The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Story Review/Thoughts Part 2 (Possible Spoilers)

Alright here it is part 2 of my review of Breath of the Wild. I was actually thinking I would do 3 parts so there will be another part after this one. I wanted to look at characters and story here so there will be spoilers. I’ll mark it when I start to spoil some stuff. I may talk about non-spoilery things.

Anyway yeah I beat this game last night. When I talked about Breath of the Wild earlier I wasn’t done yet and I basically only had two things left there. Well story wise, there’s still a lot of things I need to do in this game. The shrines man! All the shrines!

Also before I go into detail, here is my first part which doesn’t contain any spoilers so if you don’t want spoilers here ya go:


Also because I’m lazy, here’s the same picture from last post. Okay okay, here’s some quick thoughts without spoiling anything on the game in general. I guess more story oriented what I thought? So this game is beautiful graphic wise and I LOVED the music, I already mentioned this in part 1 but the story and characters were surprisingly really good. After all the trailers, I really thought this game would focus more on gameplay and exploration than anything else which yeah there is more focus on gameplay. HOWEVER, the story is pretty good and I liked the characters. Now I will say one thing that was kind of weird to me, there were certain points that were very cinematic which was just different from the rest of the game. Don’t get me wrong it was awesome but there were just a few cinematic parts. When I say cinematic, I don’t mean cutscenes I mean where the game obviously wants you to do something one way. Again it only happened a few times, every other time the game tells you “play as you want to!” I’m pretty sure I solved some puzzles in different ways from how I should have you know? Also because I didn’t mention it last time, the voice acting. The voice acting was kind of strange but I liked it and thought it was interesting introducing things like that where this series never had voice acting before. Well I mean CDI but that’s something we don’t talk about….Anyway the voice acting didn’t change much as I thought it might but it was a new thing that added to characters. I will say something I didn’t like about this game since I keep praising it so much. That’s the fact that you can’t name your character it’s always Link. Sure, in LOZ, you’re always playing as Link but you would name him making him you in a sense. I feel like the voice acting was the reasoning for his name just being Link instead of your choice of his name. Since, I mean characters say Link in the game but I mean they could have just not said his name in cutscenes. This is pretty much a nitpick though. I thought the story was good and kind of a personal story for Link which is probably another reason they don’t give you the option of naming the character. Okay I’m done rambling here, I’m gonna just talk nonstop about spoilers now so here we go. Thanks for reading this by the way, I’ll just say bye for now here if you don’t want spoilers.




Alright here we go! Leave now if you don’t want spoilers because I am straight up talking about the ending of the game and everything else. Alright, so first of all the last level was terrifying (the first time…) I actually went to the castle at the end earlier to grab one of the memories and that was more terrifying because I guess I was less prepared. I didn’t have ancient arrows which are so good since there are like 30 guardians in this place. Also it pains me to say I didn’t really explore the second time I went here. The first time I went through the library and Zelda’s room looking for that damn memory! However it was intense and awesome going through there I mean it feels like I’m actually storming a castle here. So I go through the 2 gates where I have to fight 2 Lyres? I think that’s what they’re called. I hate those things, I thought those things were more annoying than Ganon himself. So okay as I mentioned with the cinematic thing, here is a reason it kind of bothered me. I wanted Ganon to be more of a threat, but when you get all the divine beasts it takes out half of his health and he’s so easy to avoid attacks from. I did prepare a lot but I still had food in the end. When I first fought one of those Lion centaur things I prepared so much food and weapons and I was left with nearly nothing in the end as I beat it. Here I was doing alright. I mean I had the master sword and I get you can go straight to Ganon without all these things so that would make it harder, which I wanted to experience everything the game has to offer so I went for the divine beasts. I mean it is cool when they take out half of his health. His presence was terrifying when you actually see him, he has like 3 melee weapons a canon and he walks around like a spider. Also his face looked like it was melting off. He was actually freaky looking. I beat it so quickly where that was kinda disappointing? Oh well it was still fun and after beating him the first time, he comes back and you have to take him out with light arrows which was super cinematic and felt pretty cool. I mean it was kind of like Beast Ganon in Ocarina of Time, that fight was cinematic but you could still die. Here it was pretty hard to die. Maybe I just became too powerful. Oh God! I turned Link into Saitama from One Punch Man! OH NO!!!

Well it was easier than I was expecting but it probably was that I just got better equipment and just got used to the game. I mean I was dying nonstop at the beginning. I said I would talk about the story but I’m sitting here talking about Ganon. So


So the memories are essential to knowing the story and they are a pain to get which I got them all in a hour because shamefully I looked up where they are located. So basically the thing I thought was so cool about the story here is that this is a story where the hero, Link, lost the fight against evil. All the zelda games are like this in a way which is why I love them so much, about a world where the villain wins and the hero has to right the wrongs. It’s not Link preventing Ganon from destroying the world and spreading darkness, he straight up lost. At least that’s how I see it. I mean in this one Link nearly dies and Zelda puts him in this water tank thing where he sleeps for over a hundred years. Zelda however is trapped within Calamity Ganon, I think they fused together in a weird blob of disgustingness. Also the four riders of the divine beasts were straight up killed but still remain within the divine beasts. I don’t know, it’s cool. Also I always liked how these games feature a problem with fate in a way. Characters always destined to go a certain direction with Zelda mentioning how Link’s family before him were all knights so he would always become a knight. Zelda also hates Link at the beginning which I found interesting because she wanted to be the hero/wielder of the master sword. I mean they show her studying the shrines but she cannot go into the shrines because she isn’t the chosen one. I thought the story was just surprisingly deep.

Man I’m not going to talk about everything I want to here. I’m sitting here thinking about other things but there’s so much! So I guess yeah this is just a focus on the story which yeah basically that’s it. WAIT, that’s the other thing the guardians and divine beasts were all built to stop Ganon but turned against everyone which yeah that always happens with machines. It just was interesting how there were actually preparations made to ensure that Ganon wouldn’t win this time around but it causes people to actually die and Link to almost die. That was something I thought was cool to see. The master sword was so beaten down, I mean it was shown in the title screen being rusted but I mean when you look at it, it’s so beaten down from used through too much fighting. I thought that was just a cool touch. I don’t know. Alright I’m done here.




Okay so I’m just gonna say thanks for reading again and I hope you have a good day. I might not post for a while because I have a lot of homework and stuff I gotta get finished. But alright thanks for reading and goodbye for now!



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