eater without the people turning into weapons where there is a school of hunters learning to be hunters/huntresses and what not. So yeah action is awesome I love the music and that’s about it. I’m trying to not rag on this show because I do think it’s pretty sweet and I guess I respect it but sometimes it has moments where it’s hard for me to watch especially from the first season. Second season things got a little better but I don’t remember much from that season I know everything was amped up and the action was a little cooler. The action is what draws me into this one. After season 2 I stopped also because I thought the show wouldn’t be the same since Monty sadly passed away. The animation was obviously different but there were still moments that were good and the plot actually improved in season 3 where there were some crazy moments especially the end. I did not expect what happens it took such a dark turn and was pretty sad in the end but I thought it was all great so that caught me off guard. I watched for the action but then the characters were even more interesting in this season. Now the show is still not perfect and I don’t like it as much as some people do so now I’ll just briefly talk about season 4 because I just finished it yesterday. It’s kind of weird because not as much action. However, it makes up with more character development, Team JNPR was actually developed mainly two of the members became more interesting where that’s where the primary focus was. The season also is setting up events to happen in season 5 so yeah it was more plot centered instead of based on action but it was pretty good. I was expecting a more explosive ending after season 3 but it still was pretty good in the end and I look forward to the next season. Again I had friends who loved this show and kind of ruined it for me. I try not to talk about it with friends because they hype it up and some things bother me. I’ll say I have trouble liking Nora though she is funny and a cool character but one of my friends would always talk about how Nora is them and now I cannot unsee it! It’s awful because this friend I don’t hang around anymore and they pissed me off but now they’re just forever immortalized as Nora in this damn show. Ugh! sorry it was just a minor thing that’s more personal for me not liking this show as I probably should. Action’s still cool….

Alright well that’s it for this post. Again I’m sorry for ranting and putting my issues out there I would just delete that rant but I want it to be there not for anyone to read (they can if they want) but mainly just to reflect on it later maybe. I’m sorry about the ranting but felt like it was necessary for me. I have friends that used to rant on facebook and it would bother me so now I’m kind of a hypocrite but it’s on a personal blog so whatever. That’s it though, I just wanted to talk about RWBY and my issues lately but I’m done now no more bearing of my soul or whatever. I’m done thanks for reading and if you did read the rant and not hate me for it I love you! haha I don’t know but really thanks for reading and I’ll post again later just not with my emotional issues but something more fun. Goodbye for now!


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