Jak and Daxter Story/ Rant Blog

I pretty much lied saying I was going to post the other day and I didn’t which I’m sorry but I kind of wanted to write something today or tonight more like. So this is going to be kind of a ranting post for me right now since I’m sort of annoyed and I need to get some things off my chest. Funny thing is I’ve ranted about this already to some friends but I still feel like sh*t which sorry I’m not putting much effort into censoring or really having much of an idea on what this post is exactly. Basically this is a bullcrap post where I’m just saying whatever. I haven’t posted anything on Jak and Daxter so I figured I would talk about my childhood story with that game/series because that is my favorite game (spoiler for 30 day video game challenge). Which speaking of which I’m starting a 30 day challenge but I’m going to say no promises I do this every day because I’m getting pretty distracted and busy.


Day 1 – The last movie you watched

I honestly picked the 30 day movie challenge so I can start a challenge and have a break from thinking too hard from my favorite movie considering the first day is about the last movie you watched. Not even joking, it was Redline, I reviewed the anime movie and that was literally the last movie I watched. If you don’t accept the anime movie as the last movie I watched because it’s anime and doesn’t count (I don’t know if anyone actually thinks like that but whatever) the last movie I watched before that was Aliens, I had to rewatch it for a class (I’ve seen it a thousand times, over exaggeration but yeah).

Redline-theatrical-poster1 HOT-Free-shipping-font-b-Aliens-b-font-font-b-movie-b-font-font-b-poster

So there’s the two movies, Redline and Aliens, I’ll leave it at that.

Okay okay okay before I talk about Jak and Daxter and how it makes me happy and all that I gotta get the ranting stuff out of the way. I’ve ranted before but something happened today that I’ve just been mad about from when it happened at 5. So okay here we go, I’ll mark it so you can skip over it if you don’t want to listen to me complaining (still trying to censor myself here I guess).


