Persona 5 Thoughts So Far

I figured I’d talk about this although I just made 31 hours into this game. It’s pretty great but I’ll get to it in a bit. I honestly just wanted to write something so I figured I would talk about the one thing I am obsessed with at the moment and that is Persona 5 which I caved and got, when I wasn’t originally planning to. Glad I did though. So if you’ve read my posts before you know the usual, I’m going to ramble and talk about non-related stuff for a while til I get to my actual thoughts on this game. If this is your first time reading one of review/post thingies then welcome and thank you so more for reading to this point at least and I hope you continue. I guess I’m mainly trying to say I’m thankful for the people who are actually following me on here since I was not expecting that I honestly just post things because I want to write and feel like possibly it’s making me better? But I don’t know. Enough going on and on about that here’s the 30 day movie Challenge since I haven’t gotten around to that in a while.


Day 4 – A favorite horror/suspense movie

Horror and suspense are pretty different genres so I guess I’ll go with the horror aspect more. I always think of movies that are horror but not necessarily scary are thrillers. I don’t know though I already said earlier I don’t really like genres since the whole action adventure genre stumped me last time. So I have a few here like usual I can’t pick one. I should say I did not do well with horror films as a kid. Now I love it, I think those are some of the most fun films just with how they have to go about making the effects and what not. Well when it’s practical, I mean I was actually pretty impressed with the new Evil Dead film that came out a few years ago. But yeah I really have to say that I did not do good with horror as a kid, I would have nightmares and legit be scared of whatever. I mean the new trailer of It came out and I wasn’t scared of it but it reminded me of how as a kid I was terrified of the sewers and drains after seeing that original Mini Series with Tim Curry as Pennywise. I mean now “It” is kind of funny to watch but it scared me as a kid, not the clown part, just the sewers, I would have dreams of talking into one of those drain things and hearing a voice talk back, it was terrifying. Now I like the horror genre although I hate jump scares I think those are cheap, they used to be scary but I’ll jump at them then just be pissed off. Jump scares are annoying. Ahem, good horror film though. Uuuuuuh, I’m gonna go with my gut here and say what I thought of first so it’s gotta be a zombie movie. Although I was scared of horror films I loved zombie movies even as a kid, I think it was just the idea that you can kill a zombie so it wasn’t as scary to me since I mean ghosts are more difficult. The first one I ever watched was Dawn of the Dead, not the old one although I watched that later and enjoyed it. It was actually a Zack Snyder film, I still think that’s funny.


Dawn of the Dead (2004)

I think I was a weird kid because I remember zombie films freaking me out but I still enjoyed them. I did not enjoy other horror films but Zombies were okay with me but they would make my stomach hurt when watching them just tearing the flesh off of a human you know? That kinda stuff would just make me uncomfortable but I love zombies. I have not watched this movie in a while and the last time I watched it, it was kind of eh, but the effects were pretty cool and just the fact that zombies could run terrified me. I think that was the first time I saw them run which is what scared me even more. I remember as a kid thinking I would not survive in this kind of zombie apocalypse. I thought it was a pretty cool film although there were parts that even as a kid I was like “that’s stupid…” I mainly wanted to mention this movie because it was the first zombie movie I watched all the way through and I was genuinely terrified, funny thing is I remember actually closing my eyes at times not wanting to watch something happen. So that’s why I’m mentioning this movie.

I mean it’s funny how as a kid I would just avoid these movies because they actually freaked me out. I remember commercials for The Grudge or Saw actually scaring me where I would stay as far away as possible. Which funny thing I watched Saw for the first time 3 years ago and I was laughing at some of the acting but I enjoyed it. So okay now I want to mention a movie I watched a little while ago I think it was last year? Anyway it was this:


Hush (2016)

Apparently yeah this came out last year I was thinking 2015 for whatever reason but holy crap this film. I can’t remember if I made a review on this. I mean this is definitely Horror/Suspense. I talked about liking zombie movies but being scared of other horror although Alien didn’t scare me I just thought that movie was awesome. Anyway as the years went on I started liking the more psychological and suspense building horror films. I want to watch more because my list for horror is pretty slim so if anyone wants to suggest something I would love to hear it because I do love the genre I just haven’t seen enough I feel like. So yeah, Hush is pretty awesome! This is a slasher type flick about this deaf/mute woman who lives alone in the woods (there’s your first sign) but this serial killer just starts messing with her where instead of just killing her, he notices she’s deaf and decides to play with her and she has to figure out how to survive. The cool thing is she is not stupid. She does the right things and the way the story unfolds is pretty cool. I mean the killer was pretty scary and just crazy and one of those people you love to hate. I thought it was a good movie. So there’s my official answer I guess.

