What Makes a Good Anime Protagonist/ Update Kind of

That’s probably too long of a title, but hello it’s me again, I’m back for a moment to talk about some random thoughts and what not. I swear the last few days I’ve tried to write something and I absolutely hate what I write so I delete it. There was another topic I was going to talk about previously which I’ll mention when I get there. First of all I’m gonna try to change things up and have the 30 day movie challenge at the end so I’ll just talk about what I wanted to talk about. So first off!


This is sort of an update, more of me apologizing for not posting as much as I should. I’ve been busy with college as I’ve stated before but I do plan on updating the layout of my blog in general, I mean I think it’s probably pretty unorganized and I apologize for that as well. So yeah I’m not gonna post as much as I may have stated earlier but I will try to at least have more stuff here and there. I mean I have not really seen any movies or played games worth talking about at the moment. I talked about Persona 5 last and that was my last game I got really into (I’m so close to beating it….) As far as anime goes, I decided I wasn’t gonna start any new ones until I get caught up with Gintama which of course is gonna take a while but I’ll get around to Gintama again today since that’s the main reason for my topic here.

Okay so this is also kind of an update but on other things, you can totally skip it if you want since it’s just filler and not cannon. Just kidding, it’s cannon, it’s happening but really this is just something I wanted to talk about but it has nothing to do with the Dandy Daryl really. It has to do with my YouTube channel which you may have not known that I have. I’m not gonna advertise for it here but I’ll just say I do let’s plays on there and recently I hadn’t been posting anything on there (surprise surprise) but I decided I might just not do it anymore. I mean I do it for fun and I haven’t been having too much fun with it lately so I’ll probably stop doing it (or do something that’s not let’s plays) and this is kind of my point. I wanted to bring this up because I think that if you love doing let’s plays you should keep at it, if something like that is fun to you, you should do it. If you have fun with something, keep doing it (as long as it’s legal but that goes without saying). This might sound like it’s coming out of nowhere but I’ve been thinking about stuff and trying to talk about this on here for 3 days but I keep wording things weird! Whatever, weird wording or not I will get through this! So yesterday, a guy posted on this Facebook group that I’m a part of asking for people to link to their channels to get feedback on their channels. I don’t have many subscribers so I’ve actually wanted to hear some feedback on my channel. Although I asked for it, I got feedback I didn’t like. I mean people say truth hurts, but there was nothing positive in the feedback which I know feedback isn’t always positive but it bothered me. It’s mainly because in some creative writing classes I’ve taken, we will critique people’s poetry or whatever by saying 2 positives and 2 negatives or new directions they can take to make it better. I actually think that’s a way to go about it because it doesn’t discourage the person but still gives them ways of improvement which is necessary. Which this is the internet where those said rules don’t imply so whatever I guess. I was more angry about it yesterday but yeah.

But Daryl what’s the thing they said that made you angry? I’m so glad you asked, random citizen! Basically they told me I shouldn’t be doing let’s plays in 2017 because there’s too many of them. The exact wording was “I don’t think starting a let’s play in 2017 is a good idea” which I started in 2016 so it kind of bothered me, plus most of the criticisms weren’t on my videos at all but the thumbnails and banner which was just like whatever because I don’t care too much about the ascetic of my channel? I don’t know, it’s more about having fun, that’s why I even do it. Anyway I was just salty about it yesterday but I’m alright now and I was thinking about not making videos anymore anyway (well might come back to it later).

Alright so now that that is FINALLY out of the way I can talk about something and I’ll try to keep it short, it’s weird talking about a topic that is kind of broad but here we go:

What makes a good anime protagonist?

I know I know, the anime 30 day challenge is over so I don’t need to talk about my favorite anime whatever anymore, but this popped up in my head. SO, I did a dirty deed and just decided to watch a later episode of Gintama, a way later episode, and Gintoki is just an interesting character, he already was but he’s really interesting in the later episodes. I think I admitted to this but I watched AMVs of Gintama that showed later episodes and it’s so much different from the earlier episodes. The perfect way I heard this series described is it’s 60 percent Comedy 20 percent Feels and 20 percent pure badassery. Here is my question though, why is it that there are protagonists that fall flat? I mean a comment I saw at one point was someone compared Gintoki to Guts from Berserk though they are completely different characters. The thing is, they said that Guts was made to be badass where that’s the whole purpose of his character while Gintoki is a more complex character. I think Gin is complex from what I’ve seen but Guts is too in my opinion so it was kind of a weird comment. It was basically someone insulting one anime to boost up their opinion of another one, this being Gintama. I know I made this a very broad subject/question but I’ll mainly be talking about Gin and Guts. I’ve seen anime where they try to make the protagonist badass and it just doesn’t work out, Kirito from Sword Art is one of them. I just think it’s kind of weird how some of them fall flat but there are protagonists like Saitama from One Punch Man who are insanely over powered but still interesting. I mean I can think of protagonists outside of anime that are just boring because they don’t really have any flaws and are perfect. People talk about Super Man being boring because he is over powered and also has this boyscout attitude. Which I kind of agree with (some circumstances I think Super Man is interesting) but I’ve been thinking that I like Anti-heroes more than super heroes at this point in my life and I mean I thought Saitama was interesting because he’s not perfect although he can take enemies out in one punch, he is still seen as a cheater by some people and of course there’s the fact he doesn’t feel anything anymore where being insanely overpowered wasn’t what it was cracked up to be. I find that stuff interesting. I can ramble on for days about this but I want to get to the Gintoki and Guts thing.

