Attack On Titan/Rick and Morty First Episode of New Season Thoughts

So I wanted to make another post, but as I’ve said before I haven’t really seen any new movies lately, I think Redline still is the last movie I saw. SO today I’m going to talk about some things, I thought about JUST talking about Attack on Titan Season 2 Episode 1 but I also wanted to take some time to talk about Season 3 Episode 1 of Rick and Morty. I mean this is also the first time I’m really talking about just one episode of a series so I figured I’d do that two times in one post so if I don’t talk much about one I’ll talk more about the other. Or something. Does that make sense? I’m also kind of annoyed at the moment so I wanted to talk to try to get my mind off of stuff (won’t really work but you know).

Basically before I begin, I was helping out with this small town convention thing me and some friends put together which was pretty stressful. I will admit the con itself went alright, even though I was in charge of a super smash bros tournament that people kept ditching on and getting mad when I crossed their names off. It was awful. Basically we had 20 people but then 4 people were in other tournaments so I had to work around this bracket I made. After that and before that it was just games games games. So it was cool. I was annoyed when I kind of complained about the tournament because I was annoyed with it I was flat out ignored. I talked to a friend for example and he flat out ignored what I said then went on talking about how busy he is. (It’s still happening and it still pisses me off). So anyway after the con, some friends and I got drunk and stayed up til 4:30 in the morning and then I woke up early the next morning so yesterday I was dragging through the day just tired, staying away from people since I felt like I was going to yell at someone because of just tired and annoyance. I’m also stressed out thinking about whether or not I’m going to pass college since I keep skipping class. I think I’m self destructive in that aspect. I know it’s bad for me to skip class but I’ll still do it. Today was terrible though already since I skipped a class literally so I can read for my next class since we have quizzes in there that I have not been doing too good on. BUT while I’m reading and I actually was making a dent in the book, I hear a sound from my computer and it’s an email of the professor cancelling class. I think this is the 7th time. I was honestly also reading because I need to present on this book on Friday so things are kind of bad here. I need to still go though to maybe meet up with a group which that’s in a few minutes so you won’t know but I might leave while typing this which just means this goes up later than what I’m writing now. I didn’t do too much reading for class yesterday though because of how tired and annoyed I was. I also watched the season 7 finale of The Walking Dead, maybe I’ll talk about that later, there’s an idea. Okay enough ranting and complaining I’m just a salty bastard right now. Movie challenge thing go! I will just say again I’m not doing this challenge every day as people may have figured so here we go for now.


Day 3 – A Favorite Action/ Adventure Movie

As I said I might do, I straight up left to possibly meet with my group for the class project thing but they weren’t there. Which I figured because once a professor cancels class no one is gonna show up. I’ll talk to them later. ANYWAY it was cold outside and I was thinking of my favorite Action/Adventure movie and it made me realize I hate genres. I was thinking of how there’s Action-Adventure films which maybe that’s the question or do I pick either an adventure movie or an action movie. When thinking about it I came to the conclusion that I’m going to list a few movies, it just sucks that movies I think of cross over to being other genres as well. So first one I thought of is a cliche and pretty stereotypical but it is the definition of an action adventure movie and that is:


Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark

So yeah this movie pretty much is the definition of an action adventure film, but it’s a damn good one. If you ask someone what their favorite action adventure movie is, it’s probably going to be this one which is why I’ll name another one after this. I mean I love the Uncharted games because they remind me of this film so that’s one reason for me having to list it here. It has a lot of good quotes and lines, the story is pretty great with an archaeologist who is also a college professor fighting Nazis and racing to uncover a mystery of the ark of the covenant. It’s awesome and pretty iconic with the music and everything. You’ve probably heard this a thousand times but I just wanted to talk a little about it. One funny story I wanted to mention is if you’ve kept up with my blogs and what not you probably know I’m not that social of a person. I was worse in high school mainly my last two years because I just moved there and was pretty much done with people. I went to the homecoming dance and wasn’t there for very long, pretty much a waste of money there. SO when the prom was coming up, my parents gave me a choice of going or not going which I said no, I mean it’s a high school cliche right there while we’re talking about cliches and typical things. Prom is the number one cliche of a high school memory. So my parents do convince me to go to the After Prom because there are games and whatever else and maybe I’ll meet a friend or whatever. My parents even volunteer to help out. So why am I talking about this when talking about Indiana Jones? Well the theme of the party thingamajig was Adventure so there were obstacle courses and whatever else BUT they were also showing Indiana Jones so I watched most of it there. I mean it is a favorite. I did do some things there but it was kind of a waste of time for me because I’m just bad with talking to people where I guess I would rather watch a college professor fight Nazis and people’s faces melt off. Anyway yeah Indiana Jones is awesome, I love the first one the most but the other ones are pretty good (besides the 4th one you know what I mean).