Here are some movies I enjoyed that I won’t have pictures of. So one film I watched and at this point decided I actually enjoyed horror films and was not afraid of them anymore was 1408. It’s kind of typical but I loved the more psychological aspect of it where the hotel room is just messing with him the entire movie. I used to watch Army of Darkness for the cheesiness factor but years later I watched the first two Evil Dead films and I loved Evil Dead 2 because I thought there was a pretty good split between horror and comedy. It was super cheesy but there were parts where it was actually kind of psychological (I mean still cheesy and funny) I just loved that film the most out of that trilogy. I thought the Remake of Evil Dead was well done as I mentioned before. Another one would just be 28 Days Later, I loved Zombie films and that was one of my favorites so there you go.

Okay let’s just go into my thoughts on Persona 5 so I can go ahead and stop writing and get back to playing this game.


Persona 5 Thoughts So Far

I thought about waiting until I actually beat the game to talk about it BUT I really needed to talk about it and I figured it would be a while until I actually beat it. So I’m kind of terrible for this, but I have never played a Persona game until this one. Thinking about it, I think it was because of my friends in high school I mentioned in a previous blog. At one point they were just going on and on about how great Persona 3 is or whatever plus I used to (still do to an extent) have an issue playing a game that is further in the series before playing the games before it. Like playing Final Fantasy 7 before the first 6 ones or whatever. I mean now I do research making sure that I don’t have to play the previous games to understand it. My friends, and websites I visited just told me that it’s basically like Final Fantasy where each game is its own story. I always wanted to play a Persona game despite the hype kind of killing it for me, so I figured I would make this one my first. I mean I have to say I cannot talk to anyone about this game at this point apparently, it’s weird. Earlier yesterday I was about 20 hours into the game and I start talking about how much I enjoy the game to a friend and his gf and they just start talking about Persona 4 and how “oh this character in P5 is like this character in P4” basically I talk about Persona 5 and they start just talking about the previous games where eventually I will play those but I did not know what the hell they were talking about so it was kind of annoying. I get that they played the other ones so there’s comparisons and whatever but it was like I would say something like “oh yeah this was kind of cool to me!” and they would reply with “well that’s in every persona game!” and I would just kind of be there like oh ok…I still thought it was cool. Oh well I almost felt like I was in enemy territory playing this one before the others but the story is apparently different and I had to start somewhere so whatever!

Anyway I should actually talk about the game. It’s pretty much my game of the year next to Breath of the Wild although Breath of the Wild is still my number 1 game for the year, Persona 5 is right next to it at this point being number 2. It’s the first RPG I’ve played in a while that I just love. I love the style and the characters are great. I will say that one thing that kind of bothers me is there is a lot of tutorial and hand holding where it’s weird going from an open world game (zelda) that lets you do whatever to a game that basically tells you what to do at the beginning. Eventually it does less hand holding but it’s still there introducing more things to do. I will play Persona 3 and 4 later though just to clarify I tend to go to those games after beating this one. I love the art style and the music and everything is so stylish. Also I like how dark this game is but it’s not overbearing. I mean it’s awesome! Just the hand holding is my only complaint right now.

So yeah that’s all I have to say without spoiling anything. Those were just my thoughts so far I mean I was really vague I feel but it’s good! The whole turn based gameplay is awesome too by the way. I also kind of ranted a little there about friends acting kind of superior with playing the other ones. I mean one of them started explaining an aspect of the series to me where they’re like oh if you do this you get extra points blah blah. I’m just sitting there like I’m 20 hours into the game and I’ve encountered that several times so I know already! I mean I get the same way when I’ve played a series of something and someone is playing it for the first time so I act all high and mighty having more knowledge. It’s still annoying, I’m just admitting my hypocrisy.

Okay well that’s it. I’m gonna get back to playing the game and stealing treasure so thanks for reading all that if you did and I’ll talk more later maybe/hopefully. Goodbye for now again thanks for reading!



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