First of all, I’m not that busy school wise, I mentioned I was busy but it’s more of this convention thing that me and my friends put together every year. It’s like Comic Con but more with video games than anything else. I’m avoiding saying what it’s called so no one I know finds me somehow. If they do somehow, whatever. None of my friends know about my blog or would even go out of their way to read it unless they knew it was about them. Okay one in particular this time. I think the last time I ranted it was about A LOT of people. Here it’s just one. So okay we’re putting together this con and we have been selling tickets everyday and please note that we are very introverted (especially me). The others are just as introverted but I mean I need to recharge as introverts do, with that said I’ve been stuck around people constantly so I feel like I’m just sorta slowly snapping in my mind. I’m just getting more angry as everything goes. Is it angrier or more angry? Angrier was not underlined so I assume that’s right. Anyway! Introverts selling tickets to a con. So the president of this club that runs the con and all that comes by to check on the table that me and 2 others are sitting at selling tickets. So I think I briefly talked about him before but I’ll call him Brian so yeah president Brian. He’s also my roommate, so there I have been very specific on who it is, so if they do read this they’ll know, so that sucks. So he comes by and asks us how ticket sales are going and today was a slow day and so we tell him we haven’t sold any yet. He then asks us how many people we talk to. So this has been a minor subject. Basically we get told to talk more to people and my friend makes up an excuse and I just say “I’m not doing it” because he tells us to walk over to this public area and start talking to people. That’s f***ing awkward to me! I’ve seen one member yell at people to check out the con and they get annoyed and say no and keep walking. No one really wants to be disturbed it’s like being an annoying person at the mall that tries to sell lotion or whatever. I’ve seen a club do that where they get into people’s faces about joining where I think that pushes people away more. Basically if people are interested they come up to us and then we talk to them. I don’t know. Anyway Brian just stands there and gives us this disproving look and then just goes off on how busy he’s been and how he talked to a bunch of people about the club (which are businesses not random people so it makes more sense). I kind of snap at this point but I’m trying to keep quiet. Remember. I live with this guy and one thing to note is he’s been talking nonstop about how busy he is. This is where I start talking about my weird opinion on things. So one thing that’s been annoying me about people….is everyone tries to win the “I have it worse” game and it’s awful I hate it. I’ve seen this all my life people just one upping eachother on how sh***y their life is. Why? I get Brian is busy but it really annoys me when he starts telling us to talk to people and here’s why. When he works at the table selling the tickets he doesn’t talk to people unless they come up so basically he’s telling us to do something he doesn’t even do. The thing about the club that was in people’s faces. One of them was telling us we should do that (which we saw them do it so it was like whatever they actually do that s**t) and Brian goes “we DO do that!” which is bull. We have never done that! Maybe at a club fair advertising the club to people but haven’t yet with selling tickets. So back to Brian telling us to talk to people. I try to stay quiet until he starts heading out and makes a comment again about how busy he is and how he wishes we would actually do our job and talk to people. I snap for a second, which I try so hard not to go off on people because I’ve have bad anger management issues since I was a kid so I try to be quiet because I really don’t want to lose control or hurt anyone. So yeah I flip out for a moment and go “But you haven’t talked to anyone!” which he stops with this surprised look and just looks at me like “excuse me?” and I go “I mean when you’re f***ing here selling tickets in our place, you have yet to go out of your way to actually talk to someone!” which he goes to reply then just says whatever and kinda storms off but my friend says “you do you!” and he says “I will!” and I just go “okay” and that was the end of it. I felt bad about just calling him out there and I know it might have been wrong but I just keep hearing from him how busy he is. I don’t know how to respond to it and whenever I do respond he goes “yeah” and just keeps venting, never really reacting to me. I know people just want someone to listen but it goes both ways which is why it’s annoying. It’s bothered me that I actually said something back, I could have been quiet then just stick to myself, be alone and just act like things are alright until I recharge. But no I actually said something and probably pissed him out. I mean there’s another person who is also calling him out on his sh**. So I guess I wanted to not call him out because he gets that from that other person but I’ve been annoyed for so long. It could have been worse but I got a hold of myself. I decided I would just stay away from him for tonight and as much as I can tomorrow but we have to meet for an officer meeting. I mean I’m not going to apologize, last time I did because I felt bad about something he said “I don’t give a s**t” which actually pissed me off. Well I didn’t apologize I just said “I’m leaving this here but I’ll come back for it and a bit I just have to go get something” because he has gotten annoyed about things being left out and so I told him I will pick this thing up that I was leaving and he said he didn’t care which I was just like “wow ok” so yeah that was another thing. Everyone thinks they’re in the right and when a problem is established they are the victim. That’s how this has been with Brian. Well if you do actually read this, sorry you read all this and actually found it but I don’t know maybe I’ll delete it later. I mean it’s always the smallest things. I’ve been slowly heading for a meltdown I feel like though, from my dad basically telling me about how everyone is an asshole which made me wonder if I should even put in this effort to have friends. My dad was talking about everyone sinning which I mean is true but he was saying basically not to trust anyone. I say this as I post a rant on people I’m very close to at this point. I don’t think I could last in a marriage by the way, spending everyday with the same person for eternity, just sounds terrible to me. I’m not the type I guess. I mean I hate how I complain about other people because I want to be better than that, I want this to not bother me so much! I want to be okay! It’s just I take it offensive and personal when someone starts talking about how busy they are and how I haven’t done my job essentially. I mean when I talked about this with other people they were reasonable and just like “yeah Brian is kind of just having issues with this, this, and this” where it’s like they get why I’m mad which is good but I feel like I can’t be around him for a bit and that sucks because we are going to be around each other for the next few days and I can’t really do anything about that. Plans and stuff. I’m gonna end the rant at that, I mean I’ve gone on long enough and I need to try to work on homework, well also talk about something happy so I don’t leave here with a bad taste in my mouth. I mean I have a terrible time letting go of things so that’s a problem, kind of a downfall I can’t really get over right now. Anyway yeah ending the rant kind of.


Alright so that’s the end of that rant, thank you so much if you did read all that. I mean it’s like revealing too much of myself there but I actually appreciate if someone did take the time to read it. I appreciate it. I’ve just been depressed and freaked out about future things where just endless venting is hurtful to me when I don’t have an outlet of my own you know? It’s like, I don’t know if this is right, but psychiatrists having the highest suicide rate because they take on everyone’s problems and it’s overwhelming. I mean I’m just taking on problems from one guy but it’s every day and every time I try to talk to him, I love the guy but just it’s overwhelming. We all need to let out steam though I mean I’m kind of mad that I feel like I can’t, I mean I get cut off before I can really. I guess I’m still kind of ranting so I’ll stop there. Alright happy thoughts happy thoughts!


Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy

So this isn’t much of a review, more of a discussion about a childhood friend. Jak and Daxter are my childhood friends, I was a lonely child….Nah I had HUMAN friends I promise. I thought I was going to reveal maybe too much of myself in this blog with my rant which I kind of did but I know I already revealed personal stuff before. Anyway I figured with bearing of my soul I would talk about this game that changed things for me. Which the reason I’m revealing myself with ranting, childhood stories, other stories, and overall just talking from my heart is I kind of hope it might help someone, maybe give someone someone to relate to? I don’t know. If it doesn’t help anyone, I just want to be truthful since I mostly keep things locked inside in my daily actual life. I have one friend I tell all my problems which I feel bad for doing that although they say it’s alright I’m a hypocrite doing what my friend, Brian, is pissing me off with. Again I can’t let things go let’s just talk Jak and Daxter. I might actually delete this, if someone tells me I shouldn’t, I won’t but just yeah a lot of personal talk here.

Alright actual talk about the actual game. So when I was a kid I wasn’t too into video games, I mentioned this when talking about Zelda but I played games still. I had a Super Nintendo which I loved those games such as Donkey Kong Country and so forth but I didn’t really beat games, my brother did. I always watched my brother play games and beat them. I later revisited games and beat them. So enter the PS2, we had the first playstation but I don’t think I owned any games for it, I shared games with my brothers. I played Spyro, again mostly watched people play it. I watched Let’s Plays before they existed HA HA! Anyway, funny thing about my favorite game ever, Jak and Daxter, I was at a friend’s house where he had a gamecube so we would play Smash Bros a lot and I remember we were watching TV one day and a commercial came on and I thought the game looked kind of stupid. I didn’t like the design of Jak for whatever reason. My friend wanted the game but didn’t have a PS2. So a little down the road my dad straight up buys a PS2 because he wanted to watch DVDs. He saw DVDs for the first time and thought they were really cool and just looked really nice, which is funny since we have blu ray now. Anyway he brings home a PS2 and my brothers and I are told we can’t get games for it. Basically we just have this thing as a DVD player. So here’s kind of the magical part about this game, Christmas comes around, and I get Jak and Daxter, I asked for the game because of one reason and it wasn’t that commercial. No, it was because I was at a Best Buy looking around and I played it. I played a few minutes but for whatever reason I liked the colors, controls, and I just actually really liked it from those few minutes. So I ask for the game which I get it for Christmas while my brother got Metal Gear Solid 2 so we all got games for the PS2, I think a year after my dad bought it. Anyway I play the game and I get stuck on the first level. This is not that hard of a game but I didn’t know you could exit the house at the beginning. I think it was the aspect of the game being open that blew my mind I don’t really know. I go through the portal and so I thought the game would be that you go to different locations through this portal like Crash Bandicoot. But no you can exit the house. So I go on this adventure, I need my brother to help with certain parts but I get through it on my own. So now I won’t go into specifics, but I loved this game and I remember getting really into it, I mean whenever friends would talk about fictional characters fighting I was always like Jak would win! I wouldn’t care who he was fighting, he would win. I love the game too much. Which why this game is special, I beat it by myself AND I 100 percented it, I hardly ever do that! Which this was a game that gives you another ending after 100 percenting it which I thought was cool! I’ve beaten this game multiple times since then, I just love this game so much, the colors, the music, everything. The music isn’t really something you can pinpoint it’s more atmospheric but it still worked. Then the sequel came out and again I skipped out on it til I found it cheap but I loved the sequel because it was all dark and angsty! I don’t know I liked how Jak sounded since they gave him the voice and everything was darker but you know? It worked and the game actually had a pretty cool story, the first game was pretty simple story wise while this one actually had some cool story moments. It was just awesome. Another thing that’s funny is I saw commercials for Jak 2 and I thought it looked horrible, I thought it shouldn’t have a sequel. But it was good! After Jak 2, I just hoped for a 3rd one and I got that one Day one and that one is probably my favorite one, but it all goes back to the first one since it was just a wonderful surprise. I would always get in an argument with this guy at elementary school with Ratchet versus Jak, Jak would win in my opinion but that’s another thing. I know screw attack did a video on it but I didn’t think it was fair because Ratchet has had more games come out than Jak but whatever.

I’m tired so I’m going to stop now. I’m sorry this is such a long post. This is yet another super post. Thank you so much if you did read all this again I love you if you did. If you skipped the rant I still love you. I don’t know haha. It does mean a lot though if you’ve read all that. So okay I gotta figure out homework real quick then go to sleep but goodbye for now, thanks again for reading and see ya later!


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