Day Two A Favorite Fantasy Movie

I feel a little better since yesterday. I’m not as angry haha, I went to sleep, woke up and decided I wasn’t going to my first class and now here I am. I don’t know I actually feel alright right now, that might change who knows but here I am making another post kind of early today but figured I should write something today. Now I am being very vague at this point because I don’t know what to write and right now I don’t have a title so I’m just going to keep typing til I come up with something. You need not worry though! I got the 30 day movie challenge thing so maybe that’ll help? Well if not we’ll think of something here at Dandy Daryl where it’s just me…Okay anyway:


Day 2 – A Favorite Fantasy Movie

Why couldn’t it be a simple “Favorite Movie”? Oh well I have a few. In order to not be cliche here I will not say Lord of the Rings although I love those movies, I’ve only seen each one once though, there’s something that might drive people crazy. I love the sets and how the movie is made, I think it’s all awesome but I don’t like it as much as some people. Plus I didn’t watch these movies all the way through until  my senior year of High School…. Also I won’t bring up an anime movie, although I was very tempted to say The Boy and the Beast since that’s one of my favorites. Alright, so I just looked up best fantasy movies curious about what would pop up and of course Lord of the Rings BUT most of them were different genres where I would see them as more of something than fantasy you know? Like Star Wars was there and that’s more Science Fiction which I guess can be the same thing but I often think of Fantasy as not involving Space I don’t know. Which my choice might be kind of weird for this one but it’s the one that keeps popping up in my head so here’s a favorite fantasy movie of mine:


So yes my pick is Hellboy II The Golden Army. I was thinking the first one at first but I think I did enjoy this one more just because they went more into character with Hellboy being out in public eye and people seeing him as a monster although he’s the good guy saving people. Also there’s different beings here instead of just demons and people which was the first one but now we got elves, I think a goblin. I don’t really remember. The main reason this is on here, and why the first one could be here as well is the visuals. Guillermo del Toro always does a good job with visuals and just all the makeup costume design was awesome. This is one of those movies where the costumes are all practical instead of cg which I always respect that. There are a few instances of cg but still it’s beautiful in that right. It’s just a great comic book film and fantasy film. I don’t have much else to say about it, it’s just one of my favorites, although I didn’t like it the first time I saw it but I rewatched it and loved it, then rewatched it again.

Okay so now’s the time to have a title and talk about…something. Nah I’m actually going to leave it at this, this is gonna just be a short post today. I’ll think of something for the next time I post I promise. I’m thinking too much about stuff to think about something to write about today. Sorry if I might have gotten your hopes up but yeah that’s it. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you when I post again so thanks again and goodbye for now!

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