Redline Anime Movie Review/Thoughts

Sorry I haven’t written anything in a while, I think it’s been about a week… Basically I had Spring Break this week and funny enough I haven’t seen or play enough of anything I could talk about. I didn’t see Power Rangers although I want to and I didn’t finish the Iron Fist show on Netflix. So that’s one reason I didn’t post anything is because I didn’t really have anything to talk about except maybe more breath of the wild but I want to take a break from talking about that. The real number 1 reason I haven’t posted anything is because my laptop crapped out and I was at home visiting family so I had no computer over the break. I’m back with my computer though so happy together! Well anyway I watched Logan for the second time and that was the only movie I saw that I could talk about. I think I will start doing another 30 day challenge but probably a movie one or video game one I don’t know, you’ll find out tomorrow maybe. But okay I literally just got on my computer, saw an AMV randomly for this movie called “Redline” and really wanted to talk about it. I just finished the film as I’m typing this so let’s get to it.


Redline Review/ Thoughts

Redline came out in 2009 and was directed by Takeshi Koike, apparently it was his directorial debut. I thought I read somewhere that it was directed by the same person who directed Animatrix, which I never saw but I know it was a bunch of shorts so maybe he directed one of those. So anyway I’ve heard of this movie looking up voice actors a little while ago and this came out in 2009 so I don’t know how I’ve never heard about it before that. I watched this in English, so these are my thoughts on the English Dubbed version. So what did I think about this movie? I’m kinda mad I’ve never heard of it before, this film is FREAKING AWESOME!!! I would drop the F Bomb when describing this but I figured I should keep this PG at least, it’s probably impossible for me to be G, I don’t know I’ll say something. Anyway first thing to note on this film is the obvious animation and art style. The art style kind of makes me think of Gurren Lagann just a little less cartoony, it’s mainly with the dark outlines and shadows and just how quickly and fluid everything is. The animation is so crazy though, the studio is Madhouse by the way so if you know them, you know it makes sense that this is top notch. The races were pretty thrilling and felt like they never stopped. They did have moments to let you breathe a little where the characters talk and reveal more about themselves. I thought the characters were pretty good by the way, I mean the two main characters do push the plot along where they work for what kind of movie this is. This is not a deep plot driven movie, it’s all about the high speed races with just ridiculous vehicles where the plot doesn’t really matter. I mean that is the plot, that they’re all racing to get to first place and will do whatever it takes, with ridiculous weapons on their ridiculous vehicles. Also they’re on alien planets with different alien species and so forth. The music was pretty well done, I mean I’m listening to the ending song (as kind of cheesy as it as) as I write this. Besides the ending song, the music is pretty fast paced and just matches everything else. I really enjoyed this movie, a lot of the scenes were like a drug trip but it was entertaining to watch with a lot of colors. So to sum up everything I LOVED this movie and don’t really have much else to say about the movie itself. It’s the perfect anime movie to watch and turn off your brain and just enjoy the nonsensical racing. Think of Speed Racer, Wacky Races, and Gurren Lagann having a baby, that’s this movie pretty much. If I could come up with a complaint for it, it would be the ending, the ending is satisfying for the kind of film it is though, and it’s pretty ridiculous so I guess it’s not much of a complaint, I guess there was some more closure they could have done with characters, but this kind of film doesn’t need that. So I guess I don’t have any complaints, I thought certain scenes where they had nudity and just the fanservice was kind of out there, but it didn’t distract too much. I mainly mention that so people who don’t like fanservice (which is sorta in every anime) know that there is nudity but whatever. I always like when movies or shows tell their stories without the need for fanservice but what can you do, the film is pretty fantastic anyway.

So one more thing before I conclude this review, I wanted to mention the English Dubbed voices. So if you’re like me at all, you might be wondering whether to watch it in English or Japanese and which you would prefer. A lot of people would say Japanese without contest, but I thought the English was pretty well done, I mean none of the voices made me cringe so that’s a plus and they portrayed the characters that were set up in the film as they appear, so that’s cool. I haven’t watched it in Japanese since I found it in English and just watched it as that. But it was great!

So okay I’m gonna wrap up everything, awesome movie, I’m back to write whatever random junk comes from my mind and we’ll just have a good ol time! I mean I’ll probably write a post about random thoughts just in my mind about life in general so maybe we’ll get to that point. Okay, one other thing before I go, I saw some trailers which I might make a post on that just a preview since I can’t really do movie reviews, but again I might start a 30 day challenge so look forward to it! Or don’t, oh well. I don’t know, anyway thanks for reading all this if you did, and goodbye for now! I’ll write tomorrow hopefully.

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