The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Thoughts/Review (Spoiler Free) Part 1

It is time! Ladies and Gentlemen, it is finally that moment in time where I start talking about Breath of the Wild! Which this is part one because I will probably continue to talk about this game for a while so I’m thinking this will be a mini series type of review. This first one will not have spoilers at all regarding plot, I might mention some things you can do in the game so if you haven’t played it and want to go in without knowing ANYTHING about it then yeah I might ruin some things just warning ya. Stop reading if you don’t want to know gameplay spoilers I guess is what I’m saying.

So first of all I should talk about the Nintendo Switch since that’s what I’ve been playing this game on and yeah new console so I’ll talk about that first.


So first of all the Nintendo Switch. I’ll try to keep it brief with talking about this pretty cool machine. I don’t know if I said anything about this before (possibly mentioned) but I was trying to avoid talking about this new console when Nintendo released their first trailer on it. A LOT of people were talking about this system when Nintendo first revealed it where I didn’t really want to jump on that bandwagon. Plus I noticed a lot of people slamming it before even playing the damn thing. Well today I tell you the tale of me going to a store at 7:00 at night and waiting til midnight to buy one and it’s funny I didn’t realize they hardly have anything for this console until I saw the Eshop and it’s depressing BUT I know it was day one and there will be more games. I guess I was surprised because I think the wii u even had more games at launch. Breath of the Wild is all you really need for this console right now though. I am excited for Splatoon 2 when that comes out though. Anyway I guess I’ll just say first impressions is I like it already. It kind of feels like an old console just because when I turned this thing on and put in Zelda I was already playing the game, there wasn’t an installation it was just the game automatically and it made me so happy. Now I haven’t used this console as a portable device too much but so far it works pretty good and the joy cons lock into place where I have to say this thing is built pretty solid. The joy cons lock into place pretty smoothly. I heard complaints about the battery life when carrying around the console which I can’t speak on because yeah I haven’t carried this thing around too much. Another thing I will say is I don’t really know how certain things (Great vocabulary right?) work with this like the joy cons themselves have an amazing battery life where I left them off the dock for 3 days and they’re still at 100 percent. I don’t know how it works so I can’t speak too much for that. It’s funny when I went to get a switch I could have gone later like 11:30 and still have gotten one since no one was really in line. Yeah this console is pretty great though I have high expectations for it. I do love Nintendo though but yeah.


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Thoughts Part 1

So I might keep this first part short since I went kind of long with the talk about the Nintendo Switch itself but I will just share my experience with this game. First of all this game is straight up magical! That might sound weird but it is, I had a moment where I was on a quest then I just stopped in ah of something I saw in the distance and I sat there and stared at it for a good five minutes. This game is so amazing! I’ve put in way more hours than I probably should have and I’m close to finishing the game (not 100 percent but beating the story you know?) One thing I love is this game straight up just throws you into this world where you can explore EVERY WHERE. No joke. This game allows you to climb on whatever and basically everything you can see you can go there. Which I think this game is going to ruin me when I go back to Horizon Zero Dawn and try to climb on walls where I’ll probably get mad for a moment before realizing I’m not playing Zelda. One of the things I heard about this game is at the beginning you can go straight to the last level if you want which you can but after playing this game for a while that would be extremely difficult. However yeah, you can go wherever you want. There’s no more special items you need to get to certain locations you can just go wherever and use whatever weapon you find. I can’t tell you how many times by the way where I solved a puzzle in a way where I felt like I solved it the wrong way but there are no wrong ways in this game it’s whatever you want. Of course stamina and health do play a role in limiting certain things but still it’s cool how open this game is. So my final verdict is I love this game I think it’s beautiful looking, and the simple music at times gives me chills and the openess and simplicity of the combat is just all so great. I haven’t played through a game nonstop like this one in a while. I just think it’s amazing and already on my list of favorite games. I think it’s pretty special. So yeah this isn’t the end of me talking about this game though. No sir. I will post some things later talking about specific things that I experienced in this game because it is a journey. I guess I just wanted to take the time to tell my initial thoughts on it. I also have trouble with Open World games, I mean a lot of games are going down that route where it’s kind of overwhelming but this one right here just keeps my attention. Funny thing is I had to take a break for a moment because I feel like I’m actually almost done with the story. I will still be playing this game after I finish the story though.

Alright I’ll just end the post here. This game is fantastic and I honestly think this alone was worth the purchase of the Nintendo Switch. I’m so excited to play more since although I’m making a dent in it, there’s still a lot to explore! So alright thanks for reading all this if you did and I’ll post something later so goodbye for now! Again thanks for reading!

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