Why The Legend of Zelda is Important

So I was thinking earlier about the past and I got to thinking about some things I wanted to talk about here. I mentioned that I was thinking about telling more personal stories and yeah I’m going to do that and talk about video games I love, kill some birds with one stone or something.

Before I bring up past stuff that I buried along with my emotions I wanted to mention that I feel better since yesterday. I was feeling pretty bad yesterday and I stayed away from people and played some Final Fantasy and now feel a little better. This morning I got breakfast with friends which was nice then I played some monster hunter with friends but it turned into me being a third wheel. Don’t you hate when that happens? They probably wouldn’t admit to it but there is something going on there with this guy and girl clearly flirting. I always end up being a third wheel but whatever I guess that sorta thing just happens. I also kind of want to mention how the girl here who I’m kind of friends with (not really sure) I have a lot of issues with her mainly because something that happened a while back things that were said. I might go into that later but not now. I don’t know why but I wanted to make more personal posts and yeah what I’m about to talk about was going through my head so here we go.

So the Nintendo Switch is coming out this week and I’m pretty excited! I don’t think I will get one right away though and the only reason I want to get one as it comes out is because of Breath of the Wild. I would get that game for wii u but I feel like it’s meant to be played on the Switch so I’m holding off on it because of money. I am planning on selling some stuff later though so maybe I’ll be able to buy one. I’ve just been conflicted because this game is so important to me right now like I have to play it eventually. That’s why I wanted to make this post getting  a little more personal and into the reason why it’s important and Zelda in general. I feel like my experience with Zelda is kind of weird which I’ve said before that everyone has some sort of gaming story with a favorite game and Zelda is one that has a huge fan base but I absolutely love it. The hype has killed things for me in the past but Zelda is just amazing no matter how I look at it. Okay so as I was saying before I’m going to hold off on Breath of the Wild which hurts but eventually I’ll get it. However, I’m thinking I will buy Horizon Zero Dawn when that comes out Tuesday. I’ve been excited for that game but I was going to hold off on that one but now I’m thinking that game will be a fun play while I wait for a while to play Breath of the Wild. I think Horizon Zero Dawn looks beautiful anyway although I like the look of Zelda better but I shouldn’t compare them, they’re completely different.



Like I said my story with these games is kinda….different. So growing up I actually didn’t play many video games I liked Donkey Kong Country and Super Mario World and that was it up until the PS2 came out where Jak and Daxter became one of my favorite games ever but I’ll get into that another time. So I moved around a lot as a kid and at one point I had friends that just loved these games but I never played one. So I ended up buying The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past from this old game store. Yeah the super Nintendo was the only Nintendo console I had, so I played a little of this one I beat the first part then the first dungeon and I got stuck and just stopped I wasn’t really used to these kind of games, I mostly played platformers before. I think I was in 6th grade when I played this which reminds me I don’t think this was the first one I played. I remember watching a friend’s brother play Wind Waker and I think I saw someone play Ocarina of Time but I didn’t really care for these games. GASP did he really just say that??

Yeah I didn’t really care for these games although I probably should have because they’re adventures and I love adventures but I actually thought they were kind of boring which ironic enough Wind Waker is one of my favorites. So alright let me get back on track, when the Wii was first coming out my friend had the bright idea to sell his GameCube because the Wii plays GameCube games but he also sold his games with it. So I bought a GameCube, two controllers, all the cords, two memory cards, and like 12 games all for 60 bucks so it was a pretty good deal. I was saving up for a wii though but ended up buying the GameCube because I always wanted one I used to have dreams where I won one in a contest and it was in the mail. I used to play Sonic Adventure 2 Battle on GameCube at Best Buy I remember just loving this console but never actually had my own. Which yeah I was in 6th grade I think and funny thing my friend straight up sold me Wind Waker in this stack of games BUT Wind Waker was not his to sell so it was another friend which let me keep it I don’t know what happened there but that was just ridiculous. He thought he lost the game but he actually lent it to this guy to borrow and he sold it to me. I think I was gonna give it back but I don’t really remember what happened there. I still have the game soooo there’s that. I also got the Ocarina of Time game that was released on GameCube along with the master quest version. Funny thing I could not beat Ocarina of Time and Wind Waker I got stuck and just stopped playing them. It was alright I had Animal Crossing and Super Mario Sunshine. I had another friend who I went to school with (the other friends were neighbors that were both a year older than me). This friend who was actually my age would tell me stories about Ocarina of Time but he would straight up lie about it where I still don’t get where he got these ideas from. Did he not finish the game and just go off of what people told him? I don’t know. And I mean stuff like the Redead in the game killing you by ripping you in half with sticking their fingers in your eyes 28 Weeks Later style. The game is rated E! Why would something like that be there!? Yes the game is pretty dark, COUGH COUGH the well and the shadow temple COUGH. But yeah I never beat the Zelda games as a kid. Fast forward a year or so I ended up getting a wii with Twilight Princess which I got farther than I have ever gotten in a Zelda game but still did not beat it. I thought this game was great but that water dungeon is awful! I think it’s worse than the Ocarina of Time one.

