Logan Movie Review/Thoughts

Hey everybody I’m back with a new post thingamajig! For once it’s not an anime review woo!

So yeah I haven’t been doing much lately but school and Breath of the Wild so I should get a review of Breath of the Wild soon maybe. Actually might be a while…. Anyway I wanted to say that before I get into this review so I’ll just go straight to it now! Not a big intro like usual but yeah let’s talk about Logan!


Logan Movie Thoughts

I was so excited to see this movie, so excited that I actually went to a theater, I haven’t been to one in a while (well since Rogue One or something I guess). I’ll just say this review might be kind of short because I don’t want to give anything away but my God it is a roller coaster and is just overall a heavy movie. I didn’t expect so much emotion. Well I did because of the trailers for this although have you ever noticed those movies that have emotions in the trailers then it isn’t like that at all? I don’t know I’ve seen it before where I thought the film would be heavy and it was super light hearted. Not for this film however, not even close. This film is so heavy and emotional and I loved it! As the trailers show, Logan takes place after everything with most of the mutants being dead and gone and Wolverine and Charles Xavier are left. I’m gonna be completely honest, I don’t cry a lot and I mean that I think I’m pretty dead inside a lot of the time but this film right here. I started to tear up. It’s just one of those movies, I’ve seen reviews where it’s a comic book film that doesn’t feel like one which yeah this was more of a drama but just a fantastic Wolverine movie. Also yeah the R-Rating. Totally worth it. It’s so gory and just all the Wolverine action with him shredding up people was awesome!!! Also I didn’t mention the rest of the story as people already know from trailers. Logan, and Charles go on a journey to get this little girl from Point A to Point B. Now that’s really generalizing everything since it is so much more but I don’t want to give anything away. Very dramatic, emotional ride of a film and so satisfying seeing Wolverine doing Wolverine things finally with blood! So yeah I loved it! Speaking of spoilers, I’m gonna talk spoilers right here so here’s the warning and I’ll block it off so you can skip by! Thanks for reading this spoiler free part though, and goodbye for now….




Alright is everyone gone? Because really I’m just gonna go into it, mainly the ending and a few other things. Alright so spoilers! Woo! I shouldn’t sound too excited this was really an emotional journey. I’m just gonna start with what I wanted to talk about which really if you haven’t seen the movie or care about spoilers leave now because this is the big one! Final Warning! Okay so at the end there’s this big battle in the woods that was so cool with different mutant powers taking the stage which some were kind of over the top but I loved it. Like this girl who can like control nature straight up smothers a dude with grass snapping his neck, it was actually terrifying but the dude was an asshole so he deserved it? Then you have Logan and Laura fighting side by side Father and Daughter bonding murdering a whole lot of people then the scene that actually pulled out tears holy shit. Logan gets smashed on a tree trunk branch and is just getting beaten by this clone thing that looks like him (which I’ll get to that) and the younger Logan clone is about to kill Wolverine then Laura (X-23) shoots him in the head with the anamantium (probably misspelled that) bullet and here come the tears. Laura calls him daddy and Logan tells her to not be like him and live where she doesn’t have to fight anymore then he dies with the final words “so this is what it feels like.” I thought he was saying that’s what death feels like but also what being a father feels like with Laura calling him dad I don’t really know but it was emotional and killed me inside. I really didn’t want him to die but figured it would happen from the trailer but X-23 walks on after quoting the western film from earlier and there’s that one dude holding a wolverine toy which cool Easter egg but where did he get that? It was just there. Also that was the funny thing about this film at least it’s the way I saw it. The whole aspect with the comic books and how that was the reason they were going to Eden because the comic book showed it there so it must be there. I thought that was interesting because it was fourth wall breaking while having comics being a driving force for the reason they’re going to this place since it exists because it was in a comic book. Almost like being trapped in a comic book with a destiny already written out and you have to go through to see how it ends. I don’t know I thought it was kind of neat and sorta weird. A way to incorporate the comics into a pretty gritty drama. So yeah the clone dude I’ll talk a little then just leave it at this. When he first showed up with how his hair was and his beard which was young Wolverine, but I actually thought he was Saber Tooth and got confused because he looked almost exactly like Saber Tooth from X-Men Origins. So anyway yeah he killed Charles Xavier which that actually broke my heart in a way with actual Logan saying “it wasn’t me it wasn’t me” when Charles was dying trying to make sure he knew that it wasn’t him that killed him while also panicking over his death. The whole film was just tragic but it was so good! Just wow.



Well that’s it I already ended the blog before spoilers but here I am again just saying thanks for reading and bye for now!


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