Charlotte Anime Review/Thoughts

Alright, so sorry I haven’t really posted anything in a little while I’ve been sorta distracted with some things. I kind of thought about stopping with the whole posting here thing but I’m gonna keep at it for now. Sadly I am going back to anime reviews because I guess that’s what I do a lot…watch anime. So also my Breath of the Wild review ain’t here yet but I should write one soon. I was actually thinking about releasing several posts about the game considering how big it is, I’m making a dent though I think. It’s so good I’m playing way too much of it but I love it so much!

Anyway yeah I’ve been thinking about how I might change these posts up, be more professional or something. I mainly post in the way I talk so that’s why it’s kind of jumbled up. I’ve been in a weird mood lately by the way. I feel like I have less of a filter right now like I just say whatever is on my mind without caring. I think I’m just tired which is why I’ll keep this short so I can go to sleep afterwards. Also I’m thinking a lot about the future which is terrifying but I’ll be honest I literally have no idea what I’m doing after college. I’ll figure it out I’m sure.

With that said let’s discuss this anime I finished earlier today!


Charlotte Thoughts/Review

Funny thing, this might be the first “review” I do of an anime series that I didn’t really enjoy…. I’m not even kidding, this show was just alright in my eyes. Of course there are worse things but I just couldn’t get into this one. It’s by Key or the same people who did Clannad, Kanon, and Angel Beats (a lot more but those are the ones I can think of right now). This show starts off with kind of a cool concept which is also kind of generic. It’s funny at the beginning, I’ll just describe the first episode and the plot without giving too much away. So main guy, Otosaka, Yuu is a high schooler (of course) that discovers he has the ability to take over someone’s body for a moment and do whatever. Basically he passes out, takes over someone and does whatever for a short moment then goes back to normal. I thought it was actually kind of a cool ability and funny because Yuu uses this ability to cheat on tests at the beginning and become this straight A student that’s super popular. That’s the start of this show. Enter Tomori, Nao who also has powers and gets Yuu to transfer to her school so they could keep watch on people with these abilities and keep them secretive avoiding people that would want to perform experiments on them. Kind of a Charles Xavier X-Men sorta thing protecting mutants. So yeah that’s the series as these two along with some other characters go around finding other people with abilities to protect them. After a while I felt like the series was the same thing every episode but it does take a dramatic change later. I’ll tell you right now I think I ruined this show for myself because I saw all these crazy action scenes from an AMV only to find out they all take place in the last episode of the show. There’s not much build up to it, the last episode is so completely different while I mean there are some cool moments. I was just disappointed that this character development for Yuu didn’t really take place until the very last episode. Something crazy happens and there’s a moment of despair and then it’s gone! I felt like the show was rushed but I don’t know. I just thought this is a series I will forget later. My brother actually recommended this one which it’s not a bad series but I feel like it could have been better. You know now looking at it some of the cool moments didn’t impact me as much as I feel like they should have. That’s all I have to say I guess is that this show is kind of forgettable. As far as music goes there was a track I really liked it wasn’t the opening or the ending, just a song featured in the series. Everything was nearly average. I feel really bad for saying that but it was where it was super generic I don’t know. Maybe the AMVs ruined the surprise factor for me. That could have something to do with it.

Alright I’m done here. I’m gonna go to sleep I am tired haha. So thanks for reading all this if you did and I’ll write more later but goodbye for now!

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