So when thinking about Action Adventure films I thought about a few super hero films but since there’s so many I wanted to avoid super hero movies as much as possible. When trying to think of a good action adventure movie I was just thinking of a lot of 80s action movies. So I guess without showing pictures I’ll just name some then put my choice for this one. By the way I love old action films but don’t test me, I saw a video of people naming action movies based only off of the posters they’re shown and a lot of them didn’t get many of them right. One was bad because the guy couldn’t figure out what one poster when it was obviously

Die Hard

Die Hard is one of my favorite action films so that one got to me. It was just a cool film with Bruce Willis being trapped in a building and having to sneak around and use his wits to fight off these terrorist type people. Just a good action movie. The person in that video could not name that and it drove me crazy. It’s one of those movies that for a while was always on TV, I haven’t watched actual TV in a while so I don’t know. Another movie I was thinking was the original Predator, I watched that movie as a kid but it was pretty awesome. It’s more of a thriller though which again is why I hate Genres right now. Okay so there are two that came out more recently but they’re SO GOOD. So first we have John Wick. I haven’t seen the sequel but the first one was super good and just was probably the best movie I saw Keanu Reeves in. I wasn’t really a fan of the Matrix but John Wick was awesome when I thought it was going to be a dumb film since they advertised the premise as people killed his dog so he’s out for vengeance. In the actual movie it makes more sense than that. The action is top notch and just it goes to enough locations where I guess I would say it’s kind of an adventure. I don’t know I’m just going to stick with action right now. The other film I want to mention is Kingsman: The Secret Service. That one was basically the British Kickass but it was cool how it referenced old James Bond films but it did it with style. That one definitely is an adventure as well as Action so pretty much that’s my choice here. The action scenes again are awesome and I just loved every second of this movie:

images (1)

Okay so now I just need to talk about what was in the title of this post in the first place. Sorry this is going pretty long. Alright though let’s talk about the two things that came out earlier over the weekend. So first Rick and Morty Season 3 came out, or at least the first episode and it was not an April Fools joke, but I’m not sure when more episodes will release, if we can expect every saturday or what, but we got the first episode that was actually pretty great.


Rick and Morty Season 3 Episode 1 Thoughts

I have never done a review or thoughts about a single episode of a show before so we’ll see how it goes. I just thought this was important to talk to as is the first episode of Attack on Titan Second Season. Okay, so I love Rick and Morty, it is pretty hysterical and surprisingly has depth with the characters and story where the writing is great and there’s just an enjoyable story to be watched. The finale of the second season left us with this big cliffhanger that I won’t spoil for those that have seen it but it was one that was pretty emotional, interesting, and just left me with a lot of questions on how they’ll return from it. There was talk about the show being cancelled at one point then dates tossed around where I wasn’t sure if the show would come back. Then out of nowhere it went up on April 1st where it was airing until midnight. I found it later online and watched it while my friends were drunkenly singing songs in the next room. The episode actually answered a lot of questions with true Rick and Morty fashion where it was pretty hilarious while answering many questions. I won’t spoil anything about it, I’ll just say to watch it if you’re a fan since it answers many questions even from the first season and was just overall good. If somehow this wasn’t a true episode and was actually an April Fools joke it was a pretty good one since this was a well done episode. That would suck to find out an episode that satisfies the needs for more Rick and Morty was actually a joke and the season will begin in a different way. OR they do what my friend was suggesting where it’s an April Fools joke because we won’t get more episodes until later, we just have this one. I mean it still concludes some things so either way I’m alright because good episode.

Okay next we got the first episode of Attack on Titan Season 2 since I think it released the same day. Don’t quote me on that. This was another show that took a while to get out a new season. I kind of gave up on this one, people would talk about it saying the new season is coming out! And I just would not care. I heard some weird things about this series from people who read the manga which made me not want to read or watch it but I’m going to stick with this one to see what happens.


Attack on Titan Season 2 Episode 1 Thoughts

So while Rick and Morty returned with something that was just what you would expect. It was pretty much how you would expect a new season of the show to start out again. It was still a good surprise. With all that said, Attack on Titan season 2 did some interesting things where it already seems kind of different. That’s not a bad thing though since it comes out with a bang or a you know, giant fist to a wall AHEM. So if you haven’t seen the show, although it’s popular I know a few who haven’t because the hype killed it for them, the show is about these giant people or titans that eat people and humanity has been put within these giant walls. I’m being vague as I try to be here since I would definitely suggest watching this show if you haven’t since although the hype does kill shows, this one is pretty good. For me the hype did kind of ruin it because it would be a lot of people who don’t usually watch anime watching it. Which in a way that’s good, because there’s a gateway there for people who usually don’t watch this kind of stuff to watch it you know? Anyway the first season ended with a kind of cliff hanger and now here we are with season 2 beginning exactly where we left off or a little after and then showing before. It actually caught me off guard because I will just tell you that they do a rewind type thing saying 12 hours earlier where I’m wondering if all this is happening during events from the first season since they show some other characters. Now that I’m thinking about it, was it a rewind or a time skip? I don’t remember, I need to check that later if it goes forward or backward, I think backward. Basically I’m saying the show already isn’t just going forward it’s showing other events from another time which is just hours before something happening. It was unexpected but we get to see other characters besides the three usual ones from the first season although they show their faces to let you know this is a second season and not a spin off or filler. I don’t know haha. There were like 3 spin off episodes that showed other characters that I didn’t really watch because they weren’t actually for the first season or whatever. Yeah though, this episode kicks off the season with some imagery that was surprisingly disturbing, it’s more about how it was shown that made it freaky. BUT there were also some things here that were creepy and weird and I’ll tell you this is more about the last 3 minutes where things became kind of freaky. I mean the show has always had some gory disturbing things here and there but it had some stuff where it felt like a dream? I don’t know it was just different. Not bad though, I’m going to keep watching because of the weirdness that seems to be happening now and just yeah it left more questions but I’m pretty excited!

So alright, I gotta go to class so I’m going to end the blog here, I said a lot more than I planned originally but I’m excited for new seasons of these shows. I just gotta read and meet up with groups until the end of the semester and look forward to these shows. I’m thinking about a lot of stuff and stressing out lately but hopefully it will be okay. ALRIGHT! Thanks for reading and I’ll post whenever I do so goodbye for now! And thanks again for reading all this if you did, See ya later.

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