Orange Anime Review/Thoughts

Hey everybody so here we are here for yet another….anime review. So I want to mention some things before getting started here, this might be more of an update than that update blog I made a little while ago but I will start reviewing some games, I mentioned Horizon Zero Dawn but also….drumrollll…..

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild! I actually got it along with a switch and I’m so excited to continue this game I’ve already played some and it’s awesome! And just flat out beautiful. But yeah, I straight up caved in where I thought I wouldn’t get it then something happened where I go into that a little later because oh my gosh I can’t believe I’m actually playing it and yeah I’ll talk about that later with some thoughts when I make a bigger dent in it.

So that’s all I wanted to say as far as updating goes, I’m just going to try to be more active on this site whether it’s thoughts about the past and real life stuff or just all the fun stuff which yeah I’m back to doing some fun stuff like reviewing an anime. Don’t ask me why I watched this one because I don’t really know but yeah let’s talk about it!


Orange Anime Review/Thoughts

You know I’ll be honest this one was kind of weird to me at first. It’s your typical slice of life high school romance kinda story but with a twist! So first the plot, so I’m just going to straight up say what the twist is, it’s revealed at the very beginning but as I say often, if you don’t want to know anything about this series, yeah I’m going to at least talk about the plot that is discussed at the beginning. So we got Naho who is this typical female protagonist, she’s nice and caring but has a lot of regrets where she didn’t do certain things because she was too scared. Naho finds a letter that happens to be from herself ten years in the future telling her what happens and she sets out to change some things. Kakeru is this transfer student because of course you have to have one of those but he is actually kind of interesting as the show unfolds where he’s pretty mysterious while making jokes with his new friends, the group of six. Which I swear there’s always some kind of pairing of two individuals that I root for in these kind of shows and I mean they’re usually the background characters. The nerdy guy in this show kind of reminded me of me in high school a little. Anyway I was turned off to this show when I first watched this show because I thought it was kind of cheesy at the beginning and pretty mushy and at one point I was defining it as the definition of a girly anime which I’ll admit I like some of those anyway but yeah…With that said…This show threw a curve ball, I mean of course there’s a build up to what happens in the last episode and okay I hope this isn’t a spoiler because I have to address this since it got to me hardcore…. okay


This series has a really accurate representation of depression, I mean it takes a really sad turn but they straight up have a character that is smiling but something is wrong the whole time where they show them snapping at the smallest things and just it was so good. I actually teared up a little with some things towards the end. I wanted more but I was glad with how it ended well except for a few things I won’t say.


So yeah this show was actually cute I should say. It did get sad towards the end and just throughout but it was super happy with the way certain things turn out. I don’t know I didn’t expect to like this one as much as I did because it was pretty generic at the beginning then yeah it turns into a different show. I guess it’s the same throughout just with a build up to something in the end. Well okay that’s all I have to say, it was a cute show that made me feel some things but it’s over now so I can go back to being the sad lonely man that I am! Any who.

That’s gonna do it for this one, I’ll post something later I’m gonna be busy with Zelda….So yeah I’ll post when I do so thanks for reading this if you did and bye for now!

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