A few more years later this was like Freshman year of high school where I have mentioned this previously when talking about relationship issues. So I had this group of friends which I don’t like them anymore I think they’re assholes but yeah I hung around these people. I swear high school is just that point in life where you realize you have no idea who you are. I mean looking back at it I didn’t play that many games so I wasn’t really a gamer, all my friends loved anime but I wasn’t there either I watched Naruto but at this point I wasn’t really into it anymore so I wasn’t an “Otaku” or whatever. Of course you can mark Sports off the list, I used to play Baseball but I was never really a sports person. I was in band though, I played the Baritone. I will admit looking back on it I kind of hated who I was because I would wear T Shirts with funny sayings on them and I had a few Legend of Zelda shirts so that was my wardrobe mostly just Nerdy T Shirts and Jeans. I already mentioned I never beat a Zelda game at this point but I wore Zelda shirts (what’s up with that?) Well I always felt attached to Link for whatever reason I mean I was a skinny kid people used to pick on and I mean Link is skinny and doesn’t really have an emphasis on strength besides when he has the power gloves. The whole game series is about having courage to face off against these evils in the world. I always thought that was powerful even though I never beat the games at this point as I keep mentioning. Link is good with a sword though and has all the items to take on the baddies but still courage is a driving point which is mainly what I took from these games at the time. Alright so I doubt this person will read this but I’m gonna change names again I don’t remember what I said last time when I mentioned this person but this is just someone I met in high school who kinda made an impact.

Alright so I wore a Legend of Zelda shirt one day where someone just yells at me saying “I like your shirt can I have it?” Which I laugh and say no. This is another story where it’s someone who pissed me off a lot, I’ll call them Midna. Basically they dated someone I was friends with and one of the first things the person says to me is they’re talking about some book and how genius it is and I mention something about liking things with more action and they just say “Well that’s because you’re stupid” also say I’m too stupid to understand the book. “Stupid” is a word that still bothers me, I hate that word when it’s referring to someone. If it’s saying a moment is stupid then whatever but Idiot, stupid, dumb, those are just words that drive me crazy, people would call me stupid a lot where I don’t know if it’s anxiety but it was something that would keep me from talking to people worried someone will think I’m stupid. I’m better now at least but yeah drove me insane. So I hated Midna for this reason. I remember seeing them showing up with their boyfriend which would drive me crazy where I would look at my friend to say “Why did you bring her?” So yeah group of friends where one of them is the girlfriend of a friend and they bothered me. Why do I bring up this person I apparently hated the guts of? Well they play a significant part in why Zelda is even important to me.

This is a side note but one of my favorite video games during this time was Kingdom Hearts and Midna hated these games, they used to make fun of them in front of me and it would also make me mad. So ironically Midna had a Kingdom Hearts Ring with the crown on it, it was just a metal ring with a crown cut out. I ended up buying one later because I loved Kingdom Hearts and of course people tell me rings are only for girls unless the dude is married and I straight up got yelled at by Midna because we had the same ring but one of us actually liked the game so it bothered me so much. I called them Gollum after this whole moment with them getting ridiculously mad over the ring. I should have just kept the ring and said I returned it but I ended up actually returning it because the whole moment pissed me off that I didn’t want to look at the ring because it reminded me of this stupid shit. All over a stupid ring. So that was another reason I hated this person. Still kinda bugs me but whatever the whole thing about the ring was a symbol about Midna having it as a sign that the boyfriend actually still cares. The boyfriend was an asshole.

Man this is just becoming a rant about this person but it’s all kind of relevant so I’ll try to get to the point. Ocarina of Time was Midna’s favorite game where they played it as a kid and they beat it several times, their ring tone was Navi saying Hey Hey Listen every time they got a text. So they only got mad at me about me not beating Ocarina of Time when I said the game was boring because I was having trouble beating it. This was when I started texting this person where I was mad because they would keep trying to get me to beat it and I finally said okay and sat down to play the virtual console version on wii (Sadly sold the gamecube version I had) and I will say don’t ever play a Zelda game then leave it sitting there. I came back to it when I was apparently on the forest temple and I had no idea where I was. Midna would be texting me but when I would describe where I was they didn’t know. I also didn’t have a computer by the way so walk through wasn’t a thing. I think I did use a computer somewhere else to get an idea of where to go. After I played through this game the first time it’s so easy the times after that. I honestly will play this game now and not know how I got stuck to begin with though I am smarter now, at least I think I am. So yeah I straight up beat this game with my friend talking to me spouting out unhelpful hints like Navi herself and I finally beat it where I thought the final boss was pretty sweet and cinematic. Although it was a trip, after I beat this I feel like I lied about liking it. I do love this game but there wasn’t much emotion when I played it you know? I go back to it and play it here and there. Oh well. So yeah after that played through Wind Waker where Midna couldn’t understand how I never beat that one since it took them ten hours straight to beat it. That one is one of my favorites though, the colors and the sailing across the ocean. I had this really tiny screen I was playing on but yeah this one was fun plus I thought the combat was cool, felt like Yoda leaping around slashing at enemies. I thought I would hate this one because of the cartoony art style but it was beautiful and the characters were great!

Friends made fun of me as I beat these games and I did feel accomplished but I will say my favorite Zelda game funny enough is A Link to the Past, I straight up cried after I beat that game. I beat this one a few years ago where I looked at a walk through here and there to just get an idea of where to go but this one I went straight through. Again I’ve owned a copy of this game for so long and when I beat it I cried because it was like a long adventure from when I was a kid to being older where I felt aged and beaten down. The person who bought that game was not the same person who beat it. It was like a real adventure I went on and the music in the credits is just beautiful and brought tears to me eyes! Besides A Link to the Past I feel like I just proved that Zelda isn’t that great but here’s the thing. I moved from Midna and we would talk a lot bearing our souls to each other. They became a nicer person and we talked a lot. We actually dated long distance, it did not last long but we were still really good friends after that. We both have issues and they struggle a lot with depression so we would talk a lot. They actually made me feel important for the first time in my life where I was the only one talking to them at times which may be sad but I always wanted to make sure that they know I love them. I felt like we bonded through Zelda where we ended up both getting Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword and playing it while texting each other about certain points in the game. I love that game I don’t care what people say I had so much fun with it and it was like an experience playing it at the same time as this friend.

So now this friend doesn’t talk to me as much. They’ve mentioned that they feel bad for not texting me but I get why so I’m just kind of whatever about it. I want to talk to this person but it always ends with them being silent for months not responding to any texts. Anyway I’m excited for Breath of the Wild, my friend actually made an interesting point that we will have a completely different experience with this game and how big it is. I think that’s so cool it’s like everyone is going to have their own adventure with where you go and what you do in this big world that Nintendo has crafted. It comes out on Friday but I’m going to wait til I get a Nintendo Switch and avoid all the spoilers. So yeah the point of this whole big mess of a post is that I love The Legend of Zelda and it is my favorite game series because of a friend and the experience I had playing it while talking to my friend.

I honestly think the games have saved my life and my friend’s because it’s always something to look forward to. But yeah that’s all I have to say. Thanks for reading all this if you did, it’s a big post but something I’ve been thinking about. Past memories and how someone I hated became someone important to me and I honestly think it was through Zelda that we became good friends. So yeah I’m excited to play Zelda eventually and Horizon Zero Dawn when it comes out on Tuesday! If you did read all this I love you haha thanks for reading and I’ll see you whenever I post the next one. Bye for now!



5 thoughts on “Why The Legend of Zelda is Important

    1. Sorry I’m late replying man but omg I kinda caved and got Breath of the Wild and it is everything I was hoping for and more! I’m so excited to explore more of it! Thank you! I hope you also play it, it’s pretty beautiful so far!

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      1. Haha don’t worry. I get what you mean completely! I took the day off from work on Friday and since then I’ve clocked 30+ hours in the game. I haven’t binged a game like that since I was a kid and I’m loving every single moment of it. It feels like I’ve even tapped into the campaign too cause I’ve just been exploring the MASSIVE world that Nintendo has beautifully crafted! T-T I’ve never wanted so much to have a broken leg and be at home.

        That said, do you share your writing on any other sites? I work over at Creators .Co (we’re part of Now Loading) and this is the sort of content that makes for an interesting read. Would you be open to the idea of crossposting your work on our Creators fansite or sharing you wordpress posts with the users in our Facebook group? My e-mail and more info can be found on my page if you’ve got any questions.

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      2. I figured I should let you know here by the way that I posted this onto Creators.Co I edited it a little. I made an account there and all that. Thought I should let you know and say thanks! I’m looking forward to posting more on there.


  1. Same, I’ve also been playing this game nonstop and it’s the same for me like I’ve done a little of the campaign but I keep going to different spots to explore. It’s been a while since I’ve had that experience where I’ll ditch whatever quest I’m on to explore something because the landscape is just so beautiful. It’s amazing. And I don’t share on other sites but I am completely open to it. I’ll have to check it out in a bit but yeah I’m open to the idea!


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