Gintoki (From Gintama)



So as I mentioned, I watched a later episode of Gintama earlier, it was one of the episodes that was about 2 episodes from the last episode to release. Before that I saw a clip where Gin was saying something I found interesting. So for the sake of answering the question on why I think he’s a good anime protagonist (one of the best I’ve seen honestly) I will compare him to some other anime protagonists because I think that’s important, I will be talking about some moments so if you don’t want anything spoiled, yeah. Alright so it’s funny because how much comedy is in this show that very interesting characters would come out of it. I mean Gintoki first appears as a guy who loves Shonen Jump and is kind of a funny jerk type character, running away from danger and placing blame on others to get away from it. One of the first things you see him do, is take out some guys and then plant the weapon on Shinpachi. I already think these kind of characters are interesting though versus the Boyscout, doing everything perfect type characters. So first of all off the top of my head, an anime protagonist to compare him to is Naruto. So I liked Naruto and it still has a place in my heart and I remember actually relating to Naruto being alone and people avoiding him because of the Nine Tail fox. Okay I don’t relate to ALL of that but you get it. One thing though is Anime protagonists almost always have that character arc where they get stronger and I mean Naruto wants to be Hokage the highest ranking ninja and leader of the Leaf Village so he has goals. Gintoki (from what I’ve seen) doesn’t have goals, the show is episodic where there isn’t much of a continuing story, I know there is a continuing story but for the most part there are small stories in arcs and what not. There’s a quote from him in a later episode that actually made me tear up a little because of what he says which is and this might not be the exact quote but it’s close. Basically he says he doesn’t care about fancy titles like being the strongest man on Earth or dumb ones like stupid Earth Brother he’s okay with the name that his friends, pests that worked their way into his life and gave him the name Odd Jobs Gin. I definitely paraphrased, but it really got to me because a lot of Anime characters want to be the strongest or whatever and Gin doesn’t care about it, he just wants to protect those he loves. I mean the other thing I saw is that he admits at one point that he was a coward and even done things he regrets which that’s something I think is important of any protagonist is admitting to past mistakes because it makes them more human. I mean I think back to Kratos from the God of War games who talks about hating cowards. I mean I might be overanalyzing that it’s just he says that it only takes a coward to take on another coward and he is enough to take on this one guy. So I took that as him admitting to being a coward so it was just interesting to me. Anyway I’ll stop rambling I just love Gintama and I really need to watch more of it.

Gintama Spoilers Over

Guts from Berserk



So I’m gonna keep this short or at least try to. Mainly I’ve been reading Berserk more lately and I think he’s more interesting in the manga than in the anime versions although I do like the movies and I’m alright with the new show although a lot of people hate it. I think the manga is 100 times better and just moves more fluently, it’s kind of ridiculous how many differences there are and things they don’t tell you about Guts in the anime. So I mean of course Guts is a badass surviving ridiculous circumstances but I’m just drawn to his character. I mean he had a tragic life that just gets more tragic as the story continues where he survives. I mean it’s funny because he does a lot of things (especially in the dark age) where it goes against a lot of morals and it’s basically just that he will do anything to take out an enemy but he’s still good in his core. I mean one thing that I saw recently in the last chapter I read is where this little girl is trying to follow him and he’s been mean to her and she even saw his brutality where he was killing demons that used to be kids left and right. He quietly tells her to look around them closely and she looks and sees just evil monsters surrounding them and to me it’s interesting because it shows that he still kind of cares since he doesn’t want people around him due to monsters always following him where he is the only one who survives. There’s also the fact that Guts is just cool. I just think he’s an interesting character I mean it’s weird saying there’s kindness in him when he mows down anyone who gets in his way and he mostly only cares about killing monsters although he cares about Caska. I don’t really know where I’m going with this besides saying Guts and Gin are cool interesting anime characters, maybe just the fact that there are characters like them while other characters aren’t as interesting? Yeah I guess that is the thing is that Guts does questionable things but he’s still interesting because there are the terrible things he goes through but he’s still walking forward fighting where that’s all he’s good at is fighting. I don’t know, this post is also a mess so I’ll stop now, if it makes sense, thanks I guess I just wanted to talk.



Day 5 – A Favorite Drama Movie

I’m going straight into this one and then I’ll end the post. So a favorite drama movie I’ll just name and say a small blurb on why. I won’t put a picture for this one though but just yeah here ya go:


This was one of those oscar movies I actually really liked, I thought JK Simmons did an insanely good job as a crazy music teacher and the movie was just intense with this buildup showing when is it too much when practicing drumming or whatever else. I don’t know it’s just a really good movie and stresses me out just watch it.

Okay I’m tired and so I’ll say goodbye for this one. Thank you so much for reading this mess of a blog if you did, even if it was just a small portion of it thank you! If you read the whole thing I love you, well I love the other people as well, anyway this is getting weird, just thanks. Thank you so much for reading and goodbye for now I’ll talk later when I do, thanks